Hi everybody! This is Shadow here, with another CCS fan fic! Anyways, I decided to write a fic to explain how Syaoran became the moon card guardian (and later master). I fooled around with the idea for a bit before I hit on the perfect solution. What if somebody had left a baby on Clow's doorstep, knowing that he was a powerful magician, but believing he was rich because he lived in a mansion? Hmmm…. now that's an interesting idea…

I am going to be using some Han yu pin yin.

Contains some Yue + Syaoran pairing! You have been warned!!!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN CARD CAPTOR SAKURA! It belongs to Kodashi and Clamp. (I refuse to acknowledge Nelvana, so sue me!)

It was a cold, dark night. A shadowy figure carrying a small bundle stopped in front of a large dimly lit mansion. Sighing, it searched around until it found the doorstep. Quietly, it deposited its burden there and slipped a letter into the folds of the green blanket. Then, wiping tears from its eyes, the apparition quickly kissed the bundle and murmured, "This is for the best. There are rich people here and they will take of you. I love you… Syaoran." Then, the specter slipped away, hidden by the darkness.

The next morning…

Yue woke up around 5 A.M. in the morning. He rose and unfurled his wings, making sure that they weren't stiff. Then, he frowned. There was a faint, barely detectable sense of magic somewhere around. It was someone's aura. Not Clow's aura of darkness, or Cerebus' sunny spirit, but something more like his, silvery like the moon. A new card perhaps? But Clow was still asleep, so that wasn't very probable. Yue decided to go find out, so he headed towards the front of the mansion, retracting his wings as not to scare anybody.

Finally, Yue traced the magic to the front door. He looked confused. "What in the name of Clow?" he asked as he opened the door. On the doorstep was a small bundle. Yue picked it up, as a letter fell out of the folds. Yue opened the blanket to take a peek. Then, he screamed. LOUD.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF CLOW IS THIS?!?!?!" He shouted. This shout woke up Clow and Cerebus, who came out of the master bedroom. Clow walked up to Yue, as Cerebus followed, yawning and rubbing his eyes. "What did you wake me up for, Yue? I was having this great dream about pancakes with lots and lots of maple syrup-" Cerebus trailed off as Clow motioned for him to be quiet.

"What have you got there, Yue?" Clow asked as he put on his spectacles. Yue scowled as he held the bundle out. Clow's eyes widened. "A baby boy?" he asked. Yue shrugged. "I don't know where it came from, master, but it was on the doorstep. Should I dispose of it?" he asked, hoping the answer would be yes. He did NOT want a baby getting underfoot while master Clow was working on very important projects.

Clow noticed the letter lying on the floor, so he picked it up and read it.

Dear Clow,

I am just a poor homeless woman now. Please take care of this child for me. He is all that I have. I cannot afford to keep him. You are rich and can easily afford it, so I am begging you to take care of him. His name is Syaoran, "little wolf", and he will listen to you. He has never seen my face, so he will assume you are his father. Please do not send him to the orphanage, because they are very cruel and unkind there. I wish only the best for Syaoran.

Li Shueijin. (water + gold= crystal)

"Well, this woman is certainly very sincere." Said Clow. Then he frowned. "Shueijin…that's the name of one of my distant cousins. I guess she believes I'll take this child in because he would be my nephew." Clow thought for a while. Then he smiled. "It will be amusing to have a child in this house. After all, people might think I'm a bit more 'normal' now." Yue's jaw dropped to the ground. Cerebus looked stunned.

"Master Clow, you're thinking about keeping a child NOW? While you're creating the Clow Cards? You can't! Besides, who would take care of him?" Yue cried. "Well, I can't do it." Said Cerebus. "I'm not even remotely human. I think you should take care of him, Yue. After all, Master Clow will be working on the cards and won't have any time to nurture a child. You're the perfect candidate." Said Cerebus, smirking broadly. Yue paled.

"I think that's a great idea Cerebus." Said Clow. "After all, it might make Yue behave a bit more like a human… why not?" He handed Syaoran to Yue, who looked trapped. "He's all yours, Yue! Have fun! I'm off to my study." With that, Clow headed off, leaving poor Yue holding the baby. Yue had sweatdrops coming out of his head. * What am I supposed to do?! * (So now Yue has to play mommy…)

Yue remained, holding Syaoran, who was STILL asleep. Suddenly, Syaoran started to toss and turn and scream feverishly. The air around him glowed silver. Yue started and nearly dropped him. "What?" he asked, looking surprised. Syaoran reached up and clung onto the front of his robe, crying uncontrollably. Yue sighed and shifted his position so he could hold him.

Yue decided to try and calm him down, since he didn't want drenched clothes, so he sent a jolt of his own moon energy into Syaoran's body. It calmed him down in mere seconds. Then, Syaoran opened his eyes. They were a strange color, sort of silvery-blue color. "Ma-ma?" he asked in baby talk, staring up at a dumbfounded Yue. This time, Yue did drop him. Fortunately, the Float card had just been completed, and caught the baby for him. Yue picked Syaoran up. Then, he turned around to see Cerebus looking at him and laughing.

"Hahaha! That's so funny! Wait until I tell Clow! The baby thinks you're its mother!" Cerebus cried, rolling around on the ground, laughing crazily. Yue glared at Cerebus before heading to the kitchen to make something for the baby. *Wait a minute. I can't cook. Oh great… * (Yes, Yue would make a terrible housewife. :) )

Clow was busy putting finishing touches on the Flower card when an explosion rocked the mansion. Clow serenely dusted off his robes and picked up the Flower. Then, he headed off to find the culprit. A few minutes later, Clow found Yue standing in the kitchen covered with some unidentifiable substance. Next to Yue were a hysterical Cerebus and a giggling Syaoran. Clow raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"I'm very sorry master." Said Yue, looking down ashamedly. "I was only trying to feed the baby, but I didn't know what to give it, so I tried to make it some food…" Yue trailed off here as Cerebus took over. "But Yue can't cook! So he put raw eggs in the microwave, and the eggs exploded when they were heated, and then the oven blew up!" Cerebus finished. Clow sweatdropped.

"Hmm. Maybe I should have told you. Just heat some milk, okay?" Clow asked. "Yes Master." Said Yue, who looked rather exasperated. * I'm going to get Cerebus for this! Wait… how do you heat milk? And how am I supposed to feed the baby? * After a long time, Yue finally got the hang of how to heat milk in a saucepan (The microwave exploded, remember?), although Yue suspected it would have taken less time if Cerebus hadn't accidentally activated the Firey card, which had taken up residence in the stove. The kitchen now smelled of burnt milk. Then Yue groaned. "Wait a minute…I don't think Syaoran can use a cup? How do I feed him?" Yue ran to find Clow, who was busy making another card. (We have now determined that Yue cannot cook.)

"Master Clow! What do I do? How do I feed him?" Yue asked. Clow looked up and shouted something. A set of baby bottles formed, along with a pacifier, several diapers, a crib, and other miscellaneous items. "There. That should be enough, Yue." Said Clow. Yue looked at the stack of items and picked up a baby bottle. Then, he poured some warm milk in it and slowly and painstakingly fed Syaoran.

The feeding was rather uneventful, unless you count the fact that Yue got covered with stuff when Syaoran burped. Yue sighed. Then, he left Syaoran in the care of Cerebus and went to get cleaned up. A shower would probably help, and it was lucky that Master Clow had made him some extra clothes. With that thought in mind, Yue headed off to his room. (Does he have one? Oh well…)

Syaoran giggled and crawled over to Cerebus, who was sleeping. Yue had left to change out of his ruined uniform. When he returned, he saw Cerebus sitting in a pitiful heap, covered with soap bubbles. Yue stared. Syaoran ran (How is that possible?) over to him. "Mama!" he cried, jumping onto Yue, who freaked.

Cerebus frowned. "Next time you go off, moon angel, WARN ME!!!" he shouted. Yue was still trying to untangle Syaoran from his hair. "What do you mean Cerebus?" he asked. Cerebus growled. "That kid's got magic! It's creepy! He apparently decided that it would be cool to wake me up! Well, he must have done something, because I wake up and there's a mermaid that looks sort of like the Watery Clow just created throwing soapsuds at me! Now look at me!" Cerebus finished with a growl.

Yue looked surprised. He was even more surprised when Syaoran giggled again. * This kid is too cheerful. * He thought. Then, he quickly jumped out of the way when Cerebus started shaking himself, spraying water everywhere. Suddenly, a small mermaid figure did appear. "Bubbles!" Syaoran trilled, smiling. Immediately, the girl winked and smiled, before launching a huge ball of bubbles at the unsuspecting Cerebus. Just then, Clow came in.

Clow suppressed a laugh when he saw the scene before him. A sopping wet Cerebus, Yue trying to untangle Syaoran from his hair, and the Bubbles card throwing soap bubbles at whoever came too close. Yue finally got Syaoran out of his hair, before deciding that he needed a ponytail. (And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the real reason why Yue has most of his hair in a ponytail.) Yue and Cerebus both looked at Clow.

"Clow! I want an explanation!" Cerebus cried. "What is THAT?!" He pointed to the Bubbles card. Clow smiled his 'evil' grin. "It's the Bubbles card, Cerebus. Now, I won't have to force Yue to do my laundry anymore! Isn't it great?" Cerebus frowned. "GREAT?! THAT THING TRIED TO KILL ME!!!" Bubbles started to cry and turned back into a card, which Clow picked up before exiting the scene.

The day progressed rather uneventfully. Yue had found out that the Bubbles card could also be used as a bathing agent. He simply had to leave Syaoran in the bathroom with Bubbles for 15 minutes. When he went back in, Syaoran would be clean and ready to go. That was a relief. However, Yue still had lots of problems trying to change diapers. (Poor Yue-san! Are you feeling sorry for him yet?)

A month had passed. Yue had gotten a little bit more used to his role as Syaoran's 'mother', even though he still didn't like it. However, there was one thing that not even Clow could explain. Syaoran was growing faster then any normal child should. Right now, he was about 3 years old already. It was a perplexing matter. Just then, there was a high-pitched scream from the back yard. Yue sighed as he flew outside to take a look. What he saw terrified him.

There was a sorcerer dressed all in black, complete with a facemask that left only his eyes exposed. In one hand, he held a screaming Syaoran. In the other, a very sharp looking knife. The sorcerer leered at Yue. "Don't move, moon guardian, or this kid here dies!" Then, he dissolved into cackles of insane laughter. Yue was frozen. * What am I going to do?! Clow trusts me to take care of Syaoran… * Suddenly, Syaoran's eyes lit up as silver energy exploded from his body.

The sorcerer was startled and dropped Syaoran, which enabled Yue to fire a wave of crystal shards at him. Then, the sorcerer struck back with a whip of black lightning, knocking Yue to the ground. Syaoran ran over to him. "You hurt Yue!" He cried. Syaoran's aura lit up the area around him, as the sorcerer advanced. "Heh. You're only a little kid. You can't do anything!" the man said scornfully. Then, the earth beneath them rumbled and split. Yue barely had time to bring his silver shield up around both of them before they went flying into the air.

* Oh shoot! We're going to hit the wall! * Was Yue's last coherent thought before they did, indeed hit the wall. What he didn't see after he blacked out was Syaoran charge the sorcerer as silver wings sprouted out of his back. He also didn't see the sorcerer fall to the ground after Syaoran threw magic at him. And he didn't see Clow FINALLY come out of his study and lock the intruder up in a magic-proof cage. (Ouch! Yue is going to have a really bad headache when he wakes up. Hehehe. )

When Yue finally awakened, he saw an anxious Syaoran bending over him. "Yue! You're awake!" he cried excitedly. Yue groaned as he stretched, feeling bruises all over his body. His second thought was that Syaoran looked different. His hair-wasn't it brown before?- had turned silver, and there were a pair of wings coming out of his back. Yue rubbed his eyes before noticing that Clow and Cerebus were also in the room, looking at him with amusement.

"What happened?" Yue asked. Syaoran looked down. "Well, after we hit the wall, you blacked out. I wasn't hurt since you were protecting me (Syaoran blushed here) and I guess something in me snapped. The next thing I knew, Clow was looking at me and the sorcerer was in a cage and Cerebus was trying to revive you and then I saw myself in a mirror and screamed." He said, all in one breath. Yue looked a bit confused, so he looked at Clow for an explanation. Cerebus spoke up.

"Apparently Syaoran has some kind of bond with you, so he sort of borrowed your energy and attacked the sorcerer in a fury, and then Clow and I heard the commotion and went outside to take a look, and we found you against the wall with Syaoran trying to revive you and then Clow locked up the person and that's all." Cerebus finished, looking a bit miffed. Clow nodded.

"Syaoran has some sort of bond with me?" Yue asked. Clow spoke up. "I think it has to do with the fact that you both draw your power from the moon. Also, it may result from the fact that Syaoran thought that you're his-err, mother, and since you both have a connection to me in some way." Said Clow. "Those are both potential bonds that could have resulted any time." Yue looked at Syaoran, who now looked to be about five years old. "And it would explain why Syaoran is growing up so fast."

"Yue-san." Said Syaoran, chirping as he looked at his 'parent'. Yue sighed and picked up the five year old, feeling the familiar presence of the moon power. Syaoran buried his head in Yue's shoulder, as the moon guardian headed off to his own room. Cerebus watched in amusement. "There is something between those two." He remarked. Clow smiled. "I know." Was all he said before retreating to his study for some reasons known only to him.

The next day, Yue was teaching Syaoran archery when Clow walked in with something. "Yes master?" Yue asked. Clow walked over to Syaoran and handed him a necklace. Syaoran made a face, but he put it around his neck. Then, Clow left. Syaoran and Yue shrugged and went back to their lesson. "Now, Syaoran, move your hand up more and aim higher." Said Yue. Syaoran nodded and shot a silvery arrow that hit close to the center of the target.

"Good. Now, a bit lower and concentrate." Said Yue. Syaoran complied and after several tries, finally managed to nail the center. "Yes!" said Syaoran, jumping up and down and hugging Yue. "Thank you Yue-san!" Yue looked shocked. Then he smiled a little bit. Clow took note of this.

When Clow walked back to the study, he found the sorcerer trying to saw through the cage with his knife. "Don't even think about it." Said Clow, frowning. "Now tell me. Why did you try to kill my guardians? And who are you?" The man frowned as he growled. "Have you forgotten me already, Clow? Too obsessed with your Cards and those precious guardians to remember your former apprentice?" Clow narrowed his eyes. "Jinmu. (Gold wood)" He said, his voice turning icy.

"Yes. You cast me out. I was mocked! Imagine it, an apprentice of the great magician Clow Reed and then rejected! How do you think I felt!" he shouted. Clow twirled his staff around in his fingers as he replied, "If you hadn't been so foolish, trying to create your own creatures and cards before you were ready, and almost destroying the Balance, I would not have disowned you. You brought this on yourself. And you will now pay the price."

Jinmu stared, and started laughing. "Don't make me laugh! You're a spineless old fool who couldn't kill a flea! HAHAHAHAH!" Then, he was slammed into the wall by the Shot card. Clow had a faint look of regret in his eyes. "You are a danger to everyone. I am going to do this to ensure you will never harm anyone again. Lock!" The lock card materialized and Jinmu was sealed.

Okay, we'll skip to a few months later…

It was…another day at Clow's house. He was almost done with the cards. Syaoran was 11 or 12 now, and his magical powers were steadily getting stronger. Yue had become less cold and distant, and Cerebus was still Cerebus. Clow was positive there was this sort of link between Yue and Syaoran, although neither of them had mentioned it. There were some advantages to being able to read minds.

Syaoran lunged swiftly, stepping back to parry a blow from the mirror card. It was a near-perfect duplicate of him- with the exception of his feelings. He idly brought his sword up in 'guard' position before delivering a spin kick to Mirror's unprotected left side, knocking her off her feet. Then, he calmly lowered his blade toward her throat in the 'kill' position. Mirror sighed and reverted back to her true form.

Faint applause was heard. Syaoran spun around to face Yue and Cerebus. Yue looked a bit bored, while Cerebus was clapping his paws enthusiastically and twitching his tail. "Excellent." Said Yue, putting all of his praise in that one word. Syaoran smiled. "Thank you, Yue-san." He said. "I'm impressed!" said Cerebus. "I didn't think you were any good, and you weren't even using the Sword Card! That is just so cool!"

"Very good, Syaoran." Clow said. Then, he yelled out a command in Chinese. Syaoran gasped in surprise as the key around his neck began to glow. "What-the!" Syaoran asked. Then, his wings and hair changed again. And blue cards began to gather around him.

"The moon cards, and their guardian Lune." Clow said. "Excuse me?!" Syaoran asked. Yue looked at him. "I did not create the moon cards. You did. You've been subconsciously creating them using pure moon energy." He said. "As for the name, that was just a whim. After all, we can't have a moon guardian named Syaoran, can we?"

Syaoran * sigh *. "But how could I create cards without knowing?" he asked.

"You did know, only on a subconscious level. Someone has to carry on my work after I am gone, and you're the only one who can do it." Clow said. This brought strong reactions from the guardians, but Clow waved off their protests.

"All humans die sometime, and I've been living for several hundred years already." Clow said. Yue was crying, tears running down his face, while Cerebus howled and shook his head in denial.

Clow promised them that he wasn't going to die just yet, which was a relief to all of the guardians, but they were still worried.

"Yue-san, is this my fault?" Syaoran asked. Yue looked at him. "What do you mean, Syaoran, I mean Lune?"

"Is Clow Reed-san just going to die so he won't be hampering my magical powers? Because if that's the case, I don't deserve to be his successor. I'm so scared Yue-san!" Syaoran finished, crying.

Yue picked up the crying Syaoran. (Or should I call him Lune now?) "Don't worry Syaoran, it'll all work out in the end."

It was another three months before Clow finally announced his decision again. All three guardians stared in horror.

"Master Clow, you can't!" Cerebus shouted. "No… it's all my fault!" Syaoran cried. "If you hadn't adopted me-!" Clow cut them both off by waving a hand.

"It must be now." Clow said. "Yue, since you seem to be the most reluctant one, you will be given the duty of being the Decision Maker, to choose a new candidate who you think will fill the requirements."

"No one will come up to my standards! I don't want a new master!" Yue cried.

"On the other hand, since Yue will undoubtly be biased, Cerebus should make the decision and Yue will become the Final Judgment Maker and judge." Clow said.

"You've really thought this out very carefully, Master Clow." Syaoran said, looking at Clow.

"Yes, and I know what will happen, so…" Clow finished. "A person will appear and become your new master…"

"I don't want a new master!" Yue repeated. "Let me sleep in the book forever…"

"Yue, Cerebus, and the Cards." Clow said. "They were all created by heart's blood and magic. I don't want you to disappear after my death, I wish you will be happy with your new master." Clow hugged Yue, before Yue fainted and turned into the little winged moon. (Speaking of that, why don't you ever see it after Manga six?)

"You know Yue's heart best, Master." Cerebus said. "Still, I am disappointed… to choose me as the Decision Maker…"

"Yue will live through this." Clow said, as he hugged Cerebus before he turned him into the glowing sun.

"And you, Lune." Clow said, turning to Syaoran. "Stay awake, don't sleep. And keep an eye on Yue and Cerebus for me." he said.

Syaoran nodded, before folding his wings around him as he returned to his other form. Brown eyes opened and looked at Clow unflinchingly.

"It is time for my last great magic work." Clow said. His staff dissolved as magic warped around both of them. Syaoran saw two different people, but that was it. Then, Syaoran quickly left. Another 30 years of hiding lay in wait for him.

The End! This took me a month to write, so I put Differences can be Deadly on hold. Sorry! Anyways, now I can continue DCBD! Sorry, but I'm not that good @discriptions of death of Clow. :(