-1Ch.20: The finale.

That night Odette thought that she had lost Erik she sat over his body crying. She finally knew what she wanted who she loved and he was gone never to come back. Louis succeeded he killed the Opera Ghost. Andre walked in to check up on Odette. "Odette, if you want Carlotta or Christine could take your place till you feel up to singing again." he said walking into the room. "She will sing she has to what her master asks of her." Came a soft but deep voice. Erik was moving, "Erik!" She shrieked.

He sat up and took Odette in his arms. "Erik, how…… how can you still be alive?" she said through tears. "I'll tell you later my dear, when we are alone and after your forever mine if I can have you." He said softly. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small engagement ring. "If you'll take me you can have me." she laughed. "Forever, and always I'll want you, Odette you are the only one who makes me sane." he said. Odette leaned in and kissed him lightly. He pulled her closer and began to kiss her passionately.

The next month Odette and Erik were joined in holy matrimony. They went across Asia for their honeymoon and once they returned home Odette found out she was pregnant. Erik shared his secret with about why he didn't die. "You see Odette to kill me you must also destroy my music. As long as my music lives I live…" he told her. "So that means you'll never grow any older and our children will die before you and their children." she said. He nodded "Unless I destroy my music when you die." he stated. Nine Months later Odette gave birth to twins a little boy and a little girl. They gave their son the name Kevin which is what Coaimhin translates into. Kevin took after his mother in looks but he had his father's eyes and anger. As for their daughter they named her Kristina she took after Erik she was deformed and she had thick black hair but she had ice blue eyes.

When Odette died Erik did as he told her he destroyed his music so he could be with her forever.