Sennae looked into the mirror at her expressions. "Sheer terror, exhaustion,...death." She turned around and sat down on her bed. "I can't go on like this...and I can't quite because of Sam. So what the hell can I do about this whole thing?" Sennae closed her eyes and thought through her training, nothing had prepared her for this. "I'll...I'll have to end this before tonight." She raised herself from her bed and grabbed her phone, then dialed Brad's number. She waited a few seconds and the sound that reached her ears made her drop the phone.

"SENNAE...HE'S GOING TO KILL MY MOM AND I!!!" Becca's voice screeched into the phone. Sennae didn't waste anytime she grabbed one knife, one gun, and took off for the door.

As Sennae sprinted down the stairs Jane followed close behind-having seen her exit her room. "Sennae, talk to me, what's going on?"

"If you or Dad or Sam follow me...I'll kill you." Sennae yanked open the door and then slammed the door shut. As she ran to her mother's blue V12 Vanquish she pulled out the keys. After veering out of the driveway, she sped off towards Becca's house which was three blocks away. "I'm going to kill him, and this time I'll make sure the job gets done." As Sennae drove she realzed that this could possibly be the last mission she ever went on. It was one of the thoughts that Sennae had never dared let enter her train of thought, but now she had to think and hard. She screeched the car to a stop infront of Becca's blackened house, and took out a small piece of paper.

Mom, Dad, and Sam,
I'm sorry that I ran away so fast, but as you can see it was important. If you happen to find me before the cops do, don't bother cleaning up the scene. If I can't kill Brad no one can-with the exception of you Dad-so leave it to the police department. And also I love each and everyone of you.
p.s. Yes Sam since I am dead you can knock down the wall between our rooms and create one big one for yourself.

Sennae felt two small tears fall from her eyes and then she choked back a sob. "Lets go Smith, suck it up." She raised herself from the vechile and armed herself with the knife and gun. "You're ready, now lets go show him-" Suddenly a gunshot rang from the house and Sennae sprinted to the door and kicked it down. "BECCA!" She took out her knife and cautiously made her way towards the living room-there was still no answer. She peeked cautiously around the corner and saw nothing. "Where-" A sudden foot collided with the back of her head sending her into the room. She caught herself before she hit the floor and did a front flip only to see a bullet whiz past her head.

"So you've come...I knew you would in a way." Brad's smooth voice floated to her ears, but this time it held a sickening viruse. Sennae landed and turned to face him.

"Cut the chit chat and tell me where Becca and her mother are." She readied her knife and he aimed his gun.

"If I were you...I'd be worried about myself right now." He fired off, and with trained eyes and muscles Sennae deflected the bullet with her knife. A sudden strain made her wince, she had been told never to use this type of trainging, and had never found it neccesary to practice. "Poor thing, the fight has yet to begin and you're in pain."

She tore forward, her muscles tense with anger. "You die here!" He aimed his gun and fired off another bullet, but Sennae was a tad quicker. She dodged it skillfully and whipped out her gun and aimed for his head. "I can pull a triger just as fast as you." She pulled the trigger, but her dodged the bullet with a flip. She readied her blade and pushed forward , waiting for him to land. When he did she took a quick swipe at him, slashing his shoulder, but he smashed her in the face with his gun.

As she fell to the floor she yelled out in pain, nothing holding it in any longer. She lay there knowing that she had to get up on her feet, but the feeling of warm blood spilling down her cheek scared her...she was losing. Before Sennae could react Brad was on top of her, holding her down with all his strength. "You thought it would be easy didn't you, well news flash-YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S GOING TO DIE HERE." Now she felt the tears, she was beyond her breaking point this was too much. "You poor thing, tell me do you cry for your life, or for your love?"

"If it's love that you thought you saw in my eyes when I looked at're wrong!" She spat the words out between her ragged breaths. "My life means nothing to me now, I came here prepared to die, but it's the thought of losing to you-the man who I've trusted for so long-that makes me cry such fragile tears."

"I wouldn't lie if I were you, it's unbecoming." He clenched her wrist until it snapped under his immense strength. Sennae felt the pain shoot through her with an electrifying heat. She screamed so loud her throat burned. "Oh please, that's nothing, just a broken wrist."

She threw her leg around and smashed him in the head. He tumbled off and recovered as quickly as she did. "Consider that to be your parting gift." Sennae held her wrist close to her, cradling it gently as so to not cause more pain. She reached for her knife and got it at the ready. "Let this be the last time we ever cross paths." She thrust forward and dug her knife deep into his unguarded shoulder. But it was then that she felt the intensity of his hate. He dug his own knife, deep, deep, into the muscles of her back. Sennae stiffened under the knife's great power and fell against him.

"Amazing isn't it." He whispered in her ear. "How one little mistake can cost you your life." She pulled her knife from his shoulder and jabbed it into his stomach causing him to buckle and fall onto the couch, her falling with him.

"A life for a life." She muttered. "Let it be known that I got the final strike." She looked into his eyes, full of hate and anger. And that's when she realized how wrong this was. If she hadn't loved Brad then why did she stay with him for so long, knowing that it would end so soon. Why would every kiss have been filled with passion and ever caress so sensational. I've miss judged my feelings of hate for hurt. She realized coldly. I can't kill him. She looked at the wound in his stomach, bleeding so badly it would surely kill him. She pulled herself up as high as she could and ripped off a piece of her shirt, pushing it against the wound.

"What...are you doing?" Brad asked as the color began to fade from his face.

"Brad, I-I don't want to kill you." The look on his face was weakly hard. "I've miss judged my feelings for you and even though I know it's hard to believe, but I love you more than anyone on this Earth. And if I die here, I'll die knowing that you lived to find another woman who could treat you better." His mouth dropped open, and for a time Sennae had no idea if he had passed.

"You mean it." He whispered. "I can see it in your eyes, those eyes that I've grown to love." He pulled his knife from her back and weakly set her on the couch and limped to what Sennae knew to be the bathroom. He returned a few minutes later with what looked to be a first aid kit, and a big one at that. "I-I'm going to sew you up, and I'm hoping you'll do the same for me."

"I will." She whispered. He rolled her over, and lifted her shirt. He tried to make the whole thing as painless as possible, but still tight enough to hold. In the end it was a clean job, and Sennae did the same. Then they laid there on the couch, in each others arms, knowing it would be a while before they saw each other again.

"I'm going to go work for my father." Brad announced proudly. "In France, so promise me you'll visit."

"I promise." She whispered before kissing him.

"WHAT THE HELL?! FIRST HE'S TRYING TO KILL US AND THEN YOU TWO ARE MAKING OUT, THIS IS SOOOOO WRONG?!" Becca's voice boomed from the stairs. She was bound with many lengths of rope and looked like hell had just frozen over.

"Uh...well...there was a misunderstanding." I said bleakly.

"Misunderstanding my ass!" She yelled and threw herself down the last step, not landing gracefully. Sennae limped to her and untied her.

"It's just that...sometimes an assassins feelings can get in the way of what really lies behind the mask."

"Well the cops are coming to arrest him, so whatever you two have to do, do it now." Becca spat and ran up stairs no doubt to free her mother.

"Brad," Sennae breathed rushing to his side. "this is where we part, but we will meet again right?"

As if to answer Brad took her in his arms and kissed her with such passion her head spun. "Someday I hope that we will be married, with children, and a dog or cat, and they won't have to suffer as we have." He rested his head against hers.

"Someday..." She whispered, letting go of him.

"Someday..." And in the blink of an eye he was gone, out the door and no doubt heading off to France.

Sennae crashed to the floor, feeling the pain of her wound for the first time, and put her head between her knees.

"Sennae?" Becca's mother's smooth voice reached her ears. "Oh my dear, thank you for saving us!" She said with great gratitude, but then Sennae felt a stitch pop, and the pain pulsed through her.

"Mom...Sennae is bleeding!" Becca yelled and suddenly two pairs of hands were holding her, trying to sooth her. "What'd he do to you?" Becca asked worried.

"The knife, it went into my back, and then he sewed me up, and I-" Another wave of pain ran her words dry.

"Sennae..." A new voice came to her ears.

"Sam," She whispered.

"Oh my god, MOM, DAD, SHE'S IN HERE! SHE'S BLEEDING!" Feet began to swirl around her as if to make her more dizzy.

"Sennae, what happened, what did he do to you?" Her father's frantic voice boomed in her ears.

"Don't worry about it Dad, just let it go." She pushed herself up, only to be held down by Jane.

"Don't move, we need to get you to a hospital." Jane pulled her into her lap and began to talk casual. "Is he dead?"


"Did you injury him."


"How bad?"


Then Sam jumped in. "Do you think we'll ever see him again, Sennae?"

"Someday..." She whispered before falling into into darkness.
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