My first fanfic ever!

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Ino's POV

I was walking by Sasuke's house when I saw two figures standing in front of his door (And no, I wasn't stalking him... I swear... I was just making sure that he was safe... yes, that is it!).

It was dark and the lights were dim, so I didn't see who the two were.

I suspected that the other one was Sasuke, but who was the one standing beside him (a little too close may I add) then?!

And they were even holding hands! Argh!

Could it be Sakura?! Oh, that sneaky big forehead girl! I'm so going to hurt her for trying to seduce MY Sasuke!

Shh... I can hear Sasuke's voice but I can't make out what he's saying... damn!

Wait... I can hear another voice now, too (still can't hear what they're saying, though).

Well that is definitely not Sakura...

I can't believe that I got all worked up about nothing!

It's only Naruto... He's probably just trying to start a fight with Sasuke... again... how childish!

But wait... didn't I just see them holding hands?!

No no... definitely not... my eyes are just playing tricks on me...

Heh, I can't believe I thought of something so stupid! Like Sasuke would ever hold Naruto's hand... He doesn't swing that way... certainly not!

Well if Sasuke is with Naruto, there is no way that any girl would try to approach him and try to steal him away from me (delirious or what?!), so I should just go home for now and go to bed because it's late.


Just when Ino turned around, starting to walk towards home, the two figures could be seen sharing a sweet goodnight kiss.

Fortunately it went unnoticed and the boys' little secret was still safe for the time being.



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