I know, I know, you guys are all pissed at me cause this isn't a chapter, but still, an explanation is sort of required. Ish.

School has started up again--and I know most of you are now rolling your eyes and clicking the x button--and well, junior year, yo. Which you would know if you've checked my profile as of late. (I seriously doubt a majority of you have.) I also have a three-day test to complete in…hmm, May? I don't know. Whatever. It's called the HSPA, and it's only for New Jersey students. In short, if I don't pass this test, I simply don't graduate. And I am not re-taking it.

And I know I absolutely promised that I'd update after finals, but okay, listen guys, I have something called a life. I'm not ALWAYS at my computer and able to write, so listen, get off my case. (You all know who you are. That's majorly uncool, by the way. And it only makes me angry. So please stop.) I understand that you guys love this story--god only knows why--but I don't always have the time to write. Between my family, friends, and school, I don't have that much me time. So please, be patient?

Furthermore, I have writer's block. Which you can blame on Kishimoto for being an absolute sweetheart and blowing up my plot bunnies. (Which is fine--I'll just blow his face off with a bazooka or something.) For those of you who are up to date with the Naruto manga, particularly the latest one, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Sasuke hatred, I'm sure, has hit an all-time high, and I myself hate him, so much I can't bring myself to even read fanfiction at the moment.

So understand that while no, I'm not going to stop writing FOMD, it'll just be a while before a real update comes in. I'll try, but I'm not making any guarantees.

With all of that said, good luck with school, everyone, and I'll try to get a new chapter up soon-ish. Meanwhile, be on the lookout for some one-shots!