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I am not sure on the background of Bobby if he is related to John or not. I am going to guess not, I do not remember his last name. However, let us just say that he once was married and had two daughters Lya and Star, they were two years apart. If anyone knows, the background on Bobby feels free to send it to me and I will change my story around.

It had been three months since John Winchester's passing, two months since Bobby brought his sons back to the cabin, and one month since the boys had left to go find Ellen, Jo and Ash. Bobby stood over his kitchen sink, staring out into the snow-laden ground. The cabin had become too quiet; with the boys there, at least there was some noise. Bobby still talked aloud to John, hoping that he could at least still hear him. In other ways, he missed the boys, Dean piddling in the yard trying to fix his car, until he broke down and beat the crap out of his car with a tire iron. After his little out burst, he fixed the car, washed it and waxed it twice before leaving. Sam helped Bobby around the house, then he would go back to researching the demon, he would lounge around the house. He would sleep most of the day away then stay up all night. The way they avoid each other was amazing. At time it drove Bobby nuts, Sam would ask about Dena, Dean would ask about Sam. Finally, Bobby got tired of hearing about it and told them to work their shit out.

Bobby smirked as he thought about the week before they had left. Killer clowns Bobby had almost laughed when they told him about it. That was the day Dean trashed the Impala. Bobby saw it as John's car all the time and watching Dena rebuilds the car, it made it Dean's not John's. Nevertheless, that car was beyond repair when the police had it brought to Bobby's. Its frame bent, glass broken, seats torn, engine twisted. Bobby thought for sure that when Dean saw it he would cry. However, he did not, not one single tear.

Bobby was lost in thought; he never heard the front door open or the dog bark at him until it jumped on him. He looked down at the dog; it was a black and tan dashound. The dog was on its back legs looking up at him. Tail wagging and tongue hanging out.

"Dad?" a female voiced out to him. He thought he was hearing things until the call came again. "Hey Dad, are you here?" the voice came out to him again. He should have been feeling happy his daughter was there but instead he was uneasy. Something must have happened if she was there. He bent down to pick up the small dog, who was now bouncing in his arms. Bobby had to smile in spite of himself and walked into the living room, where his oldest daughter Star was standing, taking of her coat and scarf. Where her long dark hair once lay, short way hair stood. Her glasses sat at the tip of her nose, the freckles still evident on her pale face, she never would out grow those. In addition, a huge smile sat on her face, when she turned around to see Logan sitting in her father's arms.

"Logan" she sighed, the puppy wiggled and cried to get down. Bobby placed him on the floor. The dog scampered into the kitchen to look around.

Bobby smiled as he watched the dogs tiny legs carry him away. Then turned back towards his daughter "Star what brings you here?" not that he was not happy about seeing his eldest daughter.

It was just that Star and Lya lived with their mother their whole lives after Karen divorced Bobby and made sure visitations were very limited. Bobby always wrote and called his girls though. Lya was a lot like her mother, just very business and work related. Never had time to do fun things, Star was the dreamer of the family. She was the one you would see selling paintings on a street corner, or writing books. Bobby had not heard from Lya or Karen for a while, and wondered if something happened to one of them.

"Can't a girl show up on her father's steps with her puppy just for a visit?" She asked her father with a hint of sadness in her voice. She hoped her father would not notice but Bobby did.

"What is wrong, did something happen?" the conversation was interrupted by Logan barking high pitched in the kitchen. Bobby went into the kitchen where the small dog was barking furiously at the corner. A broom had fallen over startling the young dog into a barking frenzy, but Bobby thought maybe John was around and animals could sense these things. Star walked over to the still barking dog and picked him up.

"Shhh, Logan it is okay no one is there." she took him back into the other room trying to calm him down but his fur was still bristling. Bobby looked at the corner and smiled "you just could not help yourself could you?" as he was walking away the broom fell over again.

Bobby walked back into the living room and sat on the couch, Logan was settling down but his tail going a mile a minute when he saw Bobby.

"He likes you," his daughter told him. Bobby reached out and stroked the dogs head, getting a little groan from him.

"So Star are you going to tell me why you are here, or are we just going to enjoy this visit and ignore everything else?"

"Dad, um I did come here for a reason and I know it's almost Thanksgiving and you always liked that holiday. I just thought since you are the only family I have left that is talking to me I had come out here. We could have a small dinner and I could stay here for a little while.

Bobby's eyes widened and his heart started to race. He knew he hadn't talked to Karen in at least 15 years but he wanted to know what happened to Lya. Star and Lya use to be very close, but judging by the sad smile on Star's face they weren't any more. Star rubbed her face with the palms of her hands.

"You don't know … nobody ever told you … This sucks," she said all in one breath.

"Told me what?"

She sat there not sure how to break the news to him. She looked up at her father and tried to break it to him as gently as she could.

"Dad. I have bad news about Mom. She died about seven years ago from cancer. I thought you knew that is why I never said anything to you, because I know how you do not talk about things. Plus you and mom were not on good terms and stopped talking all together. The other bad news is that I do not know where Lya is … WE had a huge fight, after you called me about John three months ago. I told Lya we should come here and she went on and on about how you were just a crazy old man, chasing ghosts. This was after she had gotten a new man in her life. But Dad there was some thing wrong with him." She dribbled out all in one breath.

"Wait a minute Karen, your mother is dead and Lya has a creepy man in her life. And no one thought to call me!" it came out angrier than he had planned. The fact that Karen was dead, well no love loss there but his other daughter with a man who Star thought was odd.

"Dad, please calm down, I'm sure Lya just went away with him. You know how she gets."

Bobby did know how is younger daughter was that was what was worrying him. He looked at Star and smiled at her.

"Honey, look I'm sorry about your mother it must have been hard on you and your sister."

"I wouldn't know mom told me to leave after she found a letter you wrote to me, so it must have been hard on Lya. I was not allowed to visit mom. I was allowed to go to the wakes and funeral though. Everything was left to the good daughter and her new man. So maybe you are right and Lya and her man went to Paris. Anyway, let us not dwell on this. What are you doing with the two spare rooms?" she eyed him slyly.

"You don't have to ask Star. You know you are more than welcome to live here with me."

"What about Logan? He is okay to stay here too?" at the sound of his name, the little wiener dog barked wiggling once more.

"Yes Logan is more than welcome. What do you want to do for Thanksgiving? I can go shoot a turkey for you like I use to when you were little?"

Star laughed "Like the first time you did, it only nicked the turkey, it played dead until you brought it home and went ape shit in the house. I thought mom was going to kill you for sure that time. Lya was so upset and there I was trying to shoot it with the Beebe gun. I never laughed so hard."

Bobby chuckled those were good times. He wished he could take them back and does them over, instead of fighting so much with Karen he would have just agreed to let things go.

He looked up at the clock. "Well Hon you will have to fend for yourself for a while I have a few errands I need to run, but we will catch up later. I promise okay." he leaned over and kissed his daughters cheek, placed the puppy down and grabbed his keys. Star watched as he left the house, before heading up the stairs to her old bedroom. Logan right on her heels.

Bobby sat in the truck, knowing his daughter came to him for a reason, not because of a fight, but if it took time, he could wait. Meanwhile he was not going to have a lonely Thanksgiving, not this year. He pulled out his cell phone and called Missouri. Told her that his daughter was staying with him for a while and wondered if she would come up for Thanksgiving, then he asked her to call Sam and tell him. She told him it would be her pleasure and not to worry about the Winchesters.

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