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Dawning of a New Day

Chapter Four: Fade to Black

I can't get her out of my head. She has chosen my mortal enemy, a heartless bloodsucking leach, over me. And I should hate her for it, but no matter how hard I try, I can't. I still consider her my best friend, too, which is completely insane on my part. Dare I admit it – that I love her? Is that what I'm feeling? The reason why my chest constricts every time I think about the times we've shared, and what I miss now that she's no longer a part of my life?

I miss you, Bella. Was it a mistake to let you go without a fight?

- Jacob Black


On the second ring, Bella pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and looked at the display before groaning. Why did I give him my number? She internally grumbled before answering the call. "Hi Mike."

"Hey Bella, isn't this the coolest!" Mike replied with a laugh.

"Ummm… sure," she muttered. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Newton standing less than thirty feet away and by the campsite's fire pit with his own cell phone up to his ear.

"Just think now we can talk whenever we feel like it!"

"Ahhh… yeah that's great, but you've already called me six times since we got here, so I'm hanging up now. Bye Mike." And with that, Bella snapped her cell shut and re-pocketed it.

Why did she give him her number again? Oh yeah, because he mentioned that he got one for graduation during "operation get Jessica and Mike back together." And since she had to be cordial, she had to show him her phone. Naturally, that meant his cell number was now programmed into her saved numbers, too. It was number six.

At least it seemed like the scheme had worked pretty good. Well, sort of. The two had been hanging out most of the day (even when Mike called her all of those times) and Jessica appeared to be blissfully happy. But when the two first arrived and Mike noticed that Edward wasn't anywhere to be seen, he completely ignored his ex-girlfriend, and paid exclusive attention to Bella. That's until Eric asked where Edward was and she disclosed that he was out of town with his brothers. Of course, she also added that he would be arriving, along with Alice, later that evening. It was only then that Newton decided to ease up with all of the interest.

Now if she could only get him to stop calling her.

She liked Mike. She really did. He was a nice guy, after all (though he could be quite annoying at times). Bella just wished that it would get it through his thick blond head that she wasn't interested in anything other than being his friend. Nor would she ever be – even if Edward wasn't in the picture (shudder the thought). They were too different. He was the quintessential jock, while she was the shy, plain-faced bookworm. Heck, to this day she still couldn't figure out why Edward was so smitten with her (for other than the obvious – her intoxicating blood) and he was infinitely more unattainable than someone like Mike would ever be.

Well, Edward should have been more unattainable, at least for someone like her, but for some crazy reason he loved her – wanted her….

"Oh man," Bella breathlessly moaned before she could stop herself as the vivid memories from the morning had her mind (not to mention body) reeling over the mind-blowing recollections. Edward's sublime face and the intensity of his golden eyes as he looked down upon her – the way his bare torso felt against hers as he lay on top of her, pressing her to the worn mattress. Then there was his chilled marble-like skin and how it jumped as her finger tips caressed the inviting flesh. Now to mention how it tasted on her lips and tongue. She had never experienced anything quite so wondrous before.

Just thinking about what transpired between the two of them that morning had her blushing to the roots of her hair, especially since she couldn't get the erotic encounter out of her head. And what made it worse was that she had been caught – several times – by her friends in some form of a lust induced trance. It was down right embarrassing! At least she could take some comfort in the fact that none of them were mind-readers!

"Bella, are you okay? You're looking kinda flushed."

"Oh! Ahhh… yeah… I'm fine! Great!" Darn she was caught again. "I was just admiring the… ahhh… nature," she sputtered out before turning her attention to Angela, giving her a sheepish smile. "It's nice out here, don't you think? Especially, since it's not raining!"

"Sure," Angela agreed, not sounding completely convinced, but she didn't press the issue. After all, she didn't want Bella to think that she was trying to pry. "Ummm… we're ready to head down to the lodge now. Shall we get going?"

"Yeah," she replied, thankful that it was Angela who caught her this time. She knew that her friend wouldn't nose into her business.

As the two fell into companionable silence, they quickly caught up with their ex-lunch tablemates who were already heading toward the trail that led to the beach. The plan was to follow the shore south for about a mile to the property that belonged to the Kalaloch Lodge. Once there, the small group's intent was to peruse through the gift shop and hang out around the grounds couple of hours until it was suppertime. They had dinner reservations for the seaside resort's renowned restaurant at seven, which gave Bella just enough time to get back to the campsite by dusk. If everything went according to plan, that is.

It was nice listening to them talking and joking with each other like it was any other day at school, or back when they went to First Beach. Except this time they weren't anywhere near the reservation, so Edward would be able to join them. Even Lauren was being semi-tolerable. Bella also had to admit that it was nice seeing the majority of her classmates together once more, and she was glad that she came. Though, she was still wondering if she should have accepted Edward's offer – it was really tempting. No, she made the right choice to see everyone before they went their separate ways – started a new life outside of high school. For most of them that meant moving out of their parent's homes and heading off to college.


She had to go through four years of college before she and Edward could get married!

No… don't think about that! Bella chastised herself for even letting an inkling of that thought float through her head. It was just too depressing and she didn't want it to ruin her good mood. She was having good time so far, even if Edward wasn't around. All of the green wasn't so bad, either. Especially since there was blue from the sky and yellow from the sun mixed in.

"So are you going to college in the fall, Bella?" Ben Cheney asked above the roar of the surf as they reached the beach, helping her banish the negative thoughts. He fell in step night next to Angela and gently clasped her hand with his own.

"Yeah," she began with a smile, while regarding the couple. It was wonderful that they hadn't broken up. Ben was still shorter than Angela, of course – but not by much. When did the growth spurt hit him? Bella absently wondered. Just how much had she missed during those seven months, anyway? Then with a sigh, she elaborated, "We've enrolled at Peninsula Community College, but hopefully that's only going to last one or two semesters. Then maybe the University of Washington or someplace on the East coast – we're still uncertain."

"You and Edward?" Angela curiously asked when she heard the "we've" and "we're" in her friend's admission. Then she realized what exactly she had asked and mentally berated herself. She really hated prying into other people's business – it wasn't a very nice thing to do. Then before Bella could answer, she quickly changed the direction of the conversation by admitting, "I mean, Ben and I are going to UW, so I hope you can transfer there too. It would be nice knowing that we would be going to the same school."

"It would be." She definitely had to agree with that. She had always liked Angela and had a feeling that she would miss her most out of everyone from her graduating class. Maybe they could, at very least, keep in touch if they ended up going to different schools. Yes, that was a good idea. She would have to suggest that, and was about to….

That is until Mike stiffened and stopped right in front of the trio, which halted their forward momentum.

"What's wrong, Mike?" Bella asked as the rest of their party slowed before stopping a few yards down the shore, curiously watching.

"Did you forget to tell us you invited someone, Bella?" he bit out, sharply turning around and piercing Bella with an accusing glare.

"Huh?" She had absolutely no clue as to what Newton was talking about. Following his short nod toward the trees that lined the beach, she finally noticed the tall figure looming in the shadows. Cocking her head to the side, she intently watched as the person stepped out into the open. As recognition finally hit home, she whispered, "Jacob."

What the heck? Why did he decide to show up now of all times? After all of the unreturned phone calls and the verbal sparring between them in the woods by her house, and she couldn't leave out "the motorcycle incident." (She really didn't want to recall that today either!) She knew that a lot of it was her fault – her choosing Edward over him the major factor. But dang it all, he was supposed to be her best friend, and best friends were supposed to overlook "little" facts like she was dating his mortal enemy! He didn't even give her a chance to explain! Now that wasn't even remotely fair!

"Hey Bells," Jake apprehensively called out in greeting as he stopped to stand a few yards away.

"What are you doing here?"

"What? No, 'hi Jake, how are you?'" he replied with a chuckle, while trying to ease the tension.

It didn't work.

"Not with the fact that I'm still pretty peeved with you!" Bella glowered at him while folding her arms over her chest. He had some nerve. "And how did you know where I was?"

"I asked your dad," he sighed, running a hand through his short-cropped raven hair. Sure he did ask Charlie, but that was only part of it. It wasn't like he could outright admit that he also used his acute sense of smell to locate her exact position. There were too many people around. "Look Bella, I just came here to talk to you."

"About what?"

"Not here," Jacob told her, turning guarded, while pointedly looking at the other teens around her. "It's not something they need to hear."

"Bella?" Mike questioned, interrupting the conversation, while moving to stand right next to her. "I don't think you should go anywhere with him."

"Stay out of this, Newton," the werewolf sneered. His temper was starting to simmer as he flashed pearly white teeth and let out a feral growl. "This doesn't concern you – only Bella." Then closing his eyes, he took a deep breath to regain his composure. It wouldn't do any good if he let the annoyance over the situation get in the way already. The necessity of talking to Bella was too important. After a short moment, he set his gaze back on his one time best friend and bit out, "If this wasn't important, you know I wouldn't be here."

"I know," she quietly agreed before letting out a deep breath. No, Jacob wouldn't have just shown up out of the blue without any reason at all. His pride wouldn't have let him. Neither would his pack, for that matter. With a resigned sigh, she turned to Mike and said, "Why don't you go on without me. I'll catch up later."

"Are you sure, Bella?" Jessica asked, stepping up and standing to Mike's immediate right.

"I'm sure," she reiterated as the others continued down the beach toward their destination.

"But –" Newton started to protest only to be stopped as Jessica grabbed his hand and proceeded to pull him away.

"C'mon Mike," the Stanley girl immediately blurted out stopping any further protest, while easily dismissing the whole ordeal. Why was it always about Bella, anyway? "She said she was sure, so don't worry about it."

"We can wait here. If you want us to, Bella," Angela said as she and Ben lingered behind, wanting to make certain that their friend was going to be okay.

"Yeah, we don't mind," Ben hastily agreed.

"No, that's okay. Go and have fun." Bella gave the couple a reassuring smile. "Besides, I have a bone to pick with this guy," she added with a wink, while sticking her thumb out at Jacob. "So if I don't make it to dinner, make sure you have a crab cake for me!"

"Are you sure?" Ben asked, one more time, glancing warily at the exceedingly tall teen.

"I'm sure. Jacob is a good friend and I trust him," she advised the couple before shooing them down the beach, where they reluctantly followed the rest of their friends. As Bella watched the two making their way down the beach, she felt Jacob step up to stand behind her.

Then they caught up with the others.

She instantly whirled around showing as much grace as a newborn colt. Her arms were flailing as she teetered on crossed feet. Fortunately, she quickly recovered and managed to catch herself before falling on her butt in the sand. Then without hesitating or even giving Jake a chance to snicker, she poked him in the chest with her right index finger.

"You!" she hissed, craning her neck so she could glare at him. "You have a lot nerve, Jacob Black, just showing up like this!"

"Oh c'mon Bells –"

"Don't 'oh c'mon Bells' me. I still owe you a thorough butt kicking for leaving my bike in the middle of my driveway!" Bella yelled, flinging her hands down to her sides, balling them into tight fists "And I just got off of punishment for that, I'll have you know!" Then with a huff and a good ground stomping, she added, "How could you do that to me, Jake? You're supposed to be my best friend!"

"Yeah well, things change I guess," he nonchalantly retorted, shrugging his broad shoulders, although inside he was anything but. He really hated that fact that he couldn't be with her anymore and it was tearing him up inside. Why did the damn bloodsuckers have to come back?

"You are exasperating!" She cried out in frustration as she flung her hands in the air and walked away from him. "So much for having a great day," Bella muttered to herself, though she knew perfectly well that Jacob could hear her. And, at that particular moment, she was too mad to care.

"Sor-ry," he sarcastically sneered. "I didn't realize that my mere presence would ruin your day."

"That's not what I meant –" Pausing, Bella took a deep breath to calm down as she turned to face her onetime best friend. No, she didn't mean that at all. "I was referring to what you came to talk to me about. I mean it's about Edward and his family again, right?"


"No?" she pressed after he didn't elaborate. Why did men have to be so dang difficult sometimes? And when he still didn't divulge any information, she sighed in frustration before, asking, "Okay, I give, what was so important that you had to come all the way down here to just tell me?"

"We got her."

"Go who?"

"The leech that was after you."

Bella stood there and blinked at him. What did he just say again? Maybe the surf was playing with her hearing? Because it sounded as if he had said – No that wasn't possible, or was it? How could they be certain it was her? It could have been anyone. Okay maybe it couldn't have been anyone, but still….

"Bella, are you okay?" Jacob asked a moment later. Bella's non-reaction worried him – greatly. It was like she completely zoned out and left the Solar System. "Did you hear what I just said?"

"I-I – yeah I heard you," she finally acknowledged. Burying the fingers of her left hand in the hair on top of her head, she pulled lightly before running them through the rest of the chestnut tresses. "How can you be sure it was Victoria?"

"Her scent, of course," he highhandedly replied before sniffing loudly to prove his point. "She had that sickly sweet smell about her, like all leeches, and the hair – well, that was a dead give away. It was the redheaded bitch alright!"


"Just after sunup."


"Northeast of here, outside the rainforest." What's with all of the questions? It was as if she didn't believe him. Then he noticed her skepticism. The air around her was permeated with it. "You don't believe me, do you?"

"It's not that I don't believe you…."

"Then what?" he urged after Bella trailed off.

"It's just that she's so strong."

"Strong," Jacob scoffed. She didn't seem strong at all, especially since they didn't even need the whole pack to take her down. He could have easily done it himself and, for the most part, had. Maybe if he showed her proof, then she would believe him. "Tell you what, I can show you where we burned her body – well, what was left of it. Would that be proof enough for you?"

"I don't know." She hesitated for a moment, chewing on her bottom lip while debating on whether she should go with him or not. She did promise Edward that she would stay with the others (albeit sarcastically). Okay so she had already broken that promise – at least technically. But, this was Jake, and having the chance to talk to him after so long was worth it, especially if she went with him. It would give her a chance to patch up their friendship. It would most definitely blow the "technically breaking" aspect of the promise into something far more extensive, however. Her beloved would understand, though, right?

No, probably not….

"Don't know or don't want to?"

"You know I wouldn't mind going with you, but…."



"Bella," Jacob impatiently growled. He hated it when she was so evasive. "It's a simple answer to a simple question. It's either 'yes' or 'no' – take your pick. Or did you lie when you said that you trusted me to your friends?"

"I trust you, Jake," Bella sighed before admitting, "It's just that I told Edward I would stay with others. You see, he's afraid that something or, more specifically, someone's going happen to me."

"Well then, I don't see what the problem is. We've already established the fact that the 'someone' has been taken care of, now haven't we."

"That's true."

"So, will you come with me?"

"Will you have me back here before dusk?"

"If I have to…."

"Okay Jake," she slowly replied, hoping that she wasn't making a grievous mistake. "I'll go with you."


"Edward, we've been out here all freaking day! Don't you think you should at least try and catch something? How about a squirrel, even a rabbit – I don't care what really. Hell, at this rate we aren't going to make it to the campgrounds until tomorrow, and by then it's going to pour and everyone will already be heading home."

"Are you sure she's okay, Alice?"

"Or, if you're lucky, you could track down the pair of moose that we detected about an hour ago," Alice said instead of replying to her brother's question. It was only about the tenth time that he had asked since her last vision pertaining to the wellness of one Isabella Swan, which was only about three and a half hours ago. "Yeah! Go after the mooses – or would they be mice? Hah, get it? Mooses and mice! I'm just too funny!" she lightly added with a melodic laugh while slapping her leg, trying to ease his troubled mind.

This attempt to ease the tension didn't work either.

"No. You're not." The retort was dry, lacking any form of mischief that was blatantly apparent in their conversation early that morning. It was almost like the old Edward was back.

Alice just sighed. Sometimes he could be such a mood killer. Leaning back on her forearms, she let her legs fall over the small, low-rise ledge that she was sitting on before swinging them back and forth. He really needed to unwind a little, especially where Bella was concerned. If he would only forget about the silly stipulation and change her – well it would definitely make things easier, that's for sure.

"Look, I haven't seen anything pertaining Bella since I had the vision of her standing on the beach talking to her friends. And that was at what? Four-thirty-ish? So, I would take bets that they were heading down to Kalaloch. Remember… they have dinner reservations there."

"I remember."

"So, why are you worrying?"

"Because you haven't seen anything since," Edward quietly murmured, while picking a twig up from the ground. Idly, he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Then without a thought, he displayed an exceptionally impressive exhibition by using a practical application of force along with a measure of velocity. With a flick of a wrist, the projectile darted through the air, like an arrow, before embedding itself in the rotting trunk of a fallen tree a few feet away.

Like a tornado flinging a two-by-four into a house, Alice absently compared, while watching Edward as sat on the rocks below her and threw six more twigs at the log. Shaking her head, the petite vampire realized that she had spent way too much time watching the Discovery Channel. Not to mention that she needed to change his mood and pronto before he started to do something worse – like using larger projectiles. The Arbor Day Foundation would definitely be pissed then!

"Edward Cullen!" Alice scolded, nimbly standing before effortlessly flipping off the ledge to land between him and his "target." Then with hands on her slender hips, she continued, "You need to stop wallowing in this self-doubt and hunt for crying out loud!" Then she thought to him, or are you going to tell me what else is bothering you?

It was Edward's turn to sigh. You couldn't get much past Alice, even if she didn't see a vision about it beforehand. Standing himself, he absently brushed off his jeans before finally looking at her. Then with low growl, he stated, "You already know what else is bothering me."

"You really don't think it was her?" How could be possibly believe it wasn't her? Utterly unbelievable! The singed soil and ashes they found earlier, the clumps of fiery-red hair strewn about, and claw marks in the trees and earth. It all point to one thing – the wolves finally caught Victoria.

"Do you?"

"Yeah actually, I do," Alice chirped, staying positive. "I mean just think about it. I had that choppy vision of her running from something, and then we find a mini war zone that's covered with too-bright-to-be-a-dye-job hair. How could it not be her? Just how many redheaded vampires do you think are lurking around here?"

"Don't you think it's awfully… convenient, Alice?"

"Oh please…," she sarcastically retorted, rolling her eyes. He was being absurd – Bella absurd! Then she realized why he was being so "apprehensive" about the whole thing. It wasn't because he didn't think it was her. It was because he wasn't the one that got her – the werewolves were.

And his normally overconfident male ego was bruised.

Geez, he was such a man!

"That's not it, damn it!" he growled, after hearing her thoughts. Okay, maybe it was a little, but there had to be more to it. There just had to be. Besides, there was no way that he was going to let that dog one-up him! So maybe it was more than just a little, but he would never admit that to anybody, especially not Alice. She would tell Jasper and then he would tell Emmett. And if Emmett ever found out – well let's just say that the ribbing would never cease!

"Okay… whatever…," she mumbled, completely unconvinced. He could deny it until he turned blue. Not that it would ever happen, but she knew better than to push the issue, and decided to let it go for the time being. She had more pressing matters to tend to, anyway. Like getting Edward to hunt, so he and Bella could have a romantic and passionate night together. "Then – for argument's sake – let's say she's still out there. Wouldn't you want to get to Bella ASAP?"

"Yes…," Edward skeptically replied, instantly noticing the wicked gleam in her toffee- colored eyes. And crap, she was actually blocking her thoughts. Why in the hell was she mentally comparing him to a cross between Piglet and Eeyore, anyway? That was plain cruel!

"Then go hunting, now," she ordered. "And if you hurry, we can meet her at the lodge and in time for dessert!"

"Dessert?" Oh he was so screwed, and had a feeling that it wasn't going to be in a good way. (Well, at least not at first.)

"Why sure!" Alice positively glowed as she danced on her tippie-toes before pirouetting in front of him. "Just think you could stroll into the restaurant, with a rose in hand, taking her completely by surprise. Then you two could feed each other something chocolate, sharing the same fork," she dreamily exclaimed, before breathing, "Oh, how romantic it would be…."

"Yeah… just so I can cough it up later," he darkly muttered, remembering how he (and the rest of his family for that matter) had to do the very same thing only three days before. And there was no way he was going to let her share a fork with him. Venom could be transferred, and that was something he wouldn't risk no matter "how romantic it would be!"

"But it would be soooo worth it," she cooed before sweetening the deal. "Besides, Mike will be there, and wouldn't it be great to get one more jab in before it's too late."

"Perhaps…," he contemplated, while thinking that they could always use two different forks. Or he could just feed her – even better yet! Yeah, it was tempting – very, very tempting.

Then she went in for the proverbial kill….

"Oh wait, I got it!" Alice crooned, before a tender smile graced her lips and eyes became wistful. "You could get one of the cabins they have and watch the storm coming in off the ocean tomorrow. Just think… you'd have Bella all to yourself for two whole days while making love as Mother Nature's passionate fury rages all around you."

And he was sold!

Before Alice could say another word, Edward was off to hunt so he could make it to Kalaloch Lodge by the time the sun set. He had a woman to sweep off her feet!

"I'm such a genius!" Alice congratulated to herself as she hopped back up on the ledge and proceeded to sit back down. Getting comfortable, she leaned back on her forearms and looked up through the green foliage to gage the time. She figured that Edward had about thirty minutes before the sun started to set, but should only need about twenty to hunt something down and feed. With a twinkling laugh, she said, "Look out mooses here comes my brother."

"My brother," she then sighed, before closing her eyes and smiling serenely. She couldn't have asked for a better brother and she was glad – so very glad – that he had finally found someone to share eternity with. He deserved it and so much more, especially with all of the sacrifices he had made – all that he had gone without.

The way he helped Jasper with his control (or lack there of) was simply incredible. That alone was enough to send even the most resolute of vampires into madness. She was most grateful, even though she didn't know how Edward did it. How he managed to endure, not only dealing with his own thirst, but with her mate's as well. Monitoring his "well-being" throughout the decades had to be excruciating, and to do it while maintaining such a cool indifference. It was a wonder that Edward managed to abstain that day when he was first introduced to Bella's scent. Alice knew, without a doubt, that she would not have been able to pull such a feat.

He amazed her – to the point of awe sometimes.

Though, there was one thing about Edward that irked her to no end! And that was the fact that for such an impressively gifted being (he was superlative even in vampire standards) he could sure be an idiot! She couldn't understand him sometimes. At least, after Bella came into their lives. It should have been simple, really. They were destined to be together forever, it was quite obvious in her opinion (and visions, of course). So he should have just sucked it up (quite literally) and changed her, instead of dragging his feet about the whole "ordeal." Then she could have been an official part of the family, and he wouldn't to worry about hurting her in any way – especially that way!

"He definitely doesn't act like a hormonal seventeen year old!" Alice couldn't help laughing out loud over the declaration.

It was true, after all!

Edward had more control than a seminary school student who found himself stuck spending the weekend at the Playboy mansion. "Or worse… stuck in Vegas, while a porno convention's going on," she snorted, before a fit of giggles had her rolling on the cool stone surface.

Boy, she was on a roll today. Emmett would have been so proud!

As her laughter finally died down, Alice let out a contented huff before lying on her back, arms spread wide. Looking back up through the branches, she wondered if Edward had caught anything yet….

And that's when it hit her.

The vision.

It was disjointed, broken, like watching an old and worn eight millimeter tape – just like the last few had been.

But why? Why couldn't she see every detail?

What she could make out was Bella standing alone in a clearing. On three sides she was surrounded by dense trees and underbrush, while the fourth sloped upward to a ridge that overlooked a valley. Wait didn't she know that place? Yes, she did. It was where she and Edward had found what they assumed were Victoria's scorched remains. Why is Bella there and alone, she fearfully wondered while helplessly watching as the jumbled picture flickered and flashed before her.

It reminded her of the one she had of Victoria and even when Bella jumped off the cliff….

"The wolves…," she breathed in comprehension as a feeling of dread washed through her. Bella was there with the werewolves. Oh no, Alice thought, frantic over the implication, unable to do anything in such a state. And Edward was too far away to contact. She could only lie there, completely powerless, and wait for the vision to end. Only then would she be able seek her brother's help.

However before she could prepare for it, the vision flickered again, becoming surprising clear. Bella was up higher on the incline standing on the very edge of the ridge, gazing out toward the valley. Alice felt like she was there. She could feel warmth of the last of the sun's rays skimming over the treetops hitting her back as the sun set. Its refracted light was setting the sky afire in brilliant crimson as deep wines and periwinkles skirted along the horizon. It was beautiful, and she couldn't help smiling over the fact.

Perhaps it isn't such a bad vision after all, she thought.

Then Alice felt it.

A gust of wind rushed over her petite body.

Over Bella's too, she realized turning her attention back to her best friend. She was trying in vain to keep her long chestnut hair in place, while it was billowing about her face. Her scent being cast out over the valley….

And before her perceptive mind could put two and two together, a piercing roar rang through the vision right before everything went eerily blank.

"Oh God… no!" Alice cried, eyes wide, before darting away, desperately hoping that she could keep the ill-fated premonition from happening.


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