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Chap 4

Final station Quistis and Selphie Therapy

( Kairi and a piece of cheese are on a therapy chair)

Quitsis: (Inhales)

( For my free time I didn't feel like doing this part)

Quitsis: Hey!?

(Back on Destiny Island+

Kairi: I hate this Leon didn't help.

Sora: Rinoa was hot.

Kairi: (Drop kicks Sora)

Riku: (walks in and sees Kairi and Sora fighting and leaves)


Kairi got hit on the head with the keyblade and relized she hate chees and now has an obssession with Elite Beat Agents.

Leon (if you read Organization goes to shoprite) got his salt.

And as for Irvine.

Irvine: (Walking down the street)

Zell: Irvine got a gun. Irvines got a...

(Gun shot)

The end