Bonding In a Cave

By DaiCrazy

Episode One WAS gonna be a story, but I decided just to make it a two-chapter one shot, since it really doesn't have this big dramatic plot. ; By the way, in this story, all the digimon are in vacation somewhere...image a digital Hawaii. - wink wink -

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Harry Potter or anything involved in them. Just this story! YAY! There's a meaning to my life!

Imagine this as an episode. YAY! Ahem, start of this episode, we have the theme song...-insert either Digimon Theme or Target Akai Shougeki -, then we have the recap...okay, let's skip the recap. Now, we have a commercial!!! - insert hair gel commercial -

((freaky happy music))

Is your hair lame?

-shows Takeru-

((Takeru in Background: HEY!!))

Is your hair out of control?

-shows Harry Potter-

((Harry in Background: I guess I do need a brush...))

The use...

Dum du da dum!

The Super Gel Friend!

It's supernatural gel powers will help you achieve unimaginable hair heights!

-shows Taichi, Sora, and Cloud-

Or maybe just higher than normal...

-shows Daisuke and Naruto-

Either way, buy the Super Hair Gel Friend TODAY!

((Guy in back: this is a special one time offer. Hair gel not available in stores. If weird rashes come up, please consult your hair specialist – I mean, doctor, immediately.))

...Okay, now that that's over with, let's get on to the show!

"Phew! That's the last of it!"

Today, the digidestined decided to help out at Primary Village. Boy, did they have it coming! This was the hardest they have worked in months. Who knew it took so much to take care of babies?

"Well, I think we should get going," suggested Ken.

"Yeah, it's getting kinda late," Takeru agreed.

They all, that is, Daisuke, Hikari, Takeru, Miyako, Ken, and Iori, respecfully, grabbed their school bags and left towards the TV Monitor. Then a loud rumbling distracted them.

"What's that?" Miyako wondered out loud.

"I dunno, but whatever it is, it can't be good," Daisuke replied.

Suddenly, a enormous crack ran all the way across Primary Village and into the outskirts. The digidestined took a glance at each other, and, in silent agreement, decided to follow the fault. After a few minutes, they came across this creepy looking cave.

"So...who wants to go first?" Takeru asked nervously.

Every one immediately took a step backwards – that is, every one but Daisuke.

"Okay! Thanks for volunteering Daisuke!" said Miyako, pushing him towards the cave.

"But – wait just a minute!" Daisuke stumbled through into the cave.

"Don't worry. We're right behind you!"

Everyone nodded.

"Alright..." Daisuke turned on his heels and took a big gulp.

'Here goes nothing...'

He slowly started walking into the darkness, the other following one by one.

"You guys still there?"

"Yeah!" came the combined answer.

About ten minutes into the cave, there came a loud rumbling.

"Uh...wha – what w..was that?" Miyako studdered.

The whole cave started shaking violently, almost sending the chosen children to the ground.

"We have to get out of here!" Ken shouted over the loud rumbling.

"Everyone, grab hands!" Takeru hollered.

As they quickly ran through the cave, dodging falling boulders, they saw the light at the end of a tunnel. (a/n:P sorry, couldn't help myself)

Ken, Takeru, Iori, and Miyako made it through the whole, but just before Daisuke could make it, Hikari tripped behind him. He quickly went over to her and tried to help her to her feet, but one of her ankles seemed broken. The rumbling got worse and worse, until the front entrance was completely blocked by rock, leaving Hikari and Daisuke trapped inside.

I already have the next chapter, but I'm gonna wait to see if you guys want to read the end. ;)

Oh, wait! One more thing...

-cue ending song-

Next time...

Trapped in pitch dark cave can be troblesome, but even more so if there's something in it! With Hikari unable to move, will Daisuke be able to save both himself and the child of light? Next time, on Bonding in a Cave, 2 episode special!

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