Chapter 7: Bring The Cream

At South Jersey shore...

The mad scientist, Dr. Weird, was about to unveil his latest insane creation.

"GENTLEMEN!! BEHOLD!! I bring to you, the most amazing thing I've ever created," Dr. Weird began. Dr.Weird then pulled out a flaming

torch. "FIRE!!" Dr.Weird exclaimed. "Umm...that's not new..." Steve explained. "SILENCE!!" Dr.Weird said, resting the flaming end of the torch on Steve. Steve immediately caught fire. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Steve said, running around like a chicken without a head.
"SILENCE, STEVE! I'M CATCHING MORE THINGS ON FIRE!!" Dr.Weird exclaimed, setting fire to Javier.


"DAMN VIT, EMORY!!" Oglethorpe shouted, as the Plutoniums headed down towards earth. The two then smashed though the roof

of a dessert factory.

"SWEET!!" Oglethorpe yelled.

(Shows Boxy Brown on Max, with a whip in his afro.)
"Alright, now, Boxy Brown commands you to look at this list, and get it right!(Meatwad pulls out a list.) Now, how many times do I have to write ice cream on this f(rubber duck squeak)ing list before someone goes and gets me the f(owl hoot) ICE CREAM!!" Meatwad shouted.

(Shows a window land on Drew.)
"What happened? Well, at least I had enough pain today. " Drew said, before Carl lands on him.

(Shows 'Who's Line is it Anyways?', on the episode where Ryan busts his head into the neon lights on Drew Carey's desk, as big white words say "Unrelated Clip From 'Who's Line is it Anyways?')

"And now...Bring the Cream..." the announcer announced. "Can I get paid now?"

Outside the Desert factory...

The Plutoniums had just shuffled out of the factory, and were absolutely covered in chocolate.

"Well, that sucked." Emory simply stated. Oglethorpe, however, was completely happy, and was licking chocolate off of him.

"Except for ze dessert factory part." the fat orange alien replied.

"Hey, man. What happened to the rest of the ship?" Emory asked, making a good point. As if to reply, the pieces of the ship smashed right into the factory, causing it to explode.

"NOOOO!! All zat vonderful chocolate! Destroyed!!" Oglethorpe shouted.

Suddenly, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future landed right in front of the two aliens.

"Sorry I'm late. The ship blew apart, and it was too late to RSVP." the Ghost said.

"RSVP to what?" Emory asked.

"…..NO IDEA!" the ghost announced, raising his shear hand into the air.

The Mooninite ship then proceeded to land. The two Mooninites then proceeded to hop out.

"What's going on, hippies?" Ignignokt asked.

"Yeah, hippies!" Err mirrored.

"Well, our ship just blew apart into pieces and-" Emory started.


"Yeah." Emory finished.

"Well, we are lucky, for we have a ship." Ignignokt said. Now, the universe must have decided to laugh in the face of the moon person, for upon saying this, a large heavy sheet of metal from the Plutonium's ship crashed into the Mooninite ship, causing it to explode.

"We had a ship." Err said.

"Silence, Err." Ignignokt said, with anger seeping out of his monotone voice.

"Wow…that sorta sucks…" Emory said.

"We don't even have freakin' insurance for the ship yet!" Err shouted, raising his arms into the air.

"Well, we're not very far from town." Emory said.

"Who told you?" Ignignokt stated, pointing his arm at Emory.
"Yes! WHO TOLD YOU!?" Err mimicked.

"Well, I saw it before we crashed." Emory said.

"Yes, you saw it." Ignignokt said, uncaringly.

"Oh! May I go and destroy them?" the Ghost asked.

"So you can what? Go bore them to death with your stories that make no sense. Well then go ahead and do it, for

it may work." Ignignokt simply stated.

"Alright!" the Ghost announced, going through the forest, in which the factory was set in the middle of. Yes, someone was high enough to put a Dessert factory in the middle of a forest.

Meatwad had just acquired his ice cream from Max, and was sitting on a tower completely made of ice cream boxes and


"Alright! This is what I'm talkin' bout!" Meatwad stated.

"You have me to thank, bitch." Boxy Brown stated, as 80's music played in the background as always.

"Thank you Boxy! Now I have a life-time supply of ice cream!" Meatwad announced.

"What's wrong with Meatwad?" May asked Frylock.

"Meatwad has a toy brain." Frylock responded.

"That's right!" a metallic voice sounded off. Suddenly, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future

busted right out of the wall of a building. "Who are you!?" Brock asked, reaching for his pokeball.

"I am the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future!" the ghost announced.

"You're the Ghost of Christmas Past?" Ash asked.

"Yes! And I'm here to tell you a story!" the Ghost announced. He then grabbed a smoke machine and started it.

"Thousands of years ago, I ran for the position of Student Council President!" the ghost started his story, causing confused faces to those who were not familiar with the ghost. Random people simply stopped to stare at the sight.

"We then baked cookies, but the principal said that we couldn't, because it was for some reason against the rules. But for some reason….I won…." the Ghost finished, as the smoke dissipated.

"….Aren't you supposed to tell us about our lives?" Ash asked.

"I am?" the ghost asked, clanking his shears on his hand together.

"I think so."


Frylock then hovered near them.

"Aww, come on! What are you doing here!?" Frylock asked.

"I cannot do that, because I'm here and I'm supposed to do something. I think it was bore you to death." the Ghost said.

Suddenly, a net surrounded everyone except the ghost. A large Meowth hot air balloon then hovered up.

Team Rocket then did their motto, with the Pokemon crew shouting "Team Rocket!"
"Yes! We sent those aliens to weaken you!" Jessie exclaimed.

"And I helped!" the Ghost announced.

Everyone paused what they were doing, and stared at the ghost. About ten seconds passed before… "Thousands of years ago, I survived the quickening of the Dragonoids and…" the ghost quickly droned off into other stories, with stories with Sigourney Weaver, where babies come from for machines, and the story of the Insan-O-Flex.

"Yeah, you keep talking." Shake announced, before loading up a crossbow with a flaming arrow. Shake then fired, and the arrow hit the balloon, causing it to explode. And not a balloon pop. Instead, an explosion from the ATHF world took the place of the pop for some reason. The net then snapped, and Team Rocket was sent flying.

"It looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!" they shouted.

"My GOD! They're lame." Shake yelled.

"Yes, now… I have a story.." the ghost said. "Now, Thousands of years ago, I saw a eight foot spider in a parking lot!" the ghost started.

Speaking of spiders…

Meanwhile, in Hell…

"Yo! Satan! Wassup! Wassup! In the hissouse!" our favorite, giant, eight-foot, diaper wearing, yellow eyed and rapping spider shouted to the prince of darkness, Satan.

"Silence!" Satan shouted.

"Yo, it's all cool!" mc Pee Pants stated.

"No, it's not." Satan stated.

"Yeah….so….what's the plan now?"

"Look, you fail every single damn plan I give to you, you dumb fu(owl hoot!)! By now, the entire earth is aware of you

and your raps! Why don't you try….uhhh….speed metal?" Satan suggested.

"How 'bout no! I don't like that crap! Rap is what I do! And you know what? I don't really understand why the recording studio

keeps on dropping me! It's because I keep on getting killed! But that doesn't really matter! You know why?

Cause I'm gonna come back! I'm gonna come back!" mc Pee Pants shouted with one breath.

"LOOK! Dumbass, the world already knows your trademarks! Your form always has a fu(chainsaw rev)ing diaper, and fu(jingle bell)ing yellow

eyes!" Satan said.

"He gotcha!" the Dumbassahedratron stated.

"And you! Your jokes aren't funny anymore! Your jokes suck, now that you have resorted to insult comedy, and the victim is always

me!" Satan shouted.

"Look, how 'bout I just go to another dimension? How 'bout that?" the evil rapper asked.

"Grr…fine…and since the only thing lower then a fly is an amoeba, and you would have no luck taking over the world as

that form, I will send you back as a giant spider." Satan stated.

"Alright!" mc Pee Pants shouted.

"And you," Satan started, by pointing to the Dumbassahedratron, ", are going with him!!"

"What?" the Dumbassahedratron asked.
"I'm going to send you to a random universe, okay?" Satan said, without a second thought.

"Wait! I-" before the Dumbassahedratron could continue, mc Pee Pants and the Dumbassahedratron disappeared in a display of fire.

"Finally…" Satan stated. Suddenly, Adolf Hitler walked up to Satan.
"Can I go too?" Hitler asked.

"Shut up!" Satan said, before shooting a large stream of fire at the dictator.

Well, here ya go! The latest chapter! Now, mc Pee Pants and the Dumbassahedratron will be there to annoy the living crap out of everyone! YAY!! Also, I know that the chapter title has nothing to do with the story, but I couldn't think of anything else?