Summary: Bella agrees to marry Edward. However a stipulation is added before they can be together for all eternity. Charlie and Renee have to approve of the nuptials. But, what if that's only a small hurdle and their worst fear becomes a stark reality first? A perceived continuation of New Moon.


A/N: Hello all! Have you ever had a story idea come up and bite you right in the arse? To the point that it won't leave you alone until you have it written down on paper (okay in word) Well, it's happened to me three times. The first time when the idea for a Trigun centered fiction called Forever Mine came to mind and the second was for an original story idea that if I ever muster up enough courage, I'll finish it and then submit it to be published. (Like that would ever happen, but I can dream right?) Then the third happened after I read Stephenie Meyer's brilliant pieces, Twilight and New Moon.

I have never had written works affect me the way these did and drive me to write fan-fiction about them. (And believe me I have read quite a few books in my lifetime.) They are that profound! The characters are extremely life-like and easy to relate to, while the storyline is complex and sucks the reader right in. (Read both books within a week and started New Moon on September 13th of all days.) Besides, what could be better than a cornucopia of romance, drama, intrigue, angst and action/adventure between a vampire and a human? Hmmm… reading it while eating chocolate and drinking coffee maybe, but that's about it.

So, with that I present to you, my little story idea that just won't let go. Oh and two more things, this starts off right after New Moon, so there will be an abundance of spoilers for both books and this will be primarily written in third person (except the prologue obviously). I guess you could say that I'm paying homage to Ms. Meyer and would like to show my appreciation for her books in my own writing style.


Disclaimer: Twilight, New Moon and the up and coming installment, Eclipse, belong to the incredibly talented Stephenie Meyer and publishers: Little, Brown and Company. I do not claim any rights to the storyline (unless it counts that I'm married to a Charles Edward and drive a red BMW convertible… but I surely doubt it). Also, any similarities to scenes and/or scenarios in the future book(s) are purely coincidental. (Though highly unlikely, but if I do happen to come close, then go me!!)

Dawning of a New Day


Twilight was upon us and then, in just a few short hours, the next sunrise would be as well.

But… would I be alive see it?

I wasn't so sure. There was gnawing fear in my belly telling me otherwise, even if Jacob was with me carrying me through the mossy green undergrowth. There was a demon pursuing us, a horrible monster that wanted nothing more than to tear into my feeble skin and suck me dry. And all I kept thinking was that it was my fault. I didn't listen and had gotten too close. If I had only heeded the voice of reason and waited for Edward's arrival. Then I – no we - wouldn't be in such a predicament. But as my infallible luck would have it, the wind shifted just as we reached a ledge overlooking the vast forest below, sending my intoxicating scent along its stream and into the valley.

The deafening roar that had erupted from the mixture of deciduous and fur trees, along with the way the birds frantically took to the sky, kept replaying in my mind with every passing moment. Even with my companion using his inhuman speed to get us back to safety, I knew it was all in vain. The perfect hunter would catch its prey and then not only end my life, but Jake's as well.

Sweet Jacob I thought, glancing up and seeing the determination written all over his face. Even with all of our tribulations, I still considered him my best friend. I also knew that he felt the same, albeit begrudgingly or else he wouldn't have come down here to see me today. And I loved him for it. He never asked for any of this and I definitely hated putting him through the torment, the pain. I am truly sorry, Jake. You are going to lose your life because of me.

And I am sorry, my darling Edward - so sorry - I never meant for any of this to happen and even though I know that you won't hear…

I love you.

Then the shadows of dusk became more prevalent, making my thoughts shift until I was reflecting upon the time of day and what it represented to my beloved. It was kind of funny really. Well, in a morbid sort of way. I was actually thinking of something relatively minor, given the circumstances, instead worrying over the fact that my life was about to come to a screeching halt. And in that moment, an odd sense of calm enveloped me, even as the irony of the situation hit home. I became the hunted just as the sun set, the least likely time for it to happen.

Edward had once said that for his kind twilight was the most peaceful time of the day, the easiest. However, at the same time it was also the grimmest, because it meant that another day had faded away into night. Night was predictable. And in a sense I could see his point, especially since I understood the implication more than anyone. He meant that under the cover of darkness danger lurked. It always had and it always would, but not just in the usual sense humans liked to associate with it. Far worse things came out after the setting of the sun. Creatures that I thought were nothing but legends, startling myths, until I moved back to Forks and discovered the truth.

The actuality of Vampires and Werewolves…

But there was more to the night than what evils that lurk there. A certain awareness of mystery, intrigue, even romance, continually hung in the cool crisp air. Things that left the heart (beating or not), the soul yearning for what the inky blanket held within its twinkling expanse. The pinpricks of starlight, the wishes upon those stars, and the fantasies… All made possible because of the lack of daylight. Even the desire for closeness could be found there, the security of home and hearth, the wants and needs found within the arms of a lover.

Sometimes I wondered if Edward had forgotten about all those positives. He had lived for over a century and seen more of the evils than the goodness the night had to offer. But there was one thing that I truly wished he would realize. Just one thing, above all the others…

That even after the blackest, coldest of nights the sun would rise again, signaling the dawning of a new day.


Well there's the prologue for you. So, let me know what you think and just as soon as my awesome beta, Dwellin, has the first chapter back to me, I'll have it posted. I just sent her the books (I just love Amazon. com) and I'm sure that once she finishes them, she will be right on it. (She just told me that she's already in love with the characters, too!)

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