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Slits of sunlight penetrated the serenity of their perfect home. For one couple, things were different than ever before. They had finally gone all the way. The experience was simply magnificent. Never in all her life did Kyuu-chan imagine that it would come. She had waited all this time and was finally rewarded for her efforts. She wasn't disappointed one bit. Her little baby was everything she expected and more.

The red haired beauty gradually awoke to the warming of her own skin to find that she was lying naked on top of her husband. Embarrassment quickly set in as she tried to pull away. Feeling a slight tug at her chest, she examined the cause. Her left nipple was tightly latched by a pair of attractive lips.

Kyuubi couldn't help but blush. Even in his sleep, Naruto had her on his mind. It was something that was unique to him. To her knowledge, based on what she had studied, most men only paid attention to their wives when they wanted something. She blushed furiously at this realization. She was really very lucky.

Lowering her chest slightly, Kyuubi pressed herself against her husband. She was unwilling to disturb him. After all, she knew he was tired. Instead, she relaxed into him. Letting her mind wonder endlessly, her body moved unconsciously. Before she knew it she was cuddling super close to him. In a daring move, Kyuu-chan tried something brand new. Such as her instincts guided her, Kyuubi started to lick his cheek. It was a very common sign of affection among foxes.

She continued her morning treat as her right hand cupped Naruto's adorable cheek. Caressing it with the utmost seriousness, Kyuubi made sure not to wake him. Moaning slightly just at the sight of her love, she brushed her tongue against his cheek again. Intertwining her shapely legs around his lower body, she held him close. Letting go was not an option.

To be truthful, Kyuubi was still very sore from their midnight endeavor. She was a virgin after all. Having sex didn't come naturally to her. Even now, her lower half felt numb. "Even so, I would gladly do that again Naru-chan." Giggling slightly, she kissed him gently on the lips. "You're an absolute darling Naru." Resting her head on his chest, Kyuubi listened to the calming heartbeat. There wasn't anywhere else she'd rather be.

Suddenly she felt something land on his butt cheeks. With a slight yelp, Kyuubi shifted her gaze only to find her man smirking smugly at her. She had been played… her cheeks puffed outward very cutely as she pouted. "ecchi…" pinching his nose lightly, Kyuubi planned to even the score.

Her eyes narrowed, promising something very unpleasant. She wrapped one arm around his neck as the other trailed to his groin area. "You've been a very bad boy Naru…" what came next was like a dream. Something feathery soft stroked his telephone pole. Being that it was his wife that was doing this to him, junior immediately stood proud for his mommy. "I was going to wake you up with some oral, but I guess this will do for now…" Kyuu-chan was a very devious individual when she wanted to be.

It wasn't rough at all, slow and soft. This was the work of diligence. Kyuubi wasn't going to cause him one bit of pain. Even in the slightest things she did for him she was always very conscious of his well being. "Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?" her moist eyes delved deep into his heart as she kissed him passionately. She didn't question her own behaviour. It just felt natural to kiss and hug everyday.

And of course, what would a faithful husband do? Return her feelings without question. Naruto gently wrapped a supportive arm around her slim waist as he deepened their connection. Talking into her mouth tickled him to laughter. It was actually rather humorous, after several words there would be a small giggle. At first, Kyuubi didn't understand but quickly caught on as she joined in the merriment. "Good morning to you too darling." Giving her butt cheeks a small slap, Naruto pulled away as he locked eyes with his one and only.

The couple didn't need to say anything as both blushed. "I love you honey." She didn't have to wait long to get her awaited answer. The rest of the morning passed in a similar fashion as the couple talked about random stuff that always seemed to bring them back to kissing and groping each other.

(Half an hour later)

"What do you want for breakfast dear?" being half dressed and still in bed; Kyuubi had no problem with showing her Naru-chan everything. Covering her body was a simple pink silk blouse with matching rose designed underwear she purposely flaunted her body.

Naruto smirked as he answered. "Would it be okay if I had you gorgeous?" he was becoming more perverted everyday. It was really starting to worry him too. He didn't want to become like the perverted hermit after all. Surprisingly though, she agreed for some reason.

"If that's really what you want for a meal Naru-chan." What little clothing she had on was quickly disposed of again. Spreading her absolute femininity across the room, her smell was delightful. Opening her arms to him, Kyuubi's urge to smother him arose again. "Please come to me quickly…"

With the invitation cast, Naruto huddled in her embrace. "Is this really okay?" hugging her tightly, Naruto caressed her beautiful curves. Kyuubi blushed at the closeness as she stroked his cheek. "I'm yours anytime, anywhere. Now, eat honey." Without further delay Naru hungered for some Kyuu. He tried to control himself but it was so damn hard. Gripping her by the wrist, he lifted her arm. Suckling on her succulent, hairless armpits he held her gently.

Kyuubi licked her lips as she smiled. "That's a little weird don't you think honey?" her arm pits were never places to get much attention. Neither did she ever imagine it could be erotic. Now that she looked at it, it was so freaking unbearable. The sight of her love suckling like a baby simply astounded her.

Taking a break from his fruitful feast, Naruto made sure that Kyuubi was enjoying this. "Just tell me if you want me to stop." With a quick shake of the head, Naruto returned to his previous task. Kyuubi couldn't be happier as she simply marveled at her husband's willingness to please her. She would have to repay him double later…

Positioning him on her thighs, Kyuu-chan stood still. If he hadn't had enough of her pits then by no means did she want to deprive him of his pleasure. Leaning in as close as she could, Kyuubi had a question she wanted to ask as well. "Hmm…honey, would it be okay if I had something too?" she had gotten hungry all of a sudden and you couldn't deny a lady her food. Naruto didn't know what she had planned but nodded in confirmation anyway.

"Thanks honey." Releasing him from her imprisonment, Kyuubi pushed him playfully onto the mattress. With a cute grunt Naruto had gotten the idea. Kyuubi wasted no time and went straight for her lollypop. Slowly arousing little Naru from his slumber, the once limber rod now beamed into the sky. "Glad to see you too little one." She giggled lightheartedly as she gently lowered her entrance. She was going to enjoy this slowly…

Grasping the pole by the stem, Kyuubi felt it enlarge even more. Taking in its scent, she was slightly overwhelmed. Her husband's smell was so addicting. "itadakimasu…" remembering her technique from last night, she aimed to please. Exhaling a hot breath on the meat, she coated it with dripping saliva. She didn't mind being nasty for Naru-chan. She knew he loved it anyway. Bopping her head like a piston, Kyuubi peeked at her love's reaction every so often.

"Kyuu-chan, don't over exert yourself." Naruto knew how tired she must have been right this moment. She didn't really sleep well yesterday thanks to his brilliant surprise. Now he was feeling guilty for hurting her. Still, Kyuu-chan was a one of a kind woman. Not only was she the absolute embodiment of innocence, but she loved him so much that it could almost be described as foolishness.

If he had been any other man, he would have taken advantage of her a long time ago. Suddenly it occurred to him. He was going to try his best to protect her. It was his new mission. She was capable of fending for herself, that he knew, but a little extra caution never hurts.

Naruto was brought back to reality by a new sensation. Little Naru was exploring a foreign territory right now. This was something completely different from before. "Kyuu-chan what are you…" his voice trailed off as he stared at his wife awe struck.

There bending down was Kyuu-chan. She was extremely concentrated. What was surprising was that she wasn't following her usual plan. Instead, she tried something different this time. She attempted her first ever deep throat experience. Several gagging sounds were present as she tried her very best to please him. It didn't take long for Naruto to realize what she was doing and rushed to stop her. Stretching his arm as far as it would go, he was unsuccessful as he fell over again. "Please Kyuu-chan, you don't have to do that. It's completely unnecessary."

That took Kyuubi by surprise as she felt a tiny bit offended. Raising her head, she wiped her mouth very ladylike. "Do you not enjoy this honey?" she wasn't all that experienced with this kind of stuff, but she was willing to do some experimentation for him.

Naruto could only smile weakly when met with the puppy dog stare. He fell for that every time. Accepting the inevitable, he adjusted himself more comfortably as he linked hands with his love. "If you must then, please do it gently Kyuu-chan…" he submitted to her on occasions. It wasn't all that fun, but it worked as a great turn on for her.

Kyuubi smiled softly as she bent down once again. Enveloping the head in her wonderful mouth, she greeted her little one. Sucking out all the excess air in her chamber, she compressed her opening. Her cheeks sagged inwards as it enclosed on the meat. In essence, she had created a vacuum of pure pleasure. Even still, she still maintained her absolute beauty.

The tingling wouldn't stop. It was peaking as Naruto couldn't hold it in anymore. "Where did you…" he couldn't finish as he felt it burst. White hot seed spurted into her throat. "Sorry Kyuu-chan." Grasping tighter at her hand, he tried to stop his release. Kyuubi almost threw up, but held it in for Naru's sake. She didn't want her delicious drink to be wasted.

Sounds of swallowing followed immediately after as load upon load of cream was ingested. Kyuubi felt her stomach expand little by little. She was accustomed to eating the exact proportions of the five food groups so she wasn't prepared for the feeling of being absolutely stuffed. But then again, ever since she met her husband her diet plan just went down the drain.

It wasn't that she feared gaining weight or anything. It was just that if she expanded to grotesque sizes she might not be able to have that sexual appeal for Naru anymore. That was something she was not willing to risk.

"I can't do this anymore Naru-chan." Pulling away hastily, any excess coated her body. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine something like this would happen. After all, they were just being extremely affectionate with each other. That was nothing out of the ordinary.

Feeling the pulsing of his rod come to a halt, Naruto was ever quick to clean up the mess. Sitting up right, he retrieved a box of tissue paper on the counter. "Here Kyuu-chan, let me get that for you." Like the responsible individual that he was, Naruto made sure every last drop was wiped from existence. Finishing his job with a caress of a cheek and a peck on the forehead, it was the complete package.

"You know darling, sometimes I feel more like your daughter than your wife." A giggle fest soon erupted as both participants found their own enjoyment in what was said. Waking up like this everyday wouldn't be such a bad idea after all…



Trouble was brewing as a fellow traveler was cornered by hooligans. He had got into a little scuffle when he accidentally bumped into a shady looking man at the tea house he was staying at. Now he was in this predicament. "What do you have to say for yourself buddy?!" these were the mongrels of society.

The man drew his cloak closer to him as he offered quite the snappy come back. In an exaggerated motion, he gave a wave of the hand as he dismissed their threat. "You boys better run along. I really don't want to dirty my hands this early in the morning." Before anyone of them could offer up any response, the man ignited his secret weapon.

It was strange to him at first, how he had abilities to utilize fire without getting burned. What was even more intriguing was that it seemed to obey his will. Whenever he thought about it, it would appear. Never did it scorch anything to less than perfection. The man eventually came to the understanding that it must have been hereditary.

It was still weird though, how and why had he been the one blessed with this gift? What was so special about him? A man that had nothing, lived only to find answers, it seemed a little too lucky.

"What the hell is that supposed to be?!" rallying his gang together in hopes of a combined assault, the leader charged the cloaked figure. Unfazed by their barbarism, the man concentrated his fire into the palm of his hand. He waited until they were in appropriate range.

His battle style was based on one concept. Priority was given to rank. Like with all battle arrangements, if the leader was defeated, the rest of the soldiers will be thrown into chaos. An army was only as strong as the commanders that lead it. "How fortunate for me that the leader is the first one to charge…" planning his defense strategy in the time it took the lowlife to maneuver himself, the man knew exactly how to proceed.

The barbarian swung wildly with absolutely no coordination. This, of course, made dodging a cinch. Biding his time for an opening, the man was in no rush. "Why you little bastard!" rage consumed the ruffian as he gave a mighty horizontal slash. "Hehehe…I got you now." Wood impacted with flesh with a bone crushing crack.

When the sound died down, the result was clear. Injury was inflicted, but what was left neglected was the presence of a very stable side block. Arms expertly intersected at just the right critical points. Hands supporting bent elbows and a masterfully executed stance that put balance on the back leg for maximum efficiency. If formed correctly, such a defense was impenetrable.

"I think it's time for me to take charge, don't you think so?" giving a ghostly smirk that promised a world of hurt, the man immediately handled the big brute. He leaned in toward his muscular body. Jabbing him very harshly in the abdomen, he cut off his wind. With a light hop of the legs, the man ascended to the sky momentarily. Twirling his body with a slow fixed speed, the man spun 360 degrees. Pulsing flames from specific pores in his body he created a magnificent spiral that dissipated shortly after expulsion.

Mind you, this technique was very effective despite its duration. Setting his opponent on fire was only one bonus as he was knocked into the air. Shortly after, the man landed and set himself into a very interesting stance. It was like no other martial art style. Hands clenched firmly at his chest, right leg slightly bent, left leg extended outward, bent also. Added to this was a gradual swaying of the body.

This was a fluid stance that could easily adapt in many situations. Whoever he was, the man was especially well trained. As the saying goes, "true men of skill never show it until absolutely necessary." With the leader now beat to a pulp, the rest of the underlings had no more courage. Dropping their weapons like the cowards they were, not one looked back at their boss while they scrammed for their lives.

Claps and cheers erupted as many people congratulated him on his fine winning. It seemed that these people were a regular headache around here. Constantly breaking and trashing whatever they saw fit. The local people tried to take action but were all too weak to do much. Now, they had no more worries.

Several people gave the man well deserved money for his wonderful performance. Others inquired on the secrets of his training. All in all, it was a very good bargain. In exchange for taking out some local trash he could restock on much needed cash.


(With our lovable couple)

The two lazy bums finally got dressed after hours of "fooling around". Now we join them as they set the table for some "real" breakfast. Kyuubi was now dressed modestly, having a combination of a white T-shirt and loose jeans. Ever since they had sex, both of them had grown immeasurably closer to each other. Factor that with their original intimacy and you have quite the improvement.

According to Kyuu, she felt "mature" now and said that she was "ready to talk about anything." By that she probably meant any marital subject. Things like sex, babies, and that she would have to keep Naru on a shorter leash. Hearing this, Naruto could only smile nervously. He would be in for some heavy clinginess later on.

For their morning meal, they ate cereal. Naruto acted as a guide of sorts to the different kinds of flavours and which he thought Kyuu would prefer. "You know Kyuu-chan, instead of sitting there, you could help me a bit." Retrieving two separate boxes, one labeled fruit loops and the other honey combs, he set them in front of her. "Which one will it be Princess?" he mostly said that as a joke to tease her. He never expected her to reply so seriously.

"Darling please, if you insist on calling me princess then I'll call you my prince. I don't want to feel superior to you in any way." A look of sincerity was present as she expressed her meaning. Kyuubi was very keen to these sorts of things. In no way did she want to appear as a mistress of any kind. Just thinking about those gaudy bitches gave her chills.

Naruto softened at her reply as he caressed her hair. "I was only joking Kyuu. You didn't have to take it so seriously." Sitting down across from her, he felt her legs rubbing against his. Naruto smiled at her and she smiled back. They usually resolved their conflicts very peacefully.

Like with all their belongings, it was shared. Both of them sampled each other's cereal. Kyuu was having fruit loops simply because she enjoyed all the pretty colours. Naruto, being the slightly more serious one in the relationship decided to set an example by having the less flavorful honey combs. "Can I ask you a question honey?" spooning a mouthful of cereal, Kyuu chewed slowly as she covered her mouth with a free hand.

Naruto was in mid bite when he heard her. Quickly swallowing the remnants of the mesh, he responded with a slight choke. "Sure, what do you have in mind?" putting his spoon down to the side, he waited. It was gentlemen to wait while in the midst of conversation.

Kyuubi giggled at her husband's awesomeness. Everything he did was so beautiful. Mimicking him, Kyuubi did the same with her spoon as she picked up where she left off. "It's kind of stupid, but if I asked you to shave me would you do it?" Kyuubi sat straight as she leaned forward a bit. "You see dearest, I feel a little uncomfortable down there." She blushed furiously at her daringness. She wouldn't have asked the question if she felt distant from Naru. That much she knew for certain.

The blonde almost gagged at the request. He knew exactly what she meant. It was such a private area. He was a man for Pete's sake. There was no way that he could do something that ridiculous. Then again, a lot of men would probably castrate themselves for this opportunity. Added to that was the fact that Kyuu was honestly getting him to help. He couldn't turn her down.

Sighing in defeat, Naruto smiled reassuringly at her as he gave a silent nod. A very cute fluster came over him as he lowered his head in embarrassment. "I'll do it tonight Kyuu-chan."


(With cloaked guy)

After disposing of those delinquents, he had made a fair amount of progress. With his wallet now somewhat full and his stomach filled, the man was revitalized. It was never his idea to earn money by offering mercenary services. He disliked fighting and mostly tried to avoid blood shed.

In times like these however, money was hard to come by. So anything that he could do to get some was much desired. It wouldn't be very long now before Konoha would be in sight. Hopefully he could find some clues to his past. Living everyday of your life not knowing why you were in the position you were in was very painful.

Fixing his belongings a bit more appropriately, the man set out again after resting up. "I've got to stop using those flames if I can help it." He didn't want to attract any attention to himself. With the roads now unsafe from bandits, it wasn't a smart idea to be all tough. Giving himself a mental reminder of restraint, the man continued along silently.


(With Naru)

After breakfast, the couple split the cleanup. Naruto was in charge of cleaning the table while Kyuu graciously offered to take care of the dishes. With perfect teamwork they immediately handled everything. All through their chores never did they complain. In fact, the opposite was true. Several very intense conversations were struck. Some were very funny while others were very sexually inclined.

"Darling, what should be the name of our child?" It was literally out of the blue. Having only been one day since the act, it was still a little too early perhaps. Kyuubi was still extremely excited though and who could blame her?

Giving a light chuckle, Naruto gave her his honest opinion. "Don't you think it's a little too early for that Kyuu-chan? You haven't even been tested for pregnancy." Imagine his surprise when Kyuu-chan told him that demon pregnancies were always 100 percent assured as long as there was sperm and the mother approved of it. "It's not early Naru-chan. Demon fertilization periods last only four months." For once in his life, Naruto almost peed himself.

Studying under the tutorage of his mother, Naruto had come to know some keys facts about pregnancy. Normally a human would have a nine month period of fertilization. This was the length required for a newborn to fully develop. Now that Kyuu-chan told him something completely different from what he had been taught, Naruto was at a lost. He just couldn't rap his head around the truth.

In a mere four months, he would be a father. It was both exciting and terrifying to think about it. They really didn't have that much time to accomplish anything. And they had TONS of things to do. "If that's the case Kyuu-chan. We really need to plan this out." As with everything in life, if you could set a course of action to follow, then the rest will fall naturally in place.

"Then what's the plan Naru-chan." Putting away a few last plates in the pantry, Kyuubi took a seat next to her husband as she listened to his basic idea.


(With Kyuu-chan's parents)

They usually didn't wake this early in the morning, but today was the exception. Such as the king and Queen of the demon realm, they had to tend to their responsibilities. Being that their special leave of absence was now expired, they had to return to their posts. It wasn't that they wanted to leave after such a short time, but duty overweighed personal desires.

Still, that didn't mean they couldn't visit every weekend. In fact, that was their plan from now on. "Gugu-chan, are you ready to leave yet?" Kyuugu always hated that nickname. He was one of those people that wanted to seem tough. He was however, a softy at heart.

Of course, Kyuumi knew about his personality. That really didn't stop her from teasing him though. She found her own enjoyment in treating him like a kid. "I really don't like that name." he kept his opinion as quiet as possible. Kyuumi was impossible to argue with. Running a hand through his hair, Kyuugu flattened the disoriented structure.

Poking a slender finger at her lips, Kyuumi smiled deviously. "What was that dear?!" keeping her smiling form in check, she made sure not to give him any hints to her mood. When it really came down to it, Kyuugu was still the main force behind their relationship. The only reason she threatened him was because she knew he would take it as a joke.

Kyuugu lowered his head in defeat as he sighed. Fighting with his wife was not an option. She was a very persuasive person. "It's nothing dear." Poking his thumbs together, he was reduced to a pitiable child.

Kyuumi smiled at her husband's adorable outlook as she kissed him passionately on the lips. Soon after, she pulled him by the ear and got him dressed in record time. Sorting through all their belongings, they concluded that they had everything. "Well, that's everything. We can leave after a formal farewell." It was extremely rude in her taste to just write a note to their family. After all, they housed them and showed them hospitality. Plus, they were related now so it was the least that she could do.

(Ten minutes later)

Dressed very fashionably, both demon superiors looked simple but stunning. Having their entire luggage assembled, they were fully prepared. Naruto was in the midst of discussion when he noticed them come down. "Good morning. Are you planning on going back so soon?" It still felt a tiny bit weird for him to get so close to them. He had to keep his distance for now.

Giving him a motherly smile in response, Kyuumi assured him of his question. "Do you really have to be so cold towards your mother Uzumaki-chan?" She knew better than anyone why he was so defensive, but he'll eventually come to love them all the same. It would just take some time.

Kyuubi had to, once again, endure her flirtatious mother. She was really getting tired of her constant advances. Plus, she was so good at it that it was hard to tell whether she was serious or not. The thought of her own mother stealing her beloved away terrified her. Coughing sarcastically, Kyuubi alerted everyone of her presence. "Don't you have somewhere you have to be right now?" keeping her cool, she spoke with the utmost manners.

Kyuumi giggled slightly as she offered her own defense. "Kyu-chan, mommy's more experienced than you at these things. You're still a million years too young." The two busty ladies sure had a lot to say today…

Our lovable foxy fumed under her embarrassment. She was just as good if not better than her mother under the sheets. How dare she mock her like that? "Is that so mommy? Well, at least I don't have wrinkles." With a triumphant pose, Kyuubi declared her victory. Her mother always felt self conscious about her appearance. Even though she never aged one bit…

"Kyu-chan! You mustn't speak to mother in that way!" while this entire ruckus was going on, Naruto just accepted his fate and silently laid his head down in a faked death. Like the saying always goes, "Once it starts, it can't be stopped..." females were very mysterious creatures sometimes.



The man had finally reached the outskirts of Konoha. Never in his entire life did he feel so secure. He was able to see the flourishing city from miles away. It gave a sense of homeliness even though he wasn't quite there yet.

"Just a few more minutes and I'll be there." There was higher motivation for his cause now. Tightening the strap that kept a piece of his clothing together, he tapped his shoes before setting off again.

Throughout his journey, he had seen and learned much. Even if he might have not been able to enjoy the riches of life, he had hoped that everyday was going to be better than the last. He had to, after all, keep his spirits up.

Even though his supplies had been replenished a bit, he really didn't have much that he could do. It was really tough to live as a poor man. Hopefully the village will let him stay around for a bit for his troubles.


(With Kyuu-chan)

"Please stop mother. That's really embarrassing." Kyuu-chan was on the verge of winning their little verbal competition when her mother brought out her secret weapon. She had no clue that her mother could remember an incident that happened so long ago. In a desperate attempt to prevent her from spilling the truth, Kyuubi rushed to cover her mouth.

"So anyways Uzumaki-chan, your little Kyu-chan here actually wet the be-"although the sentence was never finished, it didn't exactly take a genius to figure out what she was going to say. It was embarrassing alright. For the princess of the demon realm to wet the bed was perhaps too childish. Naruto took on a furious crimson as he lowered his head in politeness. Kyuubi on the other hand, sunk to the ground quivering in embarrassment. She held in her tears as best as she could trying to sniff it away.

The parents had themselves a hearty laugh at the memory. It was always fun to bring back those priceless moments. "Isn't that funny Uzumaki-chan?" holding her belly, Kyuumi restrained herself from any further outbursts. Kyuubi stared sobbingly at her husband as if she wanted him to support her. If Naruto laughed at her she wouldn't know what to do.

Although it was extremely difficult not to chuckle, Naruto only let out a small giggle. Suppressing it quickly, he coughed it away. The thought was still lingering in his mind. He could only imagine what the atmosphere could've been like. "That's quite the tale. It's funny yes, but I think we should stop enjoying ourselves at the expense of Kyuu-chan." Giving her a hand of support, Naruto smiled softly as he pulled her back into a standing position.

Seeing that their little joke was dissolved, the parents decided to return to business. "Anyways Uzumaki-chan. We'll visit every weekend. Just in case you have any concerns you can contact us using her." Holding out her right hand, Kyuumi channeled a bit of her demonic energy as a very cuddly creature flared into existence. With a clumsy hop and a bump of the head, the creature stood at attention. It was dressed in priestess robes with very small furry paws. It looked like a miniature fox. "Lulu-chan, you will be staying with my son from now on. Understood?" bending down closer, Kyuumi directed the fur ball's attention towards Naru-chan. "You have a very important job here. You're responsible for establishing a connection between Uzumaki-chan and us." A few seconds passed as Lulu processed the information.

Then with a sudden movement, Lulu hopped on Naruto's shoulder. She stood proudly on her hind legs as she gave herself a pat on the chest. "You can leave it to me your highness. I'll make sure to help where ever I can." Her voice was that of a five year old kid. It sounded extremely tender. This, added to her childish outlook and posture, gave her an irresistible allure of cuteness.

Giving a chuckle, Kyummi continued the second part of her instructions. "Introduce yourself to Uzumaki-chan." Lulu immediately hopped around; facing her master, she knelt down and gave him a very traditional sitting bow. "It's my pleasure to make your acquaintance. I hope you find me useful in the future." Despite her appearance, she spoke flawlessly. Naruto followed quickly on the pleasantries as he extended his right index finger.

Since Lulu was way too small for a proper hand shake, a finger would suffice. Lulu accepted his proffered finger graciously as she took hold of it with both paws. Naruto wiggled it slowly trying to emulate the effect of the shake. "It's very nice to meet you too Lulu."

The family laughed at the darling scene between the shikigami and Naruto. It wasn't that often that such bonding existed. Kyuubi giggled slightly at their antics. She had always liked cute and cuddly things, even though she never openly admitted it.

Kyuumi also explained what Lulu could do, should she be called upon. "Whenever you need her for anything, just call her name. Lulu is very shy, so she doesn't stick around if she has nothing to do. If you want her to leave you alone, simply tell her to excuse herself." Going through the basics, Kyuumi stopped only when she was content with what she covered.

Despite her small stature, Lulu could handle quite a lot. Not only did she function as a form of communication between the two realms. She also had a photographic memory. Tell her to remind you of your important schedule and she'll be sure to memorize any detail down to the millisecond.

(After explanation)

A farewell was always bitter sweet, even temporary ones. As such, it was no surprise that the family took a long time to say goodbye. Getting all the "I'll miss you"s out of the way, the parents parted with a handshake and bear hug from the male and a much more feminine hug from the female. "We just liked to say one last thing Uzumaki-chan. we want you to understand that we're extremely proud of you and that you're the best husband in our hearts." It was a bit too mushy, but Naruto understood where it came from.

Moments afterward, the parents stepped through the door and closed it.


(With cloaked guy)

"Oh my…I'm in heaven…" it was uncharacteristic of him to be so vocal about how he felt, but this was the one exception. He had FINALLY reached his destination. It took him several days of travel but it was all worth it.

Standing at the check in never felt any better. Soon, he would be able to rest in a quality room. Eat some good food, have a good job. Everything he ever dreamed of. Of course he still had to find some answers, but that could wait for now.

"Can I see your passport?" the shinobi on duty had strict orders to check for any illegal trespassers. You could never be too sure of who might want to pull a fast one. He waited a few seconds for something to be handed to him but nothing happened. "Sir, if you want to get in-y" he was caught off guard by a grunt.

"Argh…" he didn't know he had to have identity to enter. He didn't even know his own name let alone a bunch of other crucial information. His one hope had failed him. He was never going to have the good life now… "Excuse me; do you have to have a passport? Don't you have some other way of gaining entrance?" He was at a loss for what to do.

The guard scanned his pleading face as if testing him for any falsehood. "You could go to the Hokage for a temporary travel pass. I really can't help you any further than that. I'm sorry." It was at least a start right?

The man breathed a sigh of relief as he remained upbeat. He had to believe, he had to have hope that this would work. Giving thanks to the guard, the man asked for directions to this "Hokage" person as he headed on his way.

The village was much more impressive than he'd had first imagined. A sense of order was everywhere. Not at all like the suburban towns that he had travelled to before. On top of that the city bustling with life. No matter where he looked there were people about. They had no fear of being attacked. These citizens had unrestrained freedom.

The more he advanced into the city the more the man enjoyed the atmosphere. The villagers were friendly and generous. This was what he had expected to see from all those wondrous rumors. It gave him a sense of accomplishment knowing that he had finally been rewarded for coming this far.

(Hokage Office)

"Well, that's about all we came to tell you Tsuna-chan. We'll visit every weekend and if it's not too much of a request-"Tsunade interjected with an affirmation to whatever Kyuumi was about to suggest. She smiled as she continued. "We would like Uzumaki-chan to visit us at least two days a week." She didn't want to impose anything, but having him familiarized with the demon world-his second home-was essential for the family to develop better relations.

Kyuumi, being the one asking the request, stood very timidly waiting for an answer. She had to be polite since it was not only the right thing to do, but because she felt it necessary as a form of mutual respect.

Tsunade released a slight giggle as she gave them much needed reassurance. Kyuumi was so much like her daughter. They practically had the same expression and standing posture. It was remarkable how they matched each other without even having to try. "Since I already agreed I can't possibly go back on my decision now can I?" In actuality, Tsunade also fancied this proposition. It wasn't going to interfere with Naruto's schedule and getting to know his family was only right.

With the deal now closed. The three adults shared a drink in commemoration of the completion of their family. This was a new beginning for both parties. "Feel free to pay us a visit too Tsuna-chan. We would love to have your company." Generating a warp, Kyuugu and Kyuumi bided a temporary farewell as they disappeared upon stepping through.

Moments after their departure, Tsunade sighed joyfully. She had been in a great mood lately. Probably because of all the positive news that had been happening. Even working extraneously didn't seem all that bad anymore. She plopped back down on her comfortable swivel chair as she stored the sake away for later.

There came a knock at the door. Just when her morning was off to a good start…Tsunade composed herself as she prepared to receive her visitor. "Come in" Her voice was very professional now. To her, business was business and personal life was saved for behind the scene.

There was a pause as no one came in. She called again hoping it wasn't one of those stupid pranks that the Konohamaru squad frequently pestered her with. They were young adults now for Pete's sake. Very rigidly the door creaked open as a young man stepped forward. "Forgive me if I'm intruding anything, but might you be the Hokage?" His voice was masculine but not to the point of being too deep.

A look of total surprise came over Tsunade's face for the first few seconds. She had been tempted to call him Naruto for a moment. On further examination however, she thought against it. Sure this man had unmistakable similarities, a bit too similar even, but he had his share of differences too. It would be really awkward had she jumped the gun. There was also something else that struck her by surprise… something that she couldn't quite place.

"Yes I'm the Hokage, who might you be?" she had extensive records on everyone living in Konoha and she was sure she had never seen him before. The man came forward quickly as he stated his position. "I was hoping on taking refuge in this village. You see Hokage-sama; I have no recollection of my past. All I have with me is the stuff I can carry. I'm prepared to work for a living as I've heard that the current economy of this village is very stable. If you would allow me to I would like to start fresh." Giving her a standing bow, the man shook subconsciously, it was a gamble for him. He had no guarantee that he would be accepted. His supplies weren't going to last him forever and if lady fate didn't side with him today then he'd be toast.

Tsunade sorted the information she'd been given. The story seemed a little too unrealistic. Konoha did have a history of being overly generous with refugees. Particular during the war and that was what caused unnecessary infiltration. There has always existed a personal risk in harboring the homeless. It wasn't that she didn't want to offer assistance, but rather the willingness to take that risk. Who's to say that he isn't some sort of spy? Even in these times of peace, the unexpected could happen at any time.

Still, her conscious outweighed reason as she examined his tattered clothing. Even if he costumed himself to look the part, his expression had betrayed him. Anyone who wasn't truly seeking support wouldn't have his look of utter desperation. It was impossible to fake such a sincere feeling.

With her choice clear, Tsunade was willing to help his state. "You seem very genuine. I can set you up with a temporary establishment and travel permit until I find a suitable place of relocation and can grant you citizenship." Pulling out her desk drawer, Tsunade retrieved some documents. "If you would please fill out this form?" the man hastily took the piece of paper as he shook her hand a bit too furiously. He had been accepted; no longer would he have to scrounge for table scraps. Now he could get a job and start anew. It was truly a Godsend.


(With Naru)

After laying the ground works of how they were going to deal with the arrival of their little wonder, Naruto assured Kyuu-chan that nothing was going to go wrong. They lacked experience in these parental matters, but if they handled the basics right then it shouldn't be too difficult.

Their plan consisted of gradual gathering. Eventually they would have to invest quite a hefty amount on new baby supplies, but for now they would check out the market. Things like newborn clothing and such would be a must anyway. After their discussion Kyuubi felt much more at ease. Her husband had that sort of effect on her. He never rushed anything. He was always reserved and investigated before taking action.

(Half an hour later)

She wanted her husband to stay near her, but knew that was impossible. He had to go to work now. Maybe the reason behind her clinginess was the terrifying prospect of becoming a mother. Kyuubi certainly wanted to give Naruto his personal space, but for some reason she felt vulnerable.

"Do you really have to go so soon?" Her husband had to leave for work. That meant she would have to stay by herself. It wasn't that she minded doing household chores; it was that she wanted to go with him. Being away from him for too long made her uncomfortable, there was never enough time in a day to express what she wanted to. Holding onto him tightly from behind, she had grown accustomed to pressing her breasts into his back. Laying her head on his shoulders, Kyuubi made sure to give him something to remember her by.

Naruto was a perfectionist. He was meticulous about the little things. Although he never put any pressure on Kyuu-chan to specifically please in certain ways, he did try to guide her in the appropriate directions. Of course, if she had her objections there would always be room for some modification. That was what Kyuu-chan adored about him. He was forgiving and that inspired her to do more for him.

Slowly and sensually Kyuubi's arms crawled to encircle his neck. Standing carefully on her tiptoes, her tail swayed serenely behind her. This was one of those mutually enjoyable experiences that the two had often. Delicately kissing her husband on both cheeks, Kyuubi prolonged the exposure. "Take care of yourself dearest." Several moments passed as she finally released for air.

She would've prettied herself a bit more for the parting, but her husband enjoyed her simple beauty. Kyuubi didn't really understand what that meant. Maybe Naru-chan didn't like excess makeup. "And when will you be back honey?" she always had to make sure when he was back. That way, she could cook dinner at just the right time. After all, it would be senseless to eat cold food. Kyuubi held on to his waist as she didn't want to let go just yet. If she could delay his departure then she would.

Naruto smiled as he twisted around in her grip. "You're such a worrywart Kyuu-chan. If I was in your position I would enjoy myself a bit more." He was capable of taking care of himself. "Besides, we have Lulu to take care of you when I'm gone." As if on cue, Lulu hopped out of nowhere as she landed on Kyuubi's head. "You can count on me to take care of Kyuubi-hime master." Pumping her small arms into the air, Lulu appeared very confident. Naruto giggled at the cute display as he offered his support. "I'm sure you can Lulu." Roughing up Kyuu-chan's hair, Naruto treated her like a little girl. "Now then, take care of yourself cutie." Slipping through her clutch, Naruto grabbed his lunch box, rested it comfortably in his work bag and walked confidently out the door.


(With Tsunade)

She took the residence form and examined it. "Birthplace: unknown, Age: unknown, Birth name: unknown." This was not what she had expected. When he said he had no recollection of his past, he really wasn't kidding. She quickly scanned the rest of the page and with the exception of a few categories; the same haunting emptiness was present. There was no further point in looking this over for any suspicion. Even the best fakers had to write more down. If he really was trying to pull a fast one on her, he was taking a stupid approach.

"I guess you aren't kidding then?" setting the form down on the table, Tsunade rubbed her temples. She was thinking about this way too much. While her superego wanted to pursue her intricate investigation, her id argued heavily against it. "Well, I guess you have to start somewhere." Giving him a lighthearted smile, she stamped the official seal of approval.

Handing it back to her visitor, she instructed him further. "Come back here this afternoon. I'll have a place arranged for you then. As for right now, I'll lend you some money to get you started. You can pay it back anytime." Konoha had a special vault dedicated to the support of underprivileged individuals.

The man was broken; he couldn't believe that he was given a chance to start over. Holding the piece of paper tight against his breast, he thanked her incessantly. This was nothing short of a miracle. "I'll never forget your kindness, even if it costs me my life, I'll repay you!" giving her a very formal bow with arms tucked tightly at his sides. The man showed his gratefulness.

Tsunade blushed slightly as she reassured him. "It's okay, take your time and welcome to Konoha." The rest of their conversation was mostly lighthearted. Consisting of topics of where he had been until now and such. Tsunade had a dual purpose with talking to him, the obvious one being an excuse to skip work, but also because she was genuinely fascinated with this mysterious man. Sure she travelled, but that was in her youth. Being able to hear something happening right now was refreshing.


(With Sasuke)

The raven haired genius was currently in a tight fix. His wife refused to associate herself with him. They got into a tiny argument about the way she looked and BOOM. The Uchiha sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror. "Get a grip Sasuke. You can make things right. You have to make things right." It was always him and his big mouth. If only he had kept shut.

Mickey was beautiful and beautiful woman always came with a price. Be it pickiness, an excessive concentration on maintaining their attractiveness, or the more dangerous possibility of committing adultery, they always had their problems. Thankfully for Sasuke, Mickey wasn't the last type.

"I wonder what I said that made her so angry." Sasuke was accustomed to people making him out to be perfect. Naturally he never learnt to respect others. He often demanded compensation from his wife for something she was not responsible for. Maybe that was the problem. Sasuke tried really hard to recall the messy event. It went something like this:

It was Friday night and Friday nights were sacred at the Uchiha compound. It was their time of sexual bonding. Even for a couple that made sex a priority, Friday was over the top. Various events led to them to furious animal sex at night. That's when Sasuke made a big mistake. While in the comforting atmosphere of their living room, Sasuke commented on Mickey's expanding waist. Despite his "best" efforts to give her the bad news delicately, the raven haired Uchiha was ever so blunt. "You're getting chubby"- at this thought, Sasuke paused. That was what he said. It was true. So why was she so mad?

Silence pursued soon after as the room fell into an uncomfortable state of awkwardness. Now normally, Mickey wouldn't have thought much about the comment. She had always been attractive. A little weight never changed anything anyway. This time however, she was pissed. Here she was fathering yet another child and her arrogant husband had the nerve to insult her with something he inflicted on her. So naturally, as with any hormonal female, she slapped him super hard and ran off.

With a loud grunt Sasuke pulled at his hair like a madman. "Argh! This is totally useless." He wanted to admit his fault but was too proud to do so. "But what if she never talks to me again?" no matter which way he took, he was going to lose for sure. He was left to sulk again.


(Somewhere else across Konoha)

Mickey was wondering around aimlessly as she thought vigorously. She was in regret over the conflict she had caused. All this commotion about their separation wasn't doing anything at calming her down. Why was she acting so childish? Usually she was the logical one in the relationship. Now she wasn't so sure. Was she not beautiful enough for him? She had always tried to be- "snap out of it girl." She had to think positive. This was just one of those emo breakouts. This will pass.

She was resolved to camp away from home until her man apologized to her. He had to learn respect. It wasn't just about her anymore. If Sasuke didn't change then what would become of him if he screwed his social connections? With his attitude no one was going to help him. "Yes, that's what I have to do. This is for your own good." With her mind made up, Mickey planned to rent an apartment for the time being.


(With Naruto)

The sudden transition from the comforts of home to the rigid office desk was weird. When our blonde hero wasn't completing missions he had paperwork. Sitting quietly, Naruto had total concentration. It was his duty and personal goal to give his best at everything he did.

Reading over the scheduled maintenance reports of the village, Naruto made sure to check very detail. Letting even one slip could be disastrous. When he finished one document, Naruto went on to the next. Gradually, the pile on his desk decreased in size. Sanitation, order forms, mortality, birth records. All of these were under his jurisdiction.

Naruto rarely took breaks during his working hours. He disliked the idea of slacking off. He had that weird drive that propelled him to further heights. Incidentally, he never failed to disappoint anyone that placed their trust in him. It was for that very reason that he earned respect and a reputation.

His popularity didn't stop there either. Men and women alike wanted to associate themselves with him. He was very calm and genuine, very realistic when need be, but could also surprise anyone with the best motivational speech. He could be high class when the demand arose, but at the same time he could act like a country bumpkin. Naruto was a much diversified individual.

For all his complaining of the harsh education he had received under Tsunade-sama, Naruto couldn't be more thankful. Without her support he'd still be eating expired food. Just thinking about the yellowish milk he drank all those years ago made him pale. He would never do such a foolish thing again.

This was what differentiated Naru-chan from the rest. He was thankful for what he had. Never would he ask for anything that was outrageous. Naruto's most aspiring quality was that he was real. He was approachable and friendly. Unlike some of the other well off people who only had their wealth from generations of savings.

In all honesty, Naruto didn't really like people who acquired their wealth through inheritance. He accepted them for who they were simply because he was kind hearted. Even though others looked on with mild annoyance, they could never do anything to stop the residential aristocrats. Snobby rich people were extremely hard to handle. For the simple fact that they had money, they could do anything as long it never provoked suspicions of the law. It was despicable.

This, of course, was not to say that there weren't other well off people. Sasuke was also very accomplished. Although, he never personally handled any business plans, his intuition had led him to many successes. He ran his own business with the help of many secretaries. As to what exactly his company did, Naruto wasn't so sure.

Rubbing his strained eyes, Naruto relaxed back into his chair. For a guy who missed two weeks of work, his progress today was very impressive. Managing to complete half of the work that he missed, Naruto was even more determined to finish all of it. Procrastination wasn't favored in his books, but he had little choice. Stretching his stiff back, Naruto checked his schedule with a side glance. "Everything seems to be in order…" that was until he noticed something peculiar. Scrolling closer to his calendar, Naruto checked it again.

Under the current date there was a note scribbled hurriedly. "Meet me under the cherry blossom behind your office." At this, Naruto stumbled. One of the many skills that he had learned was how to identify someone by their writing. He studied it carefully, but could not arrive at an answer. Whoever wrote this was either in an extreme hurry or was new.

Eyeing his wall clock, Naruto made the time to be twelve thirty. At this he smirked. When he set out to work the hardest he could, he really wasn't kidding. "I guess I can afford a little break." He had been fascinated at who wrote the note. Could it be some secret admirer? Or was it some threat? Either way, he had to find out more about it. "But first, I have to inform Tsunade-sama." With his course of action planned clearly, Naruto grabbed the stack of completed paperwork and headed for the Hokage's office.


(Hokage's Office)

Her guest left soon after finishing the story of his travels. From what he described, the countryside had been remodeled since the last time she had traversed it. New establishments were built and out favorites were either torn down or relocated.

It saddened her greatly to know that one of her secret, and favored, gambling places had been caught and dismantled for illegal activities. Maybe that was why she lost so much there. Tsunade's train of thought was broken with a string of knocks. Composing herself more appropriately, Tsunade welcomed her visitor. "Come in" with a turn of the knob, Naruto stepped through the door. "Naruto-kun, you know you could've stayed home a bit more. You still need some rest." It wasn't like she needed everyone available twenty four seven.

Bowing modestly, Naruto made sure to be polite. "It's really not necessary to worry about me Tsunade-sama. I can work just fine." Naruto kept his business and personal lives separate as much as possible. It just wasn't fair if he took his frustrations out on his family. That was the lowest thing he could stoop to. "By the way Tsunade-sama, I have completed these documents. I hope you find them satisfactory." Walking over very professionally, Naruto handed the stack over.

Tsunade scanned the files briefly before letting lose a trail of giggles. "I can see that you went out of your way again to do an excellent job. Every important detail was outlined and examined. It was completely optional, but knowing that her son cared this much gave her a proud feeling. "Oh and by the way, did Kyuubi's parents inform you-"before she could continue she was cut off. Under normal circumstances, this would've gotten on her nerves, but since this was family business, she understood exactly why he was so eager.

"Thank you for reminding me, and yes, they did inform us that they'd be leaving." Backing away slightly, Naruto stood at attention. Hands tucked at his sides, back straight, shoulders stretched back, and an expression of confidence that completed the look. He was the perfect example of a trained individual.

Tsunade leaned forward and rested her chin on the back of her hand. "Did they, by any chance, tell you of your new responsibilities?" it wasn't her intent to be ambiguous. It was just how she learned to talk during a delegation.

A puzzled look soon crossed Naruto's face as he inquired further into the issue. "Should they have?" moving forward, he took the chair nearest him as he focused on his mother. "I guess I'll fill you in Naruto-kun. You're mother-in-law wants you to familiarize yourself with the demon realm. They graciously asked me for permission to allow you to visit them two days a week." Seeing that Naruto had an objection, Tsunade quickly reassured him with further explanation. "You don't have to worry about messing up your schedule. I'll give you the supplies you need to keep up. Just bring them with you on your visit." Tsunade was a very insightful person. She prepared every possible solution to address the problem.

Naruto smiled sincerely as he nodded in affirmation. "You always know best mother. It looks like you thought of everything." To say that he was impressed was an understatement. Nothing ever escapes her.


(Under the tree)

Shielded by the expansive shade of the clustered leaves, sat a female with hot red eyes. Kurenai had slipped passed Naruto's office this morning and hastily wrote the request. She, in all honesty, didn't even know if the object of her affection would show. It was no secret that Naruto was a busy person. Even when he had time to spare on the job, he was probably doing some prep work or something. She, on the other hand, never bothered with extra. It wasn't in her pay to do anything more then what was on her desk every morning.

This was not to say that she was, by any degree, a slacker. Kurenai just never tried anymore than she had to. With men swooning over her all the time she had grown accustomed to superiority. She sighed as she eyed her wristwatch. Registering the time, Kurenai was losing hope. Naruto was probably too busy for her right now.

Her original plan involved a romantic lunch together under this very tree. The scenery was beautiful and it was close to their work place. Now, she wasn't so sure. The most vital component to her plan was her blonde. If he didn't show then the rest was worth nothing. Kurenai decided to give it a little more time.

(After a little while)

Just as she was about to leave, Naruto came rushing up to her. He steadied himself as he resumed normal breathing. "Sorry to keep you waiting Kurenai-senpai. Tsunade-sama told me that you were the one that left the note." Straightening his posture, Naruto tried to carry on a professional conversation. He assumed that it involved some business matter.

What he didn't inform her of was what Tsunade said afterward. She warned him that betraying Kyuu-chan was unacceptable. Should he fool around behind her back and Tsunade was to find out, he would be thoroughly punished.

Naruto understood very clearly the importance of remaining faithful. He had no intention to betray Kyuu-chan. She was arguably the most important person in his life. She was his crown jewel. She was his life. With that in mind, Naruto would always keep himself at a distance from other females.

Kurenai blushed slightly, but hid it immediately. "I'm just glad you showed. By the way, have you had your lunch." Anxiety consumed her as she hoped for her answer. Naruto was surprised by her question. Was it right for coworkers that had no relation other then friends to eat together? Wouldn't it be unorthodox? Scratching his head nervously, Naruto accepted with second thoughts.

(After getting respective lunches)

They sat a reasonable distance away from each other. Conversation was started, but each time it ended up being awkward. Naruto focused on the "loving wife lunch" that Kyuubi prepared for him. Vivid colors of several reds, yellows, greens, and an assortment of other delicacies decorated the meal. "Kyuu-chan certainly went all out again…" Naruto made a mental note to thank her when he got home.

"Say Naruto, are you planning on staying a bachelor?" well, that was certainly unexpected. Quickly clearing his throat, Naruto answered unsure. "What do you mean senpai?" it wasn't everyday that such a random question was posed.

Kurenai swallowed elegantly before speaking again. "Well, it's just that before Tsunade-sama would keep me posted on how you were doing. Now, she seems to have forgotten about the deal all together." There was a certain pain in her voice that went unnoticed.

Naruto almost choked in mid swallow. "This must be some kind of joke. It's like she's stalking me or something" that was his opinion, what came out of his mouth was much more refined. "I'm sure she's just tired." That was the only way he could think of to respond to her question.

There was a momentary pause as no one said a word. "I suppose you're right. I must be over reacting." If only Naruto could see her suffering. None of her hints were working. Naruto was simply oblivious to her feelings. But it was still too soon to confess. She needed to know more about him before that.

The rest of their "romantic" lunch was passed without much flare. All in all, it was a total disaster. Soon after, they parted ways once again. Kurenai's plan failed miserably. She didn't understand what she was doing wrong. Usually, she would only have to wave a finger for guys to come running. So why wasn't it working on Naruto. He was no different from the rest. So why was she so helpless?

For the rest of the afternoon nothing much happened except the usual work, work, and more work. When it came time to finally call it a day, Naruto packed swiftly as he slung his duffle bag over his shoulders. Speed walking past the front lobby, he called out several goodnights before he exited.

On his way home, Naruto planned something very special. The usual bouquet of roses and chocolates were so over done nowadays. He had something that would rock Kyuu-chan's world. Picking up something fashionable and cheap at a nearby jewelry shop, it was a crystal bracelet with several red and white gem stones fitted for maximum beauty and comfort. It wasn't the flashiest on the market, but the thought was what mattered.

Satisfied with his pick, Naruto asked for it to be packaged as he paid and thanked the salesperson. Moments later he continued onward.

(With man)

Having found the indicated apartment hours ago, the man settled into his room as he organized everything. Now he was out for sustenance. There was no way he'd be able to eat instant foods again. With the loan that he had gotten from the Hokage, he was going to indulge himself on a wider budget tonight.

At this very same time, another blonde was headed for his way. With but a brief glance and respective smile, the two passed each other without further contact. At the time the man didn't think much of their "chance" encounter. Soon, he would realize how wrong he was.


(At the Uzumaki household)

Glancing at the time every so often, Kyuubi waited somewhat impatiently. Her husband would usually be home by now. It wasn't that she distrusted him or anything of that sort. They were already miles ahead of the initial "getting used to" period in their relationship. It was only the concern about the food. If her Naru-chan didn't arrive soon, they would get cold.

In an attempt to divert her focus, our red haired goddess took a very relaxed approach. Calling for Lulu, the little fluff ball immediately appeared on her shoulder. "Yes Kyuubi-hime?" Lulu asked naturally assuming that it was some sort of errand. Kyuubi petted her and scratched her chin. "Mind if you sit with me for a little while?" she didn't really feel comfortable with the formal exchange. Despite being a princess, she had no desire to rule. To Kyuu-chan, living a free life with her one and only meant much more to her than power or wealth.

With much perkiness, Lulu accepted. "Sure thing Kyuubi-hime." And so, together they made their way to the living room. Settling comfortably on the couch, Kyuubi picked up a magazine. She surveyed the front cover with much distaste. "It's so typical of these kinds of magazines. I mean, who in their right mind would go after a slut like this?" It wasn't particularly a question, more like a self assessment. When Lulu innocently agreed with her, Kyuubi laughed as she petted her head again.

Flipping through the pages of junk, Kyuubi couldn't help but let her mind wonder again. The luscious events of the night previous returned with a vengeance. A red hot blush attacked her healthy cheeks. She just couldn't stop grinning. All that waiting sure paid off and now, Naru-chan was so much closer to her and she him. It was just perfect.

More flipping took place as both Kyuu-chan and Lulu-chan made some nasty social commentary on "today's hottest fashions." Coming to the conclusion rather quickly that the skimpy skirts and revealing tops made even the most respectable women look like whores. "I guess teens like this kind of stuff." Without sparing another glance, Kyuu-chan placed it back in its original spot.


(With Naru-chan)

"Crap, I'm late! Hope Kyuu-chan isn't displeased." Due to his earlier detour, Naruto was running slightly behind schedule. He didn't stay out too late. First, it wasn't polite and second…well, with the hottest female in existence waiting for you at home with open arms, who could resist the temptation?" Picking up a moderate speed, Naruto headed for home base.

(Five minutes later)

Ding Dong.

Pressing delicately against the door bell, the blonde stood at attention. He wasn't too eager to see what Kyuu-chan would be like. She wasn't the grudge type, that Naruto was for certain, but then again, this was the first time that he was late. A few suspenseful seconds later, Kyuu-chan opened the door. "Welcome home dear!" That was a good sign. Inviting him in with the utmost warmth, Kyuubi enveloped her husband in a loving embrace. "How was your day honey?" relieving him of his work bag, she placed it to the side.

She had missed him greatly throughout the day. Kyuubi would have to catch up. Letting her bestial desire take hold of her better judgment, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and pulled him in for a hot and passionate kiss. Together, they lingered in that state, momentarily frozen. Gradually, Kyuu-chan gathered her courage as she intertwined her right leg around his. Using her feminine powers of seduction, she stroked his inner thighs. For a moment, it seriously looked as if the two would fuck right there on the ground.

Caressing her cheek softly, Naruto pulled away. "We can do that tonight." As a certified doctor, Naruto knew the importance of a healthy sex life. In fact, research had long since proven that regular sex improved heart conditions and lessened the chance of getting fatal diseases. Who knew fucking could be so healthy?

Kyuu-chan, of course, wanted to be pampered. She pouted super cutely as she stuck out her tongue. "You cheapo." For whatever reason after, they both let loose a shrill of giggles. Sharing yet another kiss before Kyuubi led her husband to his meal. "I hope you enjoy my cooking Naru-chan. I tried my best to please you." She hadn't needed to say the last part. Naruto knew that without having to be told.

During dinner, conversation struck easily. Many laughs were had and new information was passed on. "Did you know that this dish was inspired by something Kyuumi cooked for me?" Kyuubi had begun to say before being politely interjected. Petting her head, Naruto smiled as he suddenly took on a serious expression. "Kyuu-chan, mind if I ask you why you refer to your mother by her name instead of her maternal title?" it had always sort of bugged him. Naruto knew that some friction existed between Kyuu-chan and her parents, but even so. She should still be respectful toward them.

Kyuubi pretended not to hear the question as she asked for a repeat. "Kyuu-chan…I'm sure you heard me the first time." Giving her the sulking expression, Naruto urged her to tell him. Kyuu-chan couldn't deny him anything… with a sigh; she told him the absolute truth. "I really don't get along with them Naru-chan. Even though they support our marriage now, I was fully prepared to be with you even if they didn't. I guess, I can't explain it too clearly. My parents left me to fend for myself at a very young age. Just because they were king and queen didn't mean they could do that." The bitterness in her voice had become painfully obvious toward the end of her response.

Seeing that she didn't feel comfortable with talking about it any further, Naruto dropped the subject entirely. He didn't want to push it. "You're really strong Kyuu-chan. I wish I was more like you." Asking for her hand, Kyuubi gave it to him without thought as he rubbed against it affectionately.

They shared a mutual silence of understanding. Perhaps being rich and powerful had its flaws as well. Kyuubi must've felt pretty bad for her to speak of her parents in such a fashion. She had more in common with him than he had originally thought. "Kyuu-chan, I think you should still try and make up with your parents. It's only right." He didn't really want to force her or anything. It was merely a suggestion of good will.

Kyuu-chan squeezed Naru's hand with soft strength as she smiled weakly. "Hmm…I'll try for you Naru-chan." She adjusted her position as she leaned forward. A seemingly innocent move turned into quite the surprise as her lower half defied all logic. Snaking her way underneath the protection of the table cloth, her legs found and attacked their target with ferocity. In a second, Naruto's legs were ensnared in her trap.

Naruto soon followed with an investigation of what was happening. It was, however, too late. They were already in too far to stop. With skin to skin intimacy at an all time maximum, Kyuu-chan usurped superiority as she dominated him. "Kyuu-chan, we're eating right now…" Naruto didn't strictly follow this rule, but wasn't it considered improper to fool around when eating?

Kyuu-chan took on a sultry look as she ate a mouthful of rice. She didn't need to say anything right now. Her man knew what she wanted. While all this was going on, Lulu simply remained oblivious to their actions as she enjoyed her toy sized portions of food in toy sized ceramics. "Oh that reminds me; Tsunade-sama informed me that your parents wanted me to familiarize myself with their world. I'll likely have to go and be gone for two days a week, so I was…" before he could even remotely suggest anything, Kyuu-chan objected with a soft moan.

Making sure she had swallowed the remnants of her food before talking, Kyuu-chan was very refined. "I'll have to go with you." Eyeing her husband's reaction told her that he didn't quite understand. "I want to go with you. You'll need someone to be your guide anyways." Kyuubi made a promise to protect her little one and she was going to keep it.

After a moment of silence, Naruto burst into laughter. She had jumped the gun with an assumption. Luckily for her, it was exactly what he was going to ask her. Suppressing his urge to laugh at her dumbfounded state, Naruto explained. "You and I must be made for each other. I was going to ask you the exact same thing." Pinching at her nose in admiration, Naruto was fascinated by her.

Releasing a breath that she didn't even know that she was holding, Kyuubi sighed in relief. "I'm glad Naru-chan." Spooning a bit of food, she fed it to Naru-chan as a way to thank him. With the heavy hearted news out of the way, both settled into normal conversation again. Once again, the atmosphere lightened and everything proceeded smoothly.

Near the end of their meal, Naruto sprung his gift. It would always cause a hotter response to wait until Kyuu-chan was least expecting it. "I have something for you Kyuu-chan. I hope you like it." Retrieving the decorative casing from his pocket, Naruto revealed the elegant, but simple bracelet. As expected, Kyuubi's mouth drooped open. She was simply shocked. "You shouldn't have honey. I don't need these things."

Always the considerate one, Kyuubi worried about excessive spending. Like any normal wife, she loved getting presents from her husband. For the simple reason that it made her feel special in his heart. Then again, he really didn't need to spend that much on her. She could survive with even minimal jewelry. Her marriage ring was enough for her.

"I know you don't Kyuu-chan, but I want you to accept it. You don't have to wear it if you don't want to. It's completely up to" Naruto stopped in mid sentence as he watched Kyuubi fit the bracelet around her wrist. There was no need to ask her again. She had already decided.

"I'll treasure whatever you give me Naru-chan…" Tears welled up around the brim of her beautiful eyes. She would remember everything he did for her. Always…


(With Man)

Basked by the glow of approaching dusk, the man sat in a homely restaurant as he patiently awaited his order. He had searched for some worthwhile food places and came across a bustling ramen place. Had his circumstances been different, he would've checked it out. Though, after several horrible experiences with noodle establishments, namely their less than desirable customer service, he advised himself against it.

Instead, he paid a visit to a bar and grill. He was particularly attracted by the outward design. Bright luminescence advertised their specials and deals and what awaited him inside was even better. Upon entering, he was immediately met with a long dark hallway lit with corridor light bulbs of different colours. With its large dining space and instant waiter/ waitress service, you couldn't very much ask for anything else.

Once he adjusted to the sudden darkness of the establishment, he was ever quick to order. Scanning over the choice meals, he picked a standard dish comprising of mash potato on the side with some vegetables and a piece of medium rare stake. It was nothing too special, but did its job of satisfying his craving for high class dining. Sipping some complimentary flavoured water, he was at home here. No longer would he have to worry about not having enough money. Once he got a job, he would be on his way to a better future.

About a half an hour later, the man finally exited the restaurant fully recharged. A good meal always lightened his spirit. Just being able to sit down and enjoy himself for once made his efforts worthwhile. On the return to his apartment, he half skipped out of excitement. The prospect of a wonderful future was too alluring for him to not think about.

(At his apartment)

After retrieving his door keycard from the safe at the check in, the man hurried up to his room. He wanted to be well rested for tomorrow. If he really was going to find a job then making a great first impression on his boss was mandatory. Taking the elevator up to his floor, he located his room number. Just as he was about to insert the cardkey, someone called out to him. "When did you restyle your hair and why are you here Naruto-kun?" By a mere coincidence, Mickey also lodged at that very same hotel. She wasn't about to let Sasuke get the better of her.

Noticing that the remark was directed towards him, the man turned around to meet his caller. "I'm sorry, but you must've mistaken me for someone else." He surveyed the girl's expression as she looked him up and down strangely. Was there something wrong with the way he dressed? Sure, he had tattered clothing, but that wasn't any reason to look down upon him.

Mickey, after better observation, noticed that, indeed, he was not the person she pegged him for. She, of course, was quick to apologize. "I'm really terribly sorry. I thought you were someone else." Giving a bow of apology, Mickey stared awkwardly at him once again. Under normal circumstances, she would've excused herself quite fast. Today, however, she acted out of line. "Hmmm…well, if you don't have any plans, could you keep me company for a little while?"

The man scratched his head as he weighed his possibilities. It was seven thirty when he first went out to eat. Even factoring in the travel time and the time taken to eat itself, it couldn't have been more than eight or so. He still had some time to spare. "You sure you're not a mugger?" he didn't know why he asked such a stupid question. If she had been a thug, she would've already attacked. Also, her body contradicted his theory. With those slim arms she couldn't do much more than annoy someone.

Mickey laughed at his dry humor. "You're a comedian." After settling herself, she called out once more. "So, are you coming?" with a shrug, the man followed her at a distance. You could never be too sure. Trailing her all the way across to the other end of the hallway, they arrived at room 217. "This is it. I hope you don't find it small." Despite knowing that every room in a hotel was built to exactly the same increments, she tried to lighten the mood a bit.

Following her from behind, the man had his doubts. Why would an attractive female want to converse with him of all people. She obviously misinterpreted his identity, but even so she still invited him. Unless she was purposely trying to seduce him, such a girl wouldn't even spare another glance at a guy like him. Was she playing with him?

"Please come in." With a polite hand gesture, Mickey invited him into her temporary home. They got settled around the coffee table as small talk was initiated. The topics mostly covered who he was, where he came from, and his business in Konoha. With the exception of what his business here was, all the others were answered with "I'm not sure" or "pass please." Mickey soon realized that, whoever this person was, he was either antisocial or had a case of bad memory. "Well, you want to ask me anything? Oh, by the way, I'm Mickey Uchiha." Remembering that she still hasn't introduced herself formally, Mickey extended her hand in waiting.

The man smiled softly as he shook her hand with gentleman posture. "It's very nice to meet you Mickey. You're an Uchiha? I thought that clan died out years ago." Rumors weren't all that reliable, but that was his only source of information for a long time. He didn't know much about the Uchiha's history. All he really understood was that someone very powerful slaughtered everyone else. But, then again, that seemed like common knowledge to everyone he heard.

Mickey put down her glass of water as she said surprisingly "Is our clan that infamous?" She never knew much about Itachi. Her husband mentioned his brother a couple of times, but each time he would just come to an abrupt halt. From what she retained from Sasuke's discussions, Itachi was some deranged lunatic. Was there any truth behind it? That she didn't know.

The blonde shuffled around in his seat as he smiled. "I guess you must be pretty lucky to be apart of such a powerful clan. By the way, you said "our". Does that mean that you're married?" He was getting uncomfortable all over again. If she turned out to be married, would that some how mean that she was committing soft adultery? If that was indeed the case then he had to get out soon.

At this, Mickey's mood dropped considerably. Her eyes moistened as she bent over gazing at her lap. "Yes, I am married. You see, the Uchiha had one last survivor from that massacre. I married Sasuke after seeing how great he was. Now, I'm not so sure." She continued her sob story without waiting for a response. "It started with romantic dinners and evening walks. Soon though, it degraded to filthy sex. I struggled to cope with it and although, he sometimes still treats me like a lady, it's mostly all about sticking his cock into my holes." She probably didn't realize what she was babbling about, but it didn't stop the intense blush that spread across the man's face.

He felt VERY awkward throughout her confession. Who was he to listen to this? "Madam please, it's getting late and I think this is a problem that you have to deal with on your own." He had to leave here as soon as possible. In her emotional state she was capable of anything. He got up to leave and thankfully nothing went wrong.

Once he was out of her room, he leaned against the wall in thought. "What the hell was that all about?" as with any man being suddenly invited, he felt extremely out of place. Here he was minding his own business only to be called in for the story of the night. Shaking his head, he listened to the sobs coming from inside as he walked away. Sure it felt wrong not to help a "damsel in distress", but he didn't exactly need extra trouble with everything he went through.

Sighing as he entered his own room, he checked the time and took a short cold shower. Setting up the futon, he stripped behind a wall as he crawled in for the night.


(At the Uzumaki household)

Never going back on his word, Naruto was now in the bathroom with a completely naked Kyuu-chan. It was time for her lovely shave. As to why she had to be naked, Naruto could only assume the worst. "What's wrong honey, too shy to eye your wife." Seductively biting her index finger tip, she spruced up her sexual appeal.

With total concentration, Naruto applied a layer of shaving cream over her vaginal hairs. Rinsing the razor under the tap, Naruto gently glided the blade over her porcelain flesh. "Don't move now Kyuu-chan." Feeling her body vibrate from a nod gave him the reply he wanted. She must've really wanted to have sex right now…

Several unnecessary moans assured him of his assumption. She was really horny alright. When he finished the job completely, Kyuubi insisted that he kiss her there. Naruto really didn't understand the sudden demands. Maybe she was enjoying playing the part of a mistress. He chuckled and lowered himself. Kissing her slits lightly, he felt her lips tense as he pulled away. "You're so smooth darling." Slapping her lightly on the thighs, Naruto giggled as she yelped. "You're all done now Kyuu-chan. I hope you find it satisfactory."

"Very darling." As she said this, Kyuubi leaned forward and pulled him toward her. Catching him off guard suited her purpose. Landing a passionate kiss that lasted several seconds, Naruto was totally surprised. "You sure you don't want to take it for a test drive honey bunch?" pulling away, but still extremely close, they cuddled together in the bathroom.

"I'd be crazy if I said I didn't. Get washed up and go to bed early." Kyuubi had gotten the hint. Whenever they were going to have sex, which was basically every night, both had to retire early. Once they started their sexual bonding it would go on for hours. Often times, it only ended when one of them couldn't continue.

"Roger that baby."

(Fifteen minutes later)

(Lime time)

Upon exiting the bathtub, Kyuubi had completed every one of her tasks. Brushed her teeth, finished number one, and fully dried. She was so excited. Bed time was the highlight of her day. With utter excitement, Kyuubi snuggled under the bed covers waiting for her husband to join her.

When Naruto entered, the room was completely darkened. His only source of comfort was Kyuu-chan's voice. Evidently she had staged this performance from the beginning. "You're getting warmer, warmer, warmer…" Naruto followed her hints and eventually crawled into bed along side her. Without another second, something seized him. Going straight for the treasure trove, Kyuubi retrieved the meat from their boxers. "I hope you enjoy this Naru-chan." Starting slowly, she warmed him up. Junior stiffened immediately as he stood proud.

A hump appeared under the sheets as it slowly advanced toward him. Naruto couldn't really see what was going on as he tried to anticipate her next move. He felt her other hand grab junior as the pressure increased. A sharp sting forced him to move a little. His guess? She probably wanted to try something new and spit from a farther distance. "Don't worry darling, just relax." Then something super soft and warm surround him. It was seriously heaven. Her mouth was so good. Then the same sensation as this morning. Kyuu-chan was deep throating him again.

"Kyuu-chan, you're so forceful today. Is there something bothering you?" In truthfulness, she didn't intend on having such a negative effect on her husband. Kyuubi was just trying a new approach. If Naru-chan didn't like it then she would switch back.

Her grip softened considerably as she crawled out from under the covers. Staring straight at her husband, she apologized for going against his wishes. "I didn't realize that you didn't like that. I'm sorry baby." Then she hastily added. "Shall I switch back?"

Naruto kissed her lightly on the nose as he reassured her. "You do what you need to Kyuu-chan." Brushing her face delicately, Naruto urged her to continue. Kyuubi beamed brightly as she said "I think I should switch it around." She twisted her body so that her lovely lower lips were directly in front of her husband. Locking her legs in place, Kyuubi lowered herself. "If you please darling." She wanted to do a sixty-nine…

Having no where he could go, Naruto gripped on her firm butt cheeks with both hands. After her momentary moan, they began. While Kyuu-chan worshipped her little one like a god, Naru busied himself with pleasing two clients. He inhaled her femininity to get him ready. Starting with the bum hole and working down. Each time he delved deeper and deeper until the majority of his tongue was enveloped by the strong fatty muscle. "That feels kind of –slurp- weird honey." This was completely new to her. From what she had learned in sex education in the demon realm, when a couple sixty-nined each other, the man focused primarily on the vaginal opening.

With his mouth still attached to the bum hole, Naruto only giggled as he blew a strong gust into the opening. On the other end, Kyuu-chan's eyes went wide open. Not only was the experience refreshingly new, the feeling was exhilarating. "Oh my gosh, where did you learn to do that honey?!" this must be some sort of advanced sex technique. She would have to take notes and study it later.

Next came the vaginal lips. Propping her rear higher, Naruto got a better view as he surveyed his challenge. Her nether crease was so beautiful. Being naturally pink, it was a great turn on. The extra plus being that she just shaved so it was super smooth. Naruto wasted no time as he dug in.


(With Sasuke)

He tried to wait up for Mickey to return, but nothing happened. She wasn't going to quit that easily. He had really screwed up this time. With a heavy sigh, he resigned himself to a lonely bed. It was just no fun without her around. He hated to admit it, but she had changed something inside him. It was almost as if he had become dependant on her.

Sasuke chuckled bitterly as he thought of his past. All that time of acting like a bitch really wasn't helping him with anything. Now, because of his own stupid foolishness, his own wife ignored him.

Then with a burst of resolve, Sasuke had made a decision. He was going to go find her, no matter what it took, he would find her. Grabbing his coat, Sasuke hastily left his estate. He was going to change for her. She was someone he truly cared for. Very deeply for.


(With Mickey)

She was broken without him. Tears wetted the mattress as her eyes gazed at the wall emotionlessly. She didn't know what to do with herself. If she didn't make up with her husband, she could never forgive herself later. "Fuck this. I can't go on like I am." She was going to swallow her pride and apologize to Sasuke. She would let him win. She needed him. Not just for the sake of money, but also much more. She truly loved the man and was willing to do anything for him.

With renewed determination, Mickey grabbed her purse as she washed and put on some light make up. She couldn't very well look weak in front of him. Even if she was going to forgo her pride, she wasn't that desperate.

Once her preparation was complete, Mickey assumed normal behaviour as she confidently exited her room.


(Naru and Kyuu)

The couple cuddled super close as they kissed and caressed each other tenderly. They were trying a new position. With Kyuu-chan lying on top of her husband, she was filled to the max by his large length. His slow sensual thrusting felt so good. This was true enjoyment. Nothing hurt and everything was beautiful. Sex for them was for as much carnal pleasure as spiritual bonding. When they got tender with each other, they could go for hours without the need to stop. "I love you so much Naru-chan." Rubbing her cheek against Naruto's, there wasn't anywhere else she'd rather be. "It's as I said before, Kyuu-chan. You're my goddess."


(Konoha square)

Mickey was wondering around the now vacant square. She didn't want to make it too obvious for anyone still out at this hour that she was looking for Sasuke. With the recent rumors, she was sure some stupid paparazzi would be on the look out for her.

At that moment, someone grasped her from behind. Mickey turned around instantly ready to spray pervert repellent. Any self respecting woman would have one. Her eyes went large and round at her sudden recognition. "Sa-su-ke-kun…" her voice had betrayed her hard exterior. He was probably laughing at her right now.

What Mickey hadn't expected was that Sasuke would apologize so earnestly first. Bowing his head very low, he begged her for forgiveness. "Please…Please Mickey-chan, won't you please return home? All of our children miss you, especially Kaede-chan. I miss you, I need you. I'm a fool for even suggesting you were getting chubby. To me, you're beautiful; to me you're my everything." Without waiting for a response, Sasuke went for a kiss.

Holding her tightly against his body, he wouldn't let her go. A few seconds later, sobs were heard. "You're stupid alright." More sobbing as she returned his gift. "But, I wouldn't trade you for anything in this world." The couple was finally reunited after some rough times. Both had matured through this ordeal and in the process regained something precise to them.

Needless to say, when they returned to the Uchiha compound they had shared a nice long, and not to mention forgotten, romantic candle lid dinner. Afterward, despite their regular practice of having animal sex, they cuddled with each other instead. It would seem that Mickey had truly changed Sasuke for the better…


(With Naru)

Finishing their late night endeavor with a grand finale, our lovable couple had juiced together. They always made sure to release at the same time because it made them feel connected. Embracing each other closely, Kyuubi delighted in the fact that her little baby still had an apatite. Gently slipping a nipple into his mouth, she moaned romantically to the pulsing of her blossom.

Feeding after sex was very relaxing to both of them. For some reason, it released all the tension of the act. A sensation of calm serenity took hold of both of them as they whispered their respective good nights. "Sleep tight Naru-chan…" shuffling closer to her one and only she smiled at the fleeing memory of a wondrous day.


(The next morning)

Being an early riser, the man instinctively woke up. Today was the day that he'd find a job. After having a light breakfast at the in house café, the man went to see the Hokage for some further assistance.

At the Hokage tower, the man spoke politely to the secretary and was allowed an audience with Tsunade-sama. Upon entering her office she instantly recognized him. "Ah, what brings you here this morning? How are you finding Konoha?" Tsunade set aside her files as she gave him her full attention.

The man timidly scratched his head as he came forward a bit. "I'm doing great here Hokage-sama. Incidentally I was hoping that you could give me the nearest directions to a sign up post. I heard that that's where resumes are handed for inspection." For his arrival to Konoha, the man had prepared everything he could think of. Naturally, a resume for a job was no different.

Tsunade looked slightly surprised at his request, but soon recomposed herself. A devious smirk spread across her face as an old habit of hers resurfaced. "I'll gladly give you directions for a price…" She did this with all the new comers that wanted a job. It was some extra torture before you could get to the rewards.

The man's face paled as he couldn't say anything. Did he celebrate too soon? Who knew that Hokage could be so ruthless? Wasn't she supposed to be kind to her people? What kind of "price" did she have in mind? A million uncertainties attacked his mind as he answered weakly. "What do you have in mind?" his tone had taken a little priority, something that he didn't plan on doing.

Tsunade chuckled inwardly as she maintained her expressionless face. Torturing new comers was one of the best parts of her job. "Just let me keep something you have on you right now as collateral until you come back." She wasn't seriously going to steal personal possessions. A joke could only go so far until it lost its humor.

"That's it? All I have to do is let you hold onto something until I come back?" The man didn't even realize that it was a joke. It didn't really matter to him either way. He was one step closer to getting a job. With an almost frantic urgency, the man scoured every inch of his body to try and find something. "I don't have much, but you can have this for the time being." He unclipped his locket and handed it to her.

Tsunade humored herself with the trinket. She accepted whatever she was given to hold on to, but it would be no fun in revealing that fact. She would tease him a bit. After an excruciatingly long torment for the man, Tsunade responded slowly. "I guess I'll hold onto this." Upon accepting her payment, she gave him his needed directions as he thanked her and rushed off.

Once he left, Tsunade mused herself with the locket. She was attracted by the carving inscribed on the front. She knew it would be invading his privacy to look, but her curiosity got the best of her in the end as she flipped it open.

What she saw next shocked her into a deathly mute… "I don't believe it… This is…"


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