Naruto's secret Lover

For the majority of his miserable existence, Uzumaki Naruto had always been known as "the number one hyperactive ninja". Not once has he showed anyone his weak side, not once did he burst under the unbearable pressure. He was what most people would call a naïve little man who knew less than his share of common sense. That; however, was all about to change…

One very seductive female admirer/secret lover was about to educate him in the ways of intercourse and what it would mean to forever obtain the one thing that the young man was missing in his life… A demon that loved him.

Naruto was still single at the beaming age of a swift seventeen years, he had no one to share his life with, nor did anyone dare to share theirs with him. The villagers harbored hatred for him. It was something that, as more time passes, the sorer it would get.

Naruto had more than his share of brutal beatings when he was young. Even to this day people still give him glares that could cripple. It always made him uneasy; Naruto had never done anything that deserved such treatment. Other people committed crimes, but never got anything close to what he received. Vandalized property, smashed windows, nightly beatings. It had all become routine for the young dreamer…

Tired of complaining about his conditions, Naruto took to changing himself. The only way anything was going to be different was if he took a stand. Training under a rigorous schedule, he had gained some major improvements. An extremely well toned Physique, lost of baby fat, and a new appearance all together had ultimately made the man the top bachelor of his village for the past five years. Attractively tall and slender, Naruto had a "feminine built."

Naruto's hair had grown over the years; it was now barely pass knee length. He had gotten quite tired of the same hair style and decided that a change was in order. According to him, "it was more mature." Well, whatever the reason, Naruto instantly became more popular with the female population because of it.

For a while, life for Naruto went back to being as normal as he could have it. That was when it became even better. Tsunade adopted him; it was sort of strange at first. He had never taken the fifth to be a mother type. When asked why she did such a thing, she went with "You've never been accepted by anyone, I want to be there for you." Hearing this, Naruto felt indebted. Tsunade was taking a huge risk in taking him in. It could very well mean the end of her career as Hokage after all.

Little did he know; however, that he was about to meet his secret admirer.

Once Naruto was under the loving guidance of Tsunade, his old habits immediately died. Whether it was willingly or unwillingly, one by one his likes and dislikes changed. He no longer wore his orange jump suit for it was thrown out by Tsunade the day he moved into her house. Instead, a white t shirt, dark blue shinobi pants, and a bandana of pure red were forced on him. His headband also had some slight altercations. No longer securing it around his forehead, it usually found its place around his arm. That was of course, unless told to do otherwise.

He was Tsunade's "little piece of sunshine" whenever they were alone together. For years, Tsunade had been trying desperately to get her boy married off with some of the fine specimens that adorned the Konoha streets. Take for instance, Anko and Kurenai. In fact, they still tried everything to snatch Naruto to be theirs forever.

Naruto; however, had other business on his youthful mind. Training 24/7 for example and every so often, trying to sneak a couple of bowls of ramen whenever he could. Tsunade still tires to pry Naruto away from his favorite food and induce upon him a liking for more sophisticated dining. The new multilevel restaurant that Chouji's clan opened up was such a place. They do pry themselves on their cuisine…


(Inside Naruto's mind)

"Naruto-kun… I want to see you from outside these stuffy confines, Naruto-kun… you will be my and my only." Naruto's secret admire smirked as she seductively sucked on her index finger. After many years of being sealed inside Naruto's body, Kyuubi had not only grown immensely fond of her host, but came to acquire one key piece of information about her Naruto-kun. He loved demon woman.

Having knowledge of this the Kyuubi immediately brightened up, she fits the description of being a female demon herself. Smirking at this fact, she knew that it wasn't going to be too difficult. All she had to do was wait until the right time to break out. The rest would handle itself.

Contrary to popular speculation, the Kyuubi was indeed a female to begin with; she was not at all a blood thirsty demon. Actually, quite opposite really. She was like any regular girl. Rarely showing her discontent around others, there were only two conditions in which she would become berserk. Number one, if she was provoked and two, unless of course her Naruto-kun wanted her to be. In fact she was a very caring woman that solely belonged to her host. She was antisocial and sometimes horny, but that was in her nature.

"It's so unfair, I live inside you everyday and yet I can never get any closer to you." In a spark of both mischief and determination, Kyuubi set up her plan.

"That's it; I have to break out of this lamenting confinement!" With that, Kyuubi smirked and set to work.


(Outside in the real world)

"Naruto-kun, STOP MOVING!" a very irritated Tsunade shouted as she smacked her boy's head.

"Sorry Tsunade-sama" Naruto retorted defensively to avoid being hit again. Standing at attention, he daren't goof off again.

"That's better, now I will teach you the final stages of your medical training" As Tsunade said this, she coursed some healing chakra through the palms of her hands. With precise control and chakra manipulation, she morphed it into an absolute offensive style. The lime green color took on some eerie changes as it pulsed periodically.

"I will now teach you how to kill with medic chakra" no sooner had she said this did she smash 100 pieces of moderately sized wood planks. Naruto stared in amazement, letting his curiosity run free with possibilities. Tilting his head, Naruto questioned the specific execution behind that technique.

"Tsunade-sama how did you do that?" as if furthering his adorable expression he put his index finger to his lips.

Finding his antics extremely likable, Tsunade demonstrated her appreciation. Walking over, she hugged her son, giving a nice hair roughing in the process.

"Naruto, I have taught you almost everything I know. From ninjutsu to genjutsu, even medic jutsu. Once you learn how to kill using medic jutsu. I will have something that I want to talk to you about." Tsunade then turned and headed back as she showed Naruto exactly how to gather the desired chakra levels and then how to release it for a crushing impact.

Naruto took no time mastering the technique that his mom had shown him. Going through the steps again and again as a proud mother stood watching her son with teary eyes.


(Inside Naruto's mind)

"Oh how cute! I loved his face so much when he tilted it." Kyuubi laughed as she brushed her perfect fingers through her long radiantly red strands of hair. Her body was perfectly proportioned and she had breasts that could rival Tsunade's. Her legs were long and smooth with absolutely no blemishes. The small patch of hair just above her sweet spot looked visibility soft.

"I'll be out very shortly Naruto-kun." Kyuubi's body was unique in that, she was born with four purple stripes altogether, two on her inner thighs and two on the sides of her stomach. Her eyes were a dark red and heavily coated with seductive purple eye liner. On her head, two cutely shaped fox ears wiggled while an elegant tail swayed behind her.

This was one fine female demon that had her sights set on Naruto. She wouldn't take no for an answer. Her beautiful feet were further complimented by finger and toe nails of a creamy white, each coated perfectly even. Kyuubi wore a very skimpy fur skirt with a matching top to conceal her breasts.

She didn't want to cause Naruto pain but if causing him pain was the only way to be with him then she had to do it. Whispering a small teary eyes apology Kyuubi commenced her plan…


(Outside Naruto's mind)

Naruto was still practicing his technique when suddenly his whole body heated up, he felt light headed. His stomach churned inside out and within seconds, he was on the ground convulsing rather furiously.

From the inside, Kyuubi's expression was one of pure torment. She really wanted to use a less extreme method. Naruto-kun in pain was not something she wanted to witness. So deciding to speed up the process of her release, Kyuubi worked even more efficiently.

This course of action immediately caused Naruto to experience something very unpleasant. Tsunade, noticing that her son wasn't feeling well, immediately called on some of his friends from near by to take him to the Konoha hospital.

She herself soon accompanied them. Tsunade intended to personally inspect the cause of her son's irregularity. It was just too mind boggling that something like this could happen "out of the blue."

Gathering her training equipment for later, she jumped into the trees following in hot pursue. Tsunade didn't understand how this was possible. One minute Naruto was doing well, the next he's collapsed. It was all too strange.


(At Konoha hospital)

"Give him some room!" Neji shouted as he glanced a worried look towards his best friend. He was sweating a storm. Naruto has never ever been sick once in his life. The suddenness of this problem was a bit unsettling.

"Clear out of the way!" Sasuke declared as he supported Naruto's underside.

Sasuke had once betrayed the village of Konoha. In a blind chase for power, he goes with Orochimaru for nearly two years. Throughout that time, he had begun to see the error of his ways. When the second attempt at bring him back arose, he gladly went back with his best friend. In many ways, Sasuke considered Naruto his brother and probably his only available family. Since Itachi died after Sasuke had confronted him while under the guidance of Orochimaru.

Sasuke had now mastered the sharingan; he was able to read his opponents' moves perfectly, giving him an overwhelming advantage while in battle. After his brother's death, he became the next true heir of the sharingan.

Naruto's friends had taken him to a secluded room followed shortly by the Hokage. Not caring for the disruption she would cause, Tsunade charged through the door.

"Is my baby alright?" Tsunade's expression was that of worry as she glanced down at his perspiration.

"Everyone clear out of the room, NOW!" No sooner had Tsunade ordered the dismissal of her fellow jounin shinobi had she began to assess the condition of her Naruto-kun.

"You hang in there, you hear me?!" Her voice was cracked, a mixed tone of desperation and agitation.

Tsunade had gone through her check ups to find that something was defiantly not right; her boy had a fever of 123 degrees and was on the verge of convulsing yet again.

"Crap, this isn't good." Tsunade hurriedly rushed out of the room. Whatever this new upset was, she knew she couldn't act fast enough on her own. She needed some assistance. Shizune was the only available person right now. Sakura would have been her next choice, but she was on a mission right now. She had limited resources to choose from.

Just then, a blinding flash of red caught her divided attention. With a grunt, Tsunade rushed back towards the hospital…


(Inside Naruto's room)

After the red flash had subsided it also succeeded in bring out the Kyuubi, her plan had worked and now standing before a very shocked Naruto was the most gorgeous woman he would ever lay eyes on. The Kyuubi's beauty surpassed all other females. She had no comparison.

Catching her host's dumbfounded expression, Kyuubi attempted to pull him from his daydreaming. Her soft lyrical voice ranged through the enclosure.

"Naruto-kun I can finally be with you now." With that Kyuubi jumped Naruto, hugging him like a cute plushy. She humped every part of his body in a show of suppressed affection. Kyuubi's been waiting a long time for this…

He didn't know what to do. More specifically, Naruto was still trying to register what just happened. "Okay…after that flash, this hot chick appears and dry humps me… what is this?"

Not really getting the desired reaction from her man, Kyuubi decided to get his attention. "Is this how you treat someone who's been sealed inside you all this time? Naruto-kun…" she prolonged her pronunciation of his name as she shook his body.

"Someone who's been sealed inside my body…what is she talking about?" Then realization donned on him. He knew exactly what she meant now…

"You're the Kyuubi?!" Naruto's excitement at the fact that the Kyuubi was a hot chick was impeded by the fact that he was freaked out by now.

"Naruto don't you remember me?" She was hit rather hard; he didn't remember her after seventeen years of living, eating, sleeping, and training with him? It was surprisingly a bitter sweet moment.

All Naruto could do was hold her with increased strength as he was too bewildered to let go of her, not that she minded.

"Naruto, I forced myself out of my imprisonment just to see you." The Kyuubi then buried her face in his chest and started sobbing uncontrollably.

"I was so lonely without you! I did this just to be with you, please recognize me!" The Kyuubi cried as she begged for his acceptance.

It took a few minutes for Naruto to register what had just happened. Until finally he came to his senses and shouted out.

"HOLY CRAP, YOU'RE THE KYUUBI!" Realizing who she was, Naruto couldn't help his next action. Desperately trying to push her away from him, Naruto struggled in vain.

Seemingly rejected the Kyuubi only cried harder as she latched herself onto his shirt.

"Naruto-kun I love you so much, why are you doing this to me?" The broken scene of the Kyuubi in front of Naruto finally hit his soft spot. He cradled her in his arms and gently soothed her back. Taking in her heavenly scent, Naruto had immediately succeeded in terminating her "water show".

"Shhh… it's alright, I won't reject you." Naruto was still unsure of why he wasn't freaking out at the demon in his arms. It did devastate his village, yet somehow he knew he was doing the right thing. He stroked her back as he gently muttered words of encouragement. He just hated to see a vulnerable woman in front of him.

"Naruto-kun please, I love you so much. Don't seal me away; I want to share my life with you, if you will let me do so." Kyuubi blissfully muttered under the soothing touch. It was so comfortable that she could fall asleep and not awaken until hours later.

"I don't have a choice in the matter, I'll have to let you live with me, you have no one else to turn to. However, we will have to change you're name, we can't call you Kyuubi. The villagers will hate you and me even more so than they do now." Naruto's voice had a hint of rage hidden within them.

"Then care to tell me what my new name is Naruto-sama?" Kyuubi asked playfully.

Did Naruto just hear her right? Did she just call him Naruto-sama?

"Kyuubi from now on, while in public you're name will be Kyuusai. This way they won't know it's you that's the demon." Naruto kept his voice a mere whisper; he didn't want other people eavesdropping on their conversation.

"Hai Naruto-sama, then from now on, I shall be known as Kyuusai…in return, all I want you to do is let me stay with you and also acknowledge my undying feelings for you." Kyuubi's voice was full of playfulness now as she rested on her Naruto-kun's strong chest.

"Whatever you say Kyuubi." Naruto replied as he gently slipped one arm behind her back and brought her lips into his, sharing their first of many French kisses yet to come.


As Tsunade approached the door, she ordered her Jounins to check on Naruto after that display of light. All she got were perverted grins with equally perverted blushes. This was going to be interesting…


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