Title: Cooking Can Be Fun

Author: mangafreak

Word Count: 332

Rating: Err...PG-13 to R-ish...Nothing too bad...-;;

Summary: -can't think of one...TOO EARLY FOR ME! ++-

Pairing: Yukihiko Naruse x Shunsuke Taki

Disclaimer: If I owned Gakuen Heaven, then there would definately be more episodes. But sadly, I don't own it...TT

Author's notes: Err...I was like, half asleep when I did this. -;; And I don't write fanfiction very often anymore. I used to write a lot, but then I discovered my drawing talent...-;;

"Wrong Yukihiko!"

"Sorry...I just thought that that goes there."

"Great...now we have to start over..."

"I'm really sorry!"

Yukihiko and Shunsuke were cooking a meal, using an Osakan recipe. The meal was to be served at the third years' graduation. Those who had volunteered had the option of which meal they made and keep it a secret until graduation day.

"The spices go in after the dough is cooked!" Shunsuke explained. "If you do it before, it doesn't taste right."

"Ah...I see now. Thanks!" Yukihiko said. He went up and kissed the shorter boy's cheek. Shunsuke blushed some but he was used to this stuff from him. That is, until he felt something wet on his cheek. His immediate response was pushing Yukihiko away.

"What are you doing?" Shunsuke asked. His blush became redder.

"Hehe...You taste good, Shunsuke." Yukihiko replied with a smile.


"Oh? You didn't hear me? Here, let me get closer." He put his arms around Shunsuke and pulled him closer. "You taste good." He whispered into his ear. Yukihiko licked his earlobe.

Part of Shunsuke wanted to kick him in the shin, and the other part wanted to...



"Yukihiko...stop it...," he said when Yukihiko started to remove Shunsuke's jacket.

He didn't do anything to stop him, and it was when Shunsuke was naked and up against the counter when Yukihiko asked if it was okay. He was hesitant but he nodded in agreement.

"Okay," Yukihiko said with a smile.

Even though it wanted an answer, no one dared questioned Shunsuke, naked, and Yukihiko, wearing only his unbuttoned shirt, sleeping on the kitchen floor. Actually, the only person who had said anything about it was Hide, who just laughed quietly when they both woke up. Yukihiko laughed too but Shunsuke blushed immensely and avoided eye contact with anyone other than Yukihiko for a week.

The food the two made was delicious at the graduation, for it was made not by two people, but by one combined couple.