Obscured Past

It seems like you guys are enjoying this so far. I'm glad you are, because I'm having fun writing it.

Summary- Kagome is a young miko in the present day with no memories of her past, only of her name. She's never really dared sought answers, and has tried to live like normal with her only known 'family' -- Hojo. Things are normal, until she transfers schools. No Tama High is a great school. However…there are a few people who seem all too familiar to Kagome, and her once obscured past is starting to come back into focus as she remembers both good and bad events.

Disclaimer- I'm telling you right now, I do NOT own Inuyasha. I merely toy with them for my own lunacy. Also, any similarities this story has with any other(s) are simply coincidence(s)! Anything else in here (movie, song, etc) is not mine. I only use it for story purposes. Thanks.



Kagome was startled awake by the sound of the doorbell ringing. She took a moment to compose herself before going and answering it. She was shocked to find Sango on the other side. "Um, hi, Sango," Kagome stuttered, feeling uncomfortable.

"Hey, how are you?" The girl asked.

"Fine." Kagome stepped aside to allow Sango the enter the home Hojo had adopted her to not too long before.

"That's good," Sango said, admiring the house. "We were all worried about you."

"Oh," was all Kagome could say.

Sango was silent for a few moments, still appreciating the house, the furniture, and the pictures on the walls. Kagome felt very awkward to have someone from school in her -- Hojo's -- house.

"What is wrong?" Sango suddenly asked, catching Kagome off-guard.


"What's wrong with you? There's something wrong and I know it's not the fact that you're sick." Sango said.

"Nothing," Kagome said quickly. Too quickly, she realized. "There's nothing wrong with me," she said, slowing it down a bit.

"Kagome," Sango said, raising an eyebrow. "Don't lie to me. Please."

Kagome stared at her new friend intently for a long while. So long, in fact, she wouldn't blame the girl if she had started to sweat from nervous tension. "Fine. Sit down."

Sango complied with her request and Kagome told her how she had no memory of her past whatsoever, other than the past two years or so. She told Sango that she was unaware of her real home, her real family, and that Hojo was a guy who had found her in the alley, wandering around aimlessly. He adopted her and she looked up at him as a brother.

"I'm sorry, Kagome," Sango said once Kagome was finished.

"It's fine," she said softly.

"Have you ever found any clues to your past?" Sango asked.

"Well…when I came here and started school here, I did." Kagome paused momentarily as she reminisced on the first day of school…how the flashbacks bombarded her. "When I saw Inuyasha…I had images come to my mind."

"Like flashbacks?" Sango asked. "Memories?"

"Yes…but I can't see who I'm talking to in them. Or who is with me. I can only hear things, and make out a few very vague details." Kagome responded. "Usually they are quick, mostly words."

"Do you remember any particular one?" Sango asked.

Kagome took a few moments to decide on which memory to tell her friend. "I asked someone if they were going to leave me…" Kagome looked up at Sango, who appeared solemn. "It was a guy, but I couldn't see them or distinguish his voice. He said 'no…why?' And then I said, 'I just thought that, since you found out, you would.' And he hugged me and said, 'never.'"

Sango regarded Kagome calmly while her mind was busy at work.

"I'm confused, Sango." Kagome said.

"I would be, too." Sango said. "I mean, with no memory and all."

"Not just that," Kagome said. "Other things."

"Other things?" Sango suddenly appeared interested. "What kind of other things?"

"Miroku said something about never seeing me around here before, meaning I must have come from another city." Kagome swallowed. "Not only do I recognize Inuyasha, but Naraku as well. And you said he came from Kyoto. After you told me he came from No Tama High, I had a flashback. I saw No Tama High." She exhaled slowly before continuing. "And that new girl? Kikyo? She came into the bathroom earlier today. I have never spoke to this girl. I didn't know her name. And when she left the bathroom, I said 'Kikyo,' as if I had known her my entire life."

"Maybe you have," Sango suggested.

"How so?"

"She transferred here from Kyoto." Sango looked deep in thought. "And you said that you had a flashback of the school there, and Naraku went there and he looks familiar to you…" Sango smiled. "I think you were from Kyoto!"

"But how do you explain Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. "What does Naraku, Kikyo, and Inuyasha have to do with me? How did I end up here? Where's my family? Do I even have family?"

"Slow down!" Sango said. "We can't do it all at once."

"Sorry," Kagome muttered. She massaged her temple, feeling an overwhelming headache coming on.

"You okay?" Sango wanted to know.

"Fine." Kagome said. "Just a major headache."

"Oh. I'll stop." Sango said. "Get some rest. You need to feel better for tomorrow."

"What's tomorrow?" Kagome asked, worried.

"Friday." Sango informed her. "Koga's party is tomorrow night."

"Oh, right. The Party." Kagome said. "Ayame is going to kill me."

"No she won't. I won't let her." Sango said, smirking.


"No problem." Sango headed for the door. "Get some sleep. See ya tomorrow." She left.

Kagome sighed and went into the kitchen. She took out an aspirin and a Pepsi and took the pill. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.

"Kyoto…" she murmured. "Could I really be from Kyoto?"

Shaking her head and deciding that she couldn't, she went upstairs to her room and climbed into bed. She deserved a good nap.

Note- There you go! Sorry it was so short. The next chapter or two should be longer and more eventful. Thanks for reading and Happy Early New Year!