Chapter -4

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Sam followed the small dog down a well-beaten trail, Sam had ot laugh at the little legs traveling pretty quick. Logan stopped in mid stride sniffed the air and growled as a leaf blew on by.

"Come on, pee so we can get baskc ot the house and maybe get something to eat" Sam begged the longgated dog.

Logan looked up at hi mwith his big brown eyes and barked as if begging for a treat. He stood up rna over ot a tree peed then trotted back pu towards the house. Sam was very thankful the dog decided to go back, he wasn't looking forward to trying ot get back in the dark. Logna picked up his pace when he saw his home and a dark truck pulling int othe drive, he yanked the leash right out of Sam's hands and he bolted up the drive towards the figure that got out of the truck. Sam ran to keep up with the small animal but Logna reached the figure first.

"Sammy, a little dog out ran you, man your old man would have a stroke nad make you run a mile after that" Bobby joked with him. "I'm glad you came up , where is Dean?"

" Inside with your daughter doing god knows what with her."

"Boy you better be wrong, or I'll shoot him full of buck shot just like I did with John" Bobby told Sam as they walked into the house.Sam laughing all the way itn o the house with the little hot dog trailing behind them.

Dean was sitting on the couch watching TV, already while his daughter was no place to be seen. Sammy dropped himself next to his brother , who was trying so hard to ignore the small dog , who was trying to climb onto the couch with him. Sam bent down and picked up the dog , he scampered over Sam to get ot Dean and licked his face.

Dean pushed the dog away , but he kept coming unti l Dena had enough and placed Logan on the floor. Logan looked confused for a second nad placed his front paws on the couch nad whined .

"No" Dena told him.

Logna sat down and cried again, Dena ignored him. Sam almost felt bad for him until he let out a high pitched bark and wiggled his little behind . Sam started to laugh hard as Dean ignored the small dog and the dog wouldn't