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Ch.1: The Strange Incidents.

An 18 year old girl named Odette Zamoroff has just begun her career at the Famous Paris Opera House, as a chorus girl. She has radiant blonde hair, hazel eyes, fair skin and the perfect hour glass figure. Secretly, she longed to be the center of attention like the Prima Donna, La Carlotta. She spent long hours doing vocal stretches and perfecting her breathing techniques. Little did she know Odette was soon to be the next Christine Daae? After a month of working at the opera house and living in Christine's old quarters, some strange incidents occurred. A week ago, while La Carlotta was singing in rehearsal the trap door beneath her opened. She fell through screaming.

Now on a Wednesday night, Odette sat in her room humming to herself as she brushed the knots out of her golden hair. As she did this she felt a chill run down her back. She ceased humming and turned slowly around to analyze the room. She slowly placed her hairbrush back on her vanity; she stood up and crept to the door. As she reached for the handle she heard a soft tenor voice in her right ear. "Odette, come to me Odette. Let me help you succeed." Odette looked out of the corner of her eye and saw no one there. She opened the door and walked out into the pitch black hallway. She crept silently through the halls till she saw a pair of yellow creature-like eyes standing at about 6 feet tall. Odette went to step back but her legs wouldn't move. She was glued to the place in which she stood. Odette grew scared but she couldn't move she was paralyzed from fear. She couldn't mutter a word nor take her eyes from the pair that approached her.

The yellow eyes now stood an inch from her. Their stare avoided contact with hers, they seemed to analyze her. Suddenly, she was healed from her paralysis, when she felt an ice cold hand touch her face; she twitched as she felt it. She turned to run but was lifted off the ground. This man or monster carried her off father into the empty darkness. He covered her mouth so her sound was muffled. She squirmed and tried to wiggle her way out of his grasp, he applied pressure and she fainted. The next day, Odette awoke in her silk covered bed. She saw around her Madam Giry and the managers. "Wha…what is going on?" Odette asked weakly. "Miss. Zamoroff we found you in the east hall way out cold." Firmin answered. "Odette, your body was cold as ice when we found you, at first I thought you were dead at how cold you were but you still had your pulse." Madam Giry told her. "You won't perform tonight, Miss. Zamoroff." Andre said. Odette nodded she didn't feel up to performing, she felt weak.

After the managers left Madam Giry asked Odette, "Do you remember anything from last night?" "I remember humming to myself and brushing my hair till I felt someone's presence and walked out of my room when I heard a man's voice." she explained. "The last thing I remember is seeing two yellow eyes out in the hallway and what felt like a human hand but it was like ice." "Odette, I think you were dreaming and probably walking in your sleep." Madam Giry said briefly.