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Legendary Celestial Warriors

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 10: Ranamon Makes Some Waves

"EEEEEEEEE!!" Serena squealed loudly as a bombshell was dropped at the meeting she and the rest of the Sailor Scouts were attending.

It had been two days since the Roachmon Brothers made their attempt to bring down the Sailor Scouts in their…unique way. The Inners fared well since all they had to do was deal with falling furniture. Only Raye had been buried in trash, but working Chad to the bone while she had an all-day bath cleared that up. Sadly two of the Outers didn't have that kind of luck. Haruka had worked those two days at cleaning her car and ridding it from the trash that they had filled it with. Michelle had lent a hand, but she wasn't as good as her lover with vehicles.

This Sailor Scout meeting was called immediately after all parties had recovered. When they were all there at Raye's temple, Rini, Hotaru, and Setsuna gave the rundown of what was happening. Bokomon and Neemon were lending parts of the story to help out.

"Another Legendary Warrior showed up?!" the odango-haired girl cried in delight. "And he's even Setsuna's partner? This is so COOL!"

"So what's this guy's name?" asked Lita curiously.

"His name is Grumblemon," Bokomon answered as he slipped his book out and opened to the entry of the latest Legendary Warrior. "He is the Warrior of Earth and probably one of the most powerful physically."

"Looks kinda like a gnome," Mina criticized as she saw the picture. "So that means Lobomon is still the best looking Warrior in my show."

"You mean book, Mina," Amy supplied helpfully.

"Who cares how good-looking he is?" Raye frowned. "The point is that Daemon and his goons know what we all look like and where we live, go to school, and even how we get to places. What I want to know is how he managed to figure that out?"

"Maybe he can read our minds?" Neemon chirped.

"That's impossible!" Bokomon huffed. "There are precious few Digimon who can do that and we haven't faced one who could. I sincerely doubt that Daemon even knows where to find one."

"What about that Mummymon guy that appeared at the museum?" asked Darien. "You guys did say he got away. Maybe he's been spying on us."

"I don't even want to think about that," Rini shivered. She had heard about how creepy Mummymon was and she didn't like the idea of someone like that spying on her.

"So what are we going to do about it?" asked Lita. "If Mummymon is spying on us, then how are we going to make him stop? I mean, he fought off three of us and a Legendary Warrior before he ran off."

"More like we sucker-punched him before he ran off," Haruka grumbled. "He's different from the other goons we fought. He has a concept of strategy."

"Daemon is good at hiding his men," Setsuna frowned. "Unless we already defeated them, I can't see any of the Digimon under his employ."

"How can he do that?" asked Luna with some fear. "Is it because the Digital World is in another universe?"

"It shouldn't be," Setsuna frowned. "If they exist, I should be able to see them in the Gates of Time."

"Are you sure there isn't some way he can do that?" asked Artemis.

"Well, there might be some ways," Setsuna admitted with a frown. "I'm not well versed in them. Digimon may have this kind of power or Daemon stumbled onto one of those means on his way to coming to the human world."

A shiver ran through the spines of the collected Sailor Scouts. The power Daemon must have controlled to use this ability must have been intense.

On the rooftops, several feet away from the Hino Shrine, Mummymon stood tall in his human disguise. He was leaning on his cane and a grin on his gray face, hidden underneath his hat and in his coat.

"So they're catching on," he chuckled. "Too bad they don't have a clue as to how we really know."

Behind Mummymon, his shadow shuddered before changing into a shadow of a horned being with wings and thick robes. Two blue eyes shone on the shadow's head.

"Mummymon, I want an update," Daemon's voice rang through the black mass.

"They're starting to get wise that they're being watched," Mummymon reported. "However, they're still in the dark about how we're doing it. Imagine their surprise if they found out?"

"It's tempting," Daemon chuckled. "Their greatest advantage lies in those Gates of Time, but I nullified that. Now whenever Sailor Pluto uses her precious gates, I am able to view into them. That is how you got your information on their tactics."

"Yes," Mummymon laughed. "So sloppy for the Soldiers of Love and Justice. Of course, transforming in front of our fellows they defeated didn't help either."

"No, but that only got us faces to work with," Daemon continued. "As amusing as this is, what about the Legendary Warriors?"

"I am sure you already know about Grumblemon's return," Mummymon answered. Daemon's uncaring snort was his answer. "They have been laying low as far as I can tell. However, if Grumblemon has returned, then Ranamon, Arbormon, and Mercurymon cannot be far behind."

"Undoubtedly," Daemon nodded with eyes narrowing. "Here are your new orders. Find any humans who may hold the potential of being the new holders of Water, Wood, and Metal. We cannot let the ten warriors unite! They are a minor threat now, but having them together would mean a significant threat to my plans."

"I understand," Mummymon nodded. "I shall complete this task post haste."

"Good," Daemon nodded a second time. "Use any soldiers you deem necessary. This is something in which we cannot afford to make mistakes."

Mummymon nodded a second time before his shadow returned to normal. Once again alone, he reached into his jacket and pulled out what looked like a timepiece.

"Tick tock, my little playthings," he chuckled as he looked at the collected Scouts. "Your time will soon run out."


Ah! genki na konekotachi
Mitsumeru anata no me ni fuwari to
Asa no egao...

The amber haired beauty sang happily as the cheering crowd before her. She was wearing a pink t-shirt with black pants and fingerless gloves along with here red and pink flashy sneakers. She had short red hair which was done up with hair clips at the front. It made her look very stylish. Her voice seemed to be that of a mermaid's. In front of her, there was a packed auditorium filled with screaming and yelling fans all chanting her name.

Sokkenai hodo no tameiki
Akogare wa mune no oku ni
Ashita mo yureru jikan
Aishite itai...
Saisho wa dokidoki au tabi ni
Ah! chikaku de utsumukeba
Hirogaru sekai wo matsu kokoro ni
Sora no aizu

Nagareru kami ni yukkuri
Daiji na omoi azukete
Ashita ni negau kotoba
Chiisana happiien...

As the song ended the audience cheered even louder as the chanted her name as a united front, "Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi!"

"Thanks for coming tonight everyone! You guys were the best!" After a
final bow, she waved at her audience as she exited the stage.

Walking around the stagehands, she accepted the words of thanks and congratulations they gave her. Everyone was being nice and Yoshi was smiling back to them all. Removing the mike from her ear, she stretched while finding her dressing room. Outside, her managed Mack was chatting away at the phone.

Mack was a young guy who was about twenty-seven or so. He had plain dark hair and the stereotypical sunglasses. He wasn't like a lot of managers who just exuded a sense of slipperiness. He was one of those guys who if he said he would do something, he would get it down. In the year since they had teamed up, he hadn't let her down. He was also a nice guy who took the time to make sure that his clients were okay both personally and professionally.

"Another fine performance, eh Yoshi?" the young manager smiled as he put his phone on hold for a moment.

"You said it. Could you give me a moment though Mack? I have some business to do." She said as she went to her dressing room. She barely caught Mack's nod, but it was there.

The dressing room was filled with what might be expected for a pop star. There were photos of herself from articles here and there, but those were from her stylists who wanted reference points for when they did her outfits, make-up, and hair. In other parts of the room were photos of young women playing piano and they seemed to have a slight resemblance to Yoshi herself. There was also a chair in front of a lit mirror with several make-up paraphernalia. At one end of the vanity table though was a picture of a family that looked upper class with three daughters.

Eighteen year old Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda sat down on her chair in front of
her mirror and undid her hair. Even though her hair was short, her stylist had done up the front in clips so it wouldn't get in her eyes. It was helpful, but she sometimes didn't like it.

It was her last concert for the day on she was glad it was over. Don't get her wrong, she enjoyed performing for people but even teen heartthrobs get tired. She sighed contently as she looked at her photo of her family. Her parents were rather strict when it came to being successful. Her two older sisters were professional piano players and well
known. She was a great musician herself but her parents seemed rather…
unimpressed. Even with all the success and popularity that she had achieved in her career, the expectations her parents had seemed so immense. Despite her manager trying to cheer her up it still seemed like too big of a burden to let go.

"Someday… I'll show that I can…"

The next day, Yoshi decided to take the day off. She told Mack that she would be back in a while and to wait for her. Deciding to go incognito, she wore a simple white T-shirt with a pair of jeans to help her blend in. A pair of sunglasses and making sure her hair was down made her disguise complete. Despite being a celebrity, people were used to seeing her in a certain way, which allowed her to slip by unnoticed of she didn't take the time to look nice like she did on stage.

As she was walking through the park she heard a graceful play of a violin. Deciding to have a look see she went deeper into the park. On the stage was a girl about the same age as her with shoulder length turquoise hair. She seemed to be focused on her playing other wised she would have noticed her. Yoshi found herself mesmerized by the beautiful sound that the young woman was making. Silently getting closer, she found a seat that suited her. Sitting down, she just remained silent and enjoyed the music that flowed over her like the ocean's waves. As her piece was finished, Yoshi applauded for her taking her by surprise.

"That was really good," Yoshi smiled, "Are you a professional?"

"Not quite," the girl said, "I'm just talented… you're Yoshi Fujieda aren't you? It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person."

"The pleasure is mine Miss… uh…?" Yoshi sputtered.

"Michelle. Michelle Kaioh."

"Michelle. Nice to meet you too." She smiled.

"Well, Yoshi, what are you doing all the way out here?" Michelle asked. "I would never have expected to see a high profile person like you out here of all places."

"I'm just on a break," Yoshi answered, "I have a lot on my mind right now and I'll like to take long walks. It helps me think."

Michelle nodded at Yoshi's explanation. She had played in concerts before so she understood the need to get out and have some open spaces. It helped empty the mind and focus on things. Strangely, she was feeling a sense of déjà vu by meeting Yoshi here. It was in this very section of the park that she had first met Serena. Perhaps history was repeating itself with Yoshi. Deciding to go with the flow, she made an offer.

"I was just about headed to the art museum. Would you like to join me? "
Michelle offered.

"Sure. Why not?" Yoshi shrugged. Michelle seemed like a nice and calm person so there didn't seem to be any harm. Yoshi was always in the mood to make a new friend.

Minutes later in the Juuban art museum, Michelle and Yoshi were admiring the works while walking through. Growing up with her family, Yoshi could understand the finer points of various arts. Her specialty was of course music, but she also had acquired an eye for paintings over the years. As they were walking through the halls and admired numerous works, Yoshi noticed that some of the paintings had Michelle's name on it.

'Wow, she play's the violin and she paints.' Yoshi gasped in awe, 'My parents would love to have a child like her…' at the thought of her parents though, Yoshi's heart sank.

"Yoshi?" Michelle asked in concern. Her friend had suddenly looked down all of a sudden. She couldn't help but worry.

"Hm?" Yoshi's head perked up. She looked up at Michelle's concerned face and sighed a little.

"Sorry, just… thinking. So, if had to choose between being a violinist and being a painter, what would it be?"

"I'm… not sure," she answered with a deep frown of thought, "I don't if I'll be either. I feel as if I have another path to follow… I just don't know what."

"Wow. That is so deep," Yoshi said with another frown. "I wish I could be like you… I wish…"

"Something the matter?" asked Michelle. This was really starting to remind her of when she and Serena had first met. The odango-headed blonde was feeling like she wasn't good at anything. She had come to her for advice.

"It's my parents… they don't really approve of what I'm doing right now. I know I'm successful, but my parents expect more from me. My older sisters are piano players and they're favored more than me. Sometimes… I feel like I'm useless," Yoshi explained as her eyes watered a little.

"Don't say that," Michelle answer as she gave her a friendly pant on the shoulder, "You still have many fans who adore and look up to you. Eventually your parents well have to sea that you are doing the best you can and they well have to accept you for who you are."

"Thanks, Michelle," Yoshi said as she rubbed her eyes, "I don't know what it is but… I feel some strange connection between us. It's almost like we're sisters who never met before until now."

"Oh?" Michelle smiled as the walked to the exit, "Now I wonder why that is?"


Later, Yoshi and Michelle were enjoying some cold drinks outside of the museum. They just chatted about light subjects, nothing too deep. Most of it revolved around music since it was something that they both enjoyed. Yoshi was more of an advocate of popular music, but had a taste for classical. Michelle just liked classical but went into talk about her artwork and inspiration.

"Hey, Michelle," the person said with the helmet off, "Who's your new
friend?" Yoshi knew the person was female. The voice was too soft to be
male. She did play a convincing part though.

"Don't you recognize her, Haruka?" Michelle laughed, "This is Yoshi Fujieda."

The girl, apparently named Haruka, widened her eyes in surprise, "The teen idol? No way! If bun head and her peanut crew were here that'd freak out for sure."

"Yeah. I have that effect," Yoshi grinned. The trio laughed for a bit before a honking from a limousine was heard. Turning to the source, she spotted her driver waving out to her. Waving back, she turned to her new friends.

"Sorry, but that's my ride," Yoshi said she walked off and entered the limousine, "Glad to meet you two. I have a feeling that we'll see each other again."

"You can bet your boots on that!" Haruka smiled as the car drove off, "You know, she's a good kid in person…"

"I agree," Michelle nodded. "Still, she's not what I would have expected to see in a teen idol."

"Yeah," Haruka agreed. "Me neither. Usually I would have thought she's be spoiled or something, but she's actually got her feet on the ground."

Suddenly, Michelle's pocket flashed in blue light. If she hadn't been looking down at the moment, she wouldn't have noticed. Curious, she took out her Transformation Pen to briefly see the symbol of the Sprit of Water before it changed back to the symbol of Neptune. "The Sprit of Water…?" Michelle whispered.

After it was determined that the Sailor Scouts really were being paired up with Legendary Warriors, Michelle, Haruka, and Setsuna had asked Bokomon to show them everything related to them. They memorized the appearances, and the symbols that represented them. They were probably the only experts next to Bokomon himself.

"That's for Ranamon if I'm not mistaken," Michelle spoke thoughtfully. "The Warrior of Water."

"Then its time for a search," Haruka frowned slightly.

A shadowed being watched from a nearby hiding place as the limo drove away. He was watching carefully for some time now. To most people, he would have looked like a strange man wearing blue clothes that seemed inappropriate for that time of the year. To those that knew exactly what he was, he was known as Mummymon.

The ghost Digimon had been observing the two Outers since he had been ordered to by Daemon. The Outers amused him since their battle with him at the museum. He had other agents following the others, but he picked the Outers personally. If they couldn't find the new Warriors, they would at least find out where the existing Legendary Warriors were hiding out.

His waiting and spying finally paid off when he saw the one called Neptune pulling out a flashing object. The light faded very quickly, but he hadn't missed what had been visible. Both women talked for a while before they hopped on the bike and rode off. They knew what that symbol meant and so did he. Mummymon's mouth twisted into a grin.

"I have you now Ranamon…" he sneered excitedly. He knew exactly where to start looking too. She had left in the limo if he wasn't mistaking.

As the limo drove into the streets, the driver acknowledged Yoshi, "So are you feeling any better?"

"Yep," she smiled, "Everything breezy. Just what I needed."

"Glad to he it," he smiled, "Now we just need to-"


The car swerved wildly as a light pole came down in the middle of the road. Swerving wildly, the limo crashed into a hydrant that busted open upon impact. Yoshi shook her head, trying to get the grogginess out of her mind while the street became flooded. That was when something else happened. Someone… or someTHING smashed on to the hood of the car, causing it to shake wildly. The driver began crying out in fear while Yoshi attempted to look up to the front and see what it was. Before she could get a good look at it though, stomping sounds could be heard coming across the top of the car. Yoshi's eyes widened in fear as the stomping stopped over her. She thought her heart stopped when gray fingers pierced the metal of the car roof and began pulling it away like it was tinfoil. As the top was peeled off, it revealed a tall fiendish mummy with a gun strapped to his hand.

"Wha… WHAT THE HELL?" Yoshi stammered. Her eyes were wide in shock and fear.

"Nice to see you girl," the mummy grinned as he aimed his gun at her. "Sorry, but I cannot let you live. Necrophobia!"

"This is the worst!" Yoshi shouted as she jumped out of ruined limo to
avoid the deathly blast. Just as she cleared the door, the back end of her limo exploded in a haze of crimson flames. She scrambled to her feet and ran off with the mummy
hot on her heels.

"You're not making this any easier," the monstrous mummy laughed as he calmly followed after the fleeing pop star.

Takuya and Zoe had decided to explore Juuban yet again. The only clue to what was going on they had so far was that the Scouts were mostly seen in the city. If things with Daemon were as bad as they were, they needed to get more clues on how to work together. Hopefully, they might come across their allies.

"So you have any idea where they might be?" Zoe asked.

"Don't know," Takuya grumbled, "So far the keep appearing in signs of trouble. On top of that they may have secret identities. They might be under our noses and we might even know it."

"What about that shrine that you and Koji met them at?" asked Zoe. "I think that would be a good place to start."

"Koji said he checked the place out after," Takuya answered. "He didn't see anything suspicious. Definitely no trace of the Scouts. All he found were some girls he knew and their friends."

As they were considering possible places to look for clues, a loud blast was heard and out came an amber hair youth in her late teens being persuade by a tall mummy. The two Digidestined could only stare for a moment as their brains tried to catch up with the information that they had been given. Takua blinked first before he turned to see if what he had witnessed was real. Even more astonishing was the fact that he recognized who the mummy was chasing.

"That's Yoshi Fujieda!" Takuya shouted. He could barely believe his eyes. She was one of the most popular singers in his school.

"And bandage boy must be Mummymon!" Zoe gasped, "But why is he chasing Yoshi?!"

"Don't know but I'm not about to find out!" Takuya frowned as brought his DTeacter. Zoe nodded with a determined face as she did the same. Both of them relocated to a more discrete place behind a building so no one would see them.

Execute! Spirit Evolution!



Meanwhile, Mummymon was continuing his chase of Yoshi. The pop singer was thanking her agent's idea of keeping fit. Otherwise she might have lost her breath and gotten stomped a long time ago. Her nerves were taking a beating from the near misses that the deranged ghost Digimon continued to fire at her. He kept missing and blowing up a car, streetlamp, or some other piece of the district. Each missed shot only served to aggravate the bandaged Digimon even further.

"I'm tired of this game," Mummymon grunted as he stretched his unarmed hand, "Snake

The whit bandages flew from Mummymon's arm and warped around Yoshi's
legs like snakes. She easily tripped from losing her balance so easily and crashed onto the road. Turing over, she whimpered when she found herself looking into a barrel of the

"Lights out…" Mummymon smirked.

"Uranus World Shaking!"

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"

Mummymon's eyes widened at the voices and turned to see if the voices belonged to those he thought they did. He could not react fast enough as he saw incoming attacks that were aimed at him.. He was knocked away by the yellow and blue orbs that smashed against him. The force of the blows launched him several feet away, but didn't destroy him. As he recovered, he looked up to find Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune frowning at him.

"Heh, back for more?" he grinned.

"The out come will be different this time," Uranus growled.

"You wont be running away," Neptune added.

"Don't worry, I don't plain to! Necrophobia!" Mummymon roared as he began to fire his gun again.

The two Outers jumped out of the way as the ghost blast just missed them. The blast collided with a building wall, but no one was injured. Uranus dashed forward to continue her assault while Neptune ran to Yoshi and hid her in a nearby alley.

"Stay here," she said before running back to the battle, "Everything will be all right."

Yoshi watched as the Outers fired their attacks at the ghost Digimon. It seemed like a fair match, but when Neptune tried her Deep Submerge, Mummymon somehow kicked it back, knocking Neptune to the ground.

"Neptune!" Uranus cried before Mummymon knocked away her with his gun.

"Is this the best you can do?" Mummymon laughed. "Might as well finish this…"

"Pyro Tornado!"

"Hurricane Wind!"

A flaming twister came out of the sky and was aimed directly at Mummymon. The ghost Digimon jumped out of the way but was hit from behind by a pink tornado. The swirling winds hurled him to the side and et him smash into the front of a car. The two whirlwinds of fire and wind dissipated to reveal the forms of both Agunimon and Kazemon. The two Legendary Warriors turned to face the recovering Sailor Scouts.

"Hey mind if we join in too?" asked Kazemon with a grin.

"Not at all!" Uranus smiled.

"I do!" Mummymon frowned as he slipped off the smashed car. Clenching his fist, he slammed it into the street. The sound seemed to echo before a large blood red serpent Digimon with a black helmet covering the upper half of his head with a jagged, golden blade jutting from the top shot up from the sewers.

"Now then," Mummymon smiled, "Would you like to introduce

Activate Digimon Analyzer


"Certainly my lord. I am WaruSeadramon, Ultimate level Digimon. My Evil Icicle will put you all on thin ice and my Dark Blast will blow to extinction!"

"We'll see about that!" Agunimon shouted, "Pyro Punch!" His fist ignited in red hot flames at the words. In a flurry of movement, Agunimon sent his flaming fist to WaruSeadramon's head, hoping to crack his helmet wide open. But the serpentine Digimon was quick to react. He used his tail like a whip and hit Agunimon, sending him crashing into the side of a building before falling to the ground.

"Kazemon!" Uranus shouted. The other wind fighter nodded.

"Got it! Hurricane-!"

"Uranus World-!"

"Evil Icicle!" again WaruSeadramon was too fast as he fired a veritable blizzard of purple ice from his mouth. The dark ice shards froze as they hit the ground, making a sheet of thick ice that wrapped around Uranus and Kazemon's legs.

"ARRG!" Uranus screamed.

"S-s-so cold…" Kazemon shivered.

"Now all that's left is you, sweet Neptune," WaruSeadramon grinned. He evil gaze leered down on the aquamarine-haired Sailor Scout.

"Don't become so overly confident," she glared, "This isn't over yet!"

"Oh but it is!" he laughed. To make his point, he wrapped his tail around her and lifted her into the air. With a sickening smirk, he slammed her to the ground with a loud smash. The asphat was even cracking underneath the force of the attacks.

"NO…!" Yoshi almost yelled.

"This was so easy," Mummymon grinned. He then turned up to look at WaruSeadramon's smirking face. "I'll leave you to finish them. Find the girl when you're done." He then disappeared in a slow shutter of darkness.

Yoshi could only watch as WaruSeadramon slammed Neptune against the ground a few more times. Apparently growing bored, he opened his mouth and collected dark
energy to finish off her off once and for all.

Tears come from Yoshi's eyes as she clenched her teeth. She felt so completely helpless and useless at the same time. These people needed help and here she was hiding out in some alley while others risked their lives for her.

'I… can't let this happen… I wish I wasn't weak…!" a tear leaked from her eye fell to the ground. As it began to soak in, her whole world went white.

Tenoh/Kaioh/Tome/Meiou Residence

In Haruka and Michelle's house, Bokomon and Neemon along with Hotaru and Rini where watching some cartoons when suddenly, Hotaru's glass of water began to create a whirlpool.

"Huh?" she wondered.

Then in the kitchen, the tap opened up and water flowed out forceful. "Whathappened?" Rini asked. "Is something wrong with the water?"

Bokomon himself was wondering what was happening until water began to fall from his waistband. Crying in fear for his book, he pulled the item out. To his surprise, the book was the source of the water. Opening the book, the pages turned to the entry on the Legendary Warrior of Water.

"Oh my goodness!" Bokomon said in surprise, "Another Legendary Warrior as appeared! This time it's Ranamon!"

"Really?!" Hotaru gasped as she leaned in to look.

"Wow!" Rini gasped

The pages of Ranamon rippled as two more spirits rose from their surface. A bright light was surrounding them, which prevented the human girls from seeing what they looked like. After a moment of hovering, the two spirits soared out an open window and out into the city.

Yoshi blinked as the battle and scenery vanished around her. "What? What is all this?"

'All this' was the new scenery which surrounded her. As far as she could see was underwater. There was coral, sunken ships, fish, the while nine yeards. The buildings were gone and all she could see was undersea scenery

"Yoshi Fujieda. You have been chosen." Three voices Yoshi could only call majestic spoke out to her.

"Hey! What's going on here?" she shouted, "Is this a reality TV show?!"

She then felt something behind her. She quickly turned to see a short lady with turquoise skin and red eyes wearing a blue swim suite floating in front of her. Yoshi couldn't understand why, but she felt bonded to this strange being. The lady smiled at Yoshi and the teen idol smiled back. As Yoshi smiled, a blue image of rain seemed to sparkle in her eyes. Almost as if they were mirror reflections of each other, they reached out and held each others hands.

When they did, the woman vanished in a swarm of bubbles and was replaced by two idols. One looked like a swimming cap with a fish inside. The second idol was a blue squid. As the two idols appeared, Yoshi's pocket flashed brightly. Curious, She pulled out her cell phone to see what was happening. The light reached a zenith and her cell phone morphed into a rectangular device that was turquoise and blue. There were two buttons on it and a blank screen.

Determination filled Yoshi's eyes as a secondary force from inside of her moved her hand. Raising her arm, she held up the device towards the two idols and pressed a button on the side. There was a beam of light which surged from the top of the device that captured the two idols in its pull before it sucked them inside. When they entered, a turquoise symbol appeared on the screen.

"It is time," the three voices spoke again.

"I'm not so weak anymore!" Yoshi shouted as her eyes blazed blue. Holding her out her hand a cup, a circle of fractal code appeared around it. Holding out the device, she scanned the data of the code with it.

"Execute! Spirit Evolution!"


WaruSeadramon was getting bored with the one-sided fight that he was winning. With both Legendary Warriors and one Sailor Scout incapacitated, it was proving to be child's play in taking down the last Scout.

"I grow bored of this! Say good night!" WaruSeadramon laughed as he prepared for the final blow, "Dark Bla-!"

"Drainin' Rain!"

A dark cloud appeared over the dragon Digimon. He was soon bombarded by a
massive amount of rain. The rain felt like acid on his skin, making him scream in pain. He thrashed around wildly to escape the moisture. He even released Sailor Neptune to do so.

"Gah! What is this!?" he snarled. "Who's there?!"

"Hey! Buddy!"

WaruSeadramon turned to see who had dared to attack him. His eyes widened when he spotted Ranamon on top of a building with her arms crossed and a frown on her face. The symbol water glowed deep aqua on her forehead, just cementing her identity.

"You! Ranamon!" WaruSeadramon cried out in shock. Last he had heard, she had been defeated and scanned by one of the six warriors of Ophanimon and Seraphimon.

"That's me!" she grinned suddenly, "Whippin' Waves!" A fire hydrant that was damaged in the fight suddenly exploded. Water surged through the air before combining into a large drill. WaruSeadramon gaped before the attack smashed into his face, sending him tumbling to the ground.

"That IS R-R-Ranamon!" Kazemon stammered. The Legendary Warrior of Water was one of the last people she was expecting to see. Still, if Ranamon was here, then it meant that she was in her purified form. She was the Legendary Warrior that she was meant to be.

Ranamon quickly leaped to the ground. Dashing over to the downed Sailor Scout, she helped Neptune up on her feet, "You okay?"

"Yes… thank you…" Neptuen nodded in thanks. Shaking the stars out of her head, she noticed that the centre of the ribbon on her chest was glowing brightly. Looking up, she spied the marking that was glowing on Ranamon's head.

'My ribbon is reacting to her presence! Ranamon is my partner!' she thought to herself in shock.

WaruSeadramon snarled as he got up. He was now as mad as an angry Flymon and he knew exactly who to take it out on, "I'll send you all to Davy Jones' Locker!"

Neptune remained unafraid. Standing up, glanced at Ranamon with a smile, "Shall we?"

"Let's!" Ranamon grinned before she raised her arms, "Whippin' Waves!"

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"

The water drill that Ranamon fired seemed to push the Deep Submerge, making it move even fast. As it drew closer to WaruSeadramon, the water engulfed it, turning it into a glowing sapphire spike. The combined assault collided with WaruSeadramon. His body put up resistance for a moment before it pierced his armor-like scales and cut through him

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" WaruSeadramon roared in pain as the water continued to rip data from him. As the attack died down, he crashed to the ground. His body immediately darkened and a ring of fractal code appeared around his massive form.. Ranamon reacted quickly and leaped forward while she pulled out her D-tector.

"Get ready to be purified by the sea," she frowned, "Fractal Code! Digitize!"

She swiped his device across the data ring and began to draw it in. When it disappeared WaruSeadramon's body quickly reverted into his essence before vanishing.

With WaruSeadramon defeated, the ice that held Kazemon and Uranus melted and Agunimon got back on his feet. He rubbed his head before he spied Ranamon chatting with Sailor Neptune. Rubbing his eyes a second time ust to make sure he wasn't seeing things, he got to his feet.

"Well now," Agunimon said to his former enemy, "I don't know what to say except… thanks."

"Nothing to it, hun," she smiled sweetly. Kazemon huffed slightly at the name. Still, she tried to keep a level head. This was a former enemy she was looking at.

"Ranamon?" Uranus asked. The Warrior of Water turned to Scout of the Sky. "Did you see a girl with brownish hair somewhere? Mummymon was after her."

"I did," she said. Of course she saw her. She WAS her. Still, it might be better to keep this little change to herself for the time being. "I told her to make a run for it. I don't know where she is now."

Seeing the faces around her, she noticed that the two Sailor Scouts and oddly-dressed people seemed to have some questions. She knew she had to bow out, "Sorry but I got have something to do. See ya around!" with that she used the water on the groundd to propel her to the top of a building and jump away.

"We gotta get going too," Kazemon said as she held Agunimon's arm tightly. Flapping her wings rapidly, the pair took off.

"Till we met again!" Agunimon waved with a grin. That was all he managed to get out before both vanished behind a taller building.

Uranus and Neptune were the last ones left. They both looked around the damage of
the street. It was wet and messed up. The huge gaping hole in the road that WaruSeadramon made in the street Their usual battles against various Youma, Daimon, etc, didn't do this much damage.

"Well, that's what I call a major splash down," Uranus snickered.

Neptune just punched her playful in the ribs, "Hush," she sighed. "Let's go home. Hotaru-chan is by herself with Rini, Bokomon, and Neemon. I need some TLC too."

"Willing to provide ma'am!" Uranus grinned. Both Sailor Scouts took off for a safe spot they could transform back to their normal forms.

As for Agunimon and Kazemon, the pair were perched up another building looking at the sunset together. "I guess all ten Legendary Warriors are coming back together after all," Agunimon said as he looked over the horizon. "Daemon must be a huge threat if all of us are going to be needed."

"Yeah," Kazemon nodded, "Who do you think she is though? A human like us or a real Digimon?"

"Don't know," Agunimon sighed. He then looked up at his girlfriend with a tired smile. "Wanna go back and tell the others?"

"Yeah," she smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder as she wrapped an arm around his waist, "But let's enjoy this sunset for a while. It looks nice."

"Yeah, let's chill out for a bit," he smiled back as he wrapped his arm
around her. "I think we've earned it."

-Digital World-

"Humph. What fools these mon can be." Daemon growled from his seat.

He was resting in his thrown room and plotting as usual. The statue of WaruSeadramon just shattered and gave him the data on his final fight. Obviously Mummymon was on the trail of the Chosen of Water when he was interrupted. He then called in WaruSeadramon in to take care of two Scouts and two legendary Warriors.

"He had size, power, and had even beaten three while toying with the four," Daemon growled as he tapped his finger on his armrest. "He got cocky, which allowed Ranamon to come into her power, pair up with Neptune, and destroy him! Gods, I cannot stand fools!"

"Then perhaps it is time I lend a hand with things?" asked a voice from above.

Daemon looked up near the ceiling of his grand throne room. He didn't even blink as electricity crackled against the walls. In the centre of it all was a figure with a glowing red centre and an electric sphere at the end of what appeared to be a tail. Most of his body was wrapped in a cloak, but the glowing red eyes and the image of a large scythe sticking from the robes was unmistakable.

"Mummymon seems to be in over his head," the electrified figure reasoned. "Let him handle searching for the Warriors. I will gladly take on the task of destroying them and these strange Sailor Scouts."

"A sound idea," Daemon nodded. Looking at his minion, he spoke again. "Very well. I will give the task of destroying our enemies to you. Be warned, I do not tolerate failure! Use any resource you deem necessary. I want no trace of the Scouts or the Warriors left behind!"

"I shall hold that close to my heart," the electrified figure nodded before he vanished with an electrified crackle.

"Be sure you do…MetalPhantomon."

To Be Continued….

A/N: Okay, okay. I'm an ass for holding off on this for so long. I owe a major thanks to Talismo4ever for helping me get of my lazy ass and get back to work.