Dot Dot Dot

By: Anime Blob

A/N: This is really out of the blue. I honestly do not know where this came from. Hmm… maybe it was because I watched Pokemon earlier today, and I haven't watched it in years it feels like? o-o …Oh, by the way, this is short…

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon.


"Well, I'm off!"

The girl smiled at the creatures before her. "I'm off to the PokeMart! Be good!" She smiled once again, patting her beloved Pikachu and Treecko both on the head. The rat-like creature simply cocked its head to the side, while the lizard let off an innocent smile. The trainer giggled at this, then pranced out the door.

A few minutes later of hearing no noise, Treecko began smirking at Pikachu. The electric mouse noticed this, and cocked his head. "…Why are you looking at me like that?"

His lizard friend just smirked more at his naivety, "Our trainer's gone…" Treecko started walking towards Pikachu, and wrapped his arms around his waist. The Pokemon perked up, feeling heat to his cheeks rise up.

"W-What—" Before finishing, the rat felt a pair of lips pressed up against his own. Five seconds later, Treekco pulled away, smiling a bit.

"You like that, don't you?" Pikachu's face was red, but he nodded. That kiss… it made him happy inside…

Treekco closed into Pikachu's face, and, yet again, kissed him. It lasted much longer, enough for the lizard to start caressing his new-found lover's tongue. The electric mouse found bliss in this somehow, and let out a groan. It felt… so wonderful…

However, nothing lasts forever.

In the middle off their light make-out session, a noise came from the door. Perking up immediately, the two Pokemon broke their passion, looking at the moving doorknob.

"She's home!" Pikachu panicked, his eyes wide.

Treekco noticed this as well. "Quick, over there!" Quickly, he two creatures ran over to the door, and put on the most innocent smiles ever.

Swinging the door open, the girl smiled, carrying her bag of Pokemon food. "Hello!" she greeted to her two favorite monsters. "Everything go okay?"

Sweat pouring off their faces, both Pokemon nodded fastly. The girl didn't seem to notice the innocent looks. She just smiled, and pranced into the kitchen.

Once the trainer left the room, Pikachu tapped the lizard on the shoulder. "Umm… Treekco? Can we… do that again sometime?" His cheeks flushed.

Treekco smirked softly. "Sure…"

However, Pikachus are known to have forgetful memories.

A/N: Like I said, really out of the blue… Oh well. Hope you enjoyed this little drabble!