A/N- The beginning of this chapter is on the past. The present will show up later as the chapter progress.

The Youngest Uchihas'

Sasuke was walking through Konoha towards the gates. It was dark so nobody will notice him leaving. When he was walking through the path that led to the gates he saw Sakura. He was hoping not to see her it would only make it more difficult to leave. He stopped right in front of her.

"What are you doing here at this time of night?" He ask.

"To leave this village you have to take this path." Sakura said. He knew what she was talking about, for he was going to leave the for good.

"Go home and go to sleep." Sasuke said walking past her.

Tears slid down her face once Sasuke past her.

"Why won't you say anything? Why won't you tell me anything..."

"Why do I have to tell you anything." He shot back.

Sakura look at his back with tears flowing down her cheeks.

"You're always to noisy stop bothering me all the time." He knew that must have hurt but it seem like the only way for her to forget about him.

She look down on the ground and smile sadly "You're always hated me huh." She said.

Sasuke was shock at what she said, it wasn't true that he hated her.

"Do you remember when we became genin and our team was decided. Remember we were at this very spot and you was angry at me."

"I don't remember." He said. She was shock at what he said and smile a little. Tears started falling on the ground.

"Yeah I guess, it was a long time ago anyway. But that is when everything started you, me, Naruto and Kakashi-sensei, The four of us did a lot of mission together. It was difficult and sometime awful but...even so it was fun." She was looking at his back, Sasuke was still facing forward afraid to see Sakura hurt expression.

"I know what happen to your clan but it won't make anyone happy if you get revenge not you, not me."

"I know that." Sakura look up at him. "I'm not like you guys my path is different than yours. I did think that the four of us together was a possible path though...But dispite us being together my heart is still on revenge. I can't be like you or Naruto."

"But won't you be lonely than Sasuke. You told me that being lonely is painful, I have friends and family but if you leave it would be the same as being alone." She started to cry "Sasuke I love with all my heart, if you're at my side I promise you won't regret it. Everyday will be fun. If you can't stay than take me with you I will help you on your revenge." She said disperatly trying to prevent him from leaving.

He turn around to face her and smirk "After all this time you're still annoying." He said but inside he was suffering just like Sakura, he knew how much it must hurt for him to say that.

Sakura looked up at him in shock, he always said that to her, she was hoping that their relationship would have grown. She thought wrong. She than notice that Sasuke turn around and was leaving. She didn't want him to go she still love him and she wasn't going to lose him.

"Don't go!" She ran a few steps before shouting "If you go I'll scream really loud and..." Sasuke disappeared. She felt his presence behind her.

"Sakura," He pause before saying "Thank you." Sakura was frozen in her spot she couldn't believe what Sasuke said. She felt a pressure on the back of her neck, 'Sasuke.' was her last thought before everything went black.

Sakura bolted up her bed and was breathing hard That dream again. She look out the window and saw the sun rising. It's been eight years since Sasuke left. She still was haunted by that dream. She slowly got up from bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. Sakura was now 20, she became the best medic-nin after Tsunade. After finishing washing up she made her way down the kitchen.

"Hi mom." The twins said when she enter the kitchen. "Why is it that you always wake up before me?" She ask them playfully. Sakura was also a single mother. Sometime it was painful to look at them because they look so much like their father, Sasuke. Except for their eyes they were like Sakura's. After Sasuke left her, she found out she was pregnant a week after. She was shock to find out, she did spent a night with Sasuke the day before he left. She was happy to spend the night with him even though she had the feeling it was only for one night.

Her parents found out and wanted nothing to do with her. So Tsunade took her in and treated her like her own daughter. After the twins was born Tsunade helped Sakura raise the kids. It was hard being a 13 year old single mom. She also had help from her friends mainly Naruto, Ino and Kakashi. They were like the twins aunt and uncles.

It took a while but now Sakura found a small one family house. Tsunade said she could have stay with her but Sakura didn't want to be a bother. Tsunade decided to agree and let Sakura live on her own.

"So do you want anything to eat before I go?" She ask them.

"Umm I want tomatos." Sayuri said.

Sakura smile at her daughter. Sayuri was like her father in so many ways, she was stubborn and was serious but not as serious as Sasuke. She would smile and would enjoy herself but she was also mischievous which usually get her in to a lot of trouble. Her black hair was tied in a poneytail.

"I will also have tomatos." Unlike his sister, Ryu didn't like tomatos as much, he's more lay back and usually stay out of trouble. He would find a way to enjoy his day. He look like an exact copy of Sasuke due to his spiky hair style but his personality was the complete opposite of Sasuke.

Sakura place the tomatos infront of the kids who was sitting at the table. They started to eat their tomatos. Sakura tryed to forget Sasuke but found it impossible. She knew she still love him. It was a miracle that the kids didn't ask about their father yet. No matter what she did to erase Sasuke from her mind, he will always come back. She will have a hard time working today.

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