Authors Notes: Aw, guys, I'm gonna miss this story. Hopefully you enjoy what's left. And I'm glad some of you noticed where I got my inspiration last chapter, eheheh. Can someone say, James Lucas Scott? I sure can!


When You Lose Your Way

I Will Follow


"Draco, I'm okay..."

"Hurry, it could come out any minute!"

"For Merlin's sake I've only been in labour for a few minutes!"

"She's in pain, people, she's in pain, someone hurry up and get her to the hospital wing!"

"Oh for crying out loud, Draco there's only the three of us here!"

I couldn't believe it. I really just couldn't believe it. Hermione, my Hermione, is at this very moment, in labour, and about to give birth to our child. Talk about timing! Graduation was cut short 'cause of this little interruption, and now all of the school is waiting in anticipation for the birth. Not to put any pressure on my girlfriend but hundreds of people really wanted to see the baby soon to come out of her, and I don't think they want her to take her precious time.

"Draco, slow down, I'm popping out of the seat," Hermione ordered, as I wheeled her faster and faster on the wheelchair they'd placed her on. I didn't realize how hard it actually was going down the hill to Hogwarts and to the hospital wing. It was very bumpy, and if Hermione wasn't grasping onto the arm rests for her life, she may have fallen out by now. I slowed down, hoping to decrease the risk, and Hermione calmed.

"Hey Genius, why don't you just levitate her?" Harry questioned, as he jogged from behind us. I ignored him and kept on going.

"I'm fine," Hermione said to him. "Where are Ron and Ginny?"

"Trying to calm down the whole school."

"I've completely wrecked graduation," she groaned, while rubbing her forehead. I spotted the hospital wing a few feet away and was thankful. Hermione had gotten a lot heavier since the starting of her pregnancy and I couldn't go any further.

"You haven't wrecked a thing," I said, about to reach the hospital doors. "You've made everything much more exciting." I kneeled down to kiss her, but she took my chin and held it tight.

"You'll stay with me, won't you?" she asked. This was the first time I heard feart in her voice, and it scared me.

"I'll stay with you," I promised. "Harry will take care of you for the moment, though, okay? I just need a moment..."

"You need the moment?" Hermione asked. "I'm in immense pain! You might think the lady in labour should be the one to have a few minutes to herself!"

"Hermione," I said.

She tilted her head. "Oh, by all means, take all the time you need. You're not the one about to endure endless hours of pain."

"I'll be right back," I said. I kissed her quickly and left her at the doors of the hospital wing. I turned around, but Harry grabbed my shoulder, and grasped it tightly.

"I know Hermione will be okay," he muttered, "and so will you."

My neck instinctively popped my head backwards. I didn't hear this often from Potter. "Thanks," I said. Then I was gone.

I made sure the two had entered the hospital wing before I began to hyperventilate. I was going to be a Dad. Hermione and I would be having a baby in the next couple of hours and I was hardly prepared for the fright that was overcoming me. A glob of vomit was preparing to exit out of my mouth.

From the distance, I could hear commotion from the people who were at the graduation. They had high hopes for Hermione and I - that she would give birth and I'd take care of the family, and become the good Father they knew I could be. I felt sicker and sicker by the second.

"Malfoy?" I heard from behind me.

I gave a queasy look to Weasley, who was trotting down the hill with his sister. Nodding, I tried keeping my mouth shut, which made it terribly hard to hyperventilate only through my nose.

"You look like you're going to die," Ginny said off-handedly, while looking beyond me to the hospital doors. "Is Hermione in there already?" I nodded again. My stomach churned and it hurt that I was holding it in. "Are you okay?" Ginny asked me with concern this time.

I didn't answer her, and only looked away. Not because I didn't want to admit I was scared, but because I might puke on her if I did. Weasley took the reins in the conversation and patted me on the back. I gagged more and more each time I felt his hand come down on me.

"It's going to be okay, Malfoy," Ron said. I would have been thankful for his words of comfort had he not been torturing me with holding in my vomit. "I get that your scared. I'm scared too. But we need to get inside those hospital doors and be there for Hermione. She needs all the support she can get. Are you coming with me?"

I sort of smiled at this, and nodded. It was pretty consoling, to know that he was just as nervous and scared as me. "Now let's go," Weasley said.

I turned around to follow him, but I bumped into his broad shoulders. I couldn't contain it. I blew chunks on his shirt, and Ginny squealed.

The rancid smell of vomit filled the air around us. I shrugged feebly and wiped the corners of my mouth with my sleeve.

"Um," I said, to the red headed boy with an angry flush the shade of a tomato creeping upon his cheeks, "I'm ready?"

He growled and pulled me by the collar, towards the hospital. "You're cleaning this," he muttered. Ginny followed right after us, and without my knowing, I was thrust into the hospital doors.

At least I didn't faint, right?


Hermione groaned with boredom. My head slumped to the side, and I groaned too, only more out of impatience.

"Why is this taking so long!" Hermione complained. I held tightly onto her hand and tried to cheer her up.

"At least you only have one more centimetre left to go," I said.

"That could take another hour!" I sighed. That was true.

"This takes time," I reminded her. She scoffed and looked up at the ceiling.

Hermione was lying down, legs open, on a hospital bed, in a room only for us, and I was in a chair right next to her, holding her hand tightly. Medi-nurse Olsen visited us every now and then to measure her, but not enough to convince us that we had a short time left in here before Hermione could deliver the baby. I groaned again and smacked my forehead with my hands.

All along, I was expecting a busy, rush hour birth, with doctors running around, and me holding the hand of my screaming girlfriend - everything typical about labour. But Hermione and I had been sitting here for three hours, almost four, and nothing happened. Her uterus still wasn't big enough for the baby to come out, and out of the ten centimetres we needed to get into the delivery room, we only barely had nine.

"Who made up the stupid rule that a uterus had to be ten centimetres before a baby could come out, anyways?" Hermione yelled. "Did the genius ever think to consider the woman lying in agony on a hospital bed for hours before stating this fact?"

"Be patient," I said to her. "Our baby just doesn't want to leave you."

She gave me an impatient look and - yes - flicked me.

"Ow," I said, rubbing the spot on my head where I was hit. "What was that for?"

"For trying to be nice to me even though it's not working!"

"And I deserve to be flicked for that?" I challenged.

She crossed her arms and looked away. My head drooped forwards, and I contemplated sleeping.

Very suddenly, Hermione gasped with pain and she growled, trying not to scream or something. Instinctively, her hand squeezed mine very tightly, and it hurt like hell. She writhed in the bed, and I felt bad that she had to endure more pain later on. After a few more seconds, though, the grip decreased, and she was calm again.

"Contraction, again?"

"Obviously," she said grumpily, finding a more comfortable position on the bed. "I hate them. Merlin, I can't wait till this whole ordeal is over and the thing finally pops out!" This last part was screamed.

I shrugged and moved the hair out of her sweaty face. "You're strong enough to make it to the end," I soothed. "You'll be all right."

She tried her best to smile at me. "Well, honestly... I'm actually going to miss having a lump in my stomach - taking care of it and all."

I nodded. "I know. Me too."

Hermione took a deep breath and cocked her head. "But, you know, it'll be great once it's born - we'll have a kid. That's always nice."

I laughed. "Yeah. We'll teach it everything we know. How to read, like you; play quidditch like me. And the baby will be ours."

"Yeah," she said wistfully. I caressed her hand softly and kissed her on the forehead. "I'll try my hardest to be the best Father I can be," I promised her.

"Just be the same man you've been to me throughout this whole thing. Caring, loving, understanding and tolerant... and you'll be fine."

"I promise not to be the other man I was before all of this."

Hermione nodded vigorously. "I hope not. You were the man that hurt me before; you're the man who healed me, now."

My mouth tightened, and that comment right there made my heart swell into large proportions. "I love you," I breathed.

She gave me a real smile this time and stretched out her hand, to comb my hair and hold tightly onto my neck, so I was still very close to her. Hermione sighed, and we both breathed in and out, knowing that very soon, our long awaited child was going to come, and that we would both be okay. Somehow, it was what we both knew.

"I'm sorry I flicked you," she said quietly. I laughed.

"I'm sorry that this is only going to hurt more later."

The smile disappeared quickly from her face, and she pushed me away roughly, so I was thrust back onto my chair. "Wow, comforting. Thanks."

I scoffed, not being able to believe her mood swings. Even now, when the pregnancy was almost over, she still had them. I was looking forward to the normal Hermione after this was all done. I rolled my eyes and lay back down, but still living the moment we just had. I gave her a patient look, and she gave me a distant smile. I sighed.

We waited some more, me still holding her hand, and even tried to sleep. I thought that if she was in slumber during the contractions, they wouldn't hurt her as much, but Hermione couldn't sleep a wink, and neither could I, what with all the hand squeezing. Medi-nurse Olsen came in every now and then, as always, but she continued to shake her head and say, "It needs more time." I was literally about to give up on the whole thing once we were almost upon the end of our fourth hour in here.

"Back," Medi-nurse Olsen said. There was no change in her voice.

"It's your billionth time here," I said weakly. "Please tell me Hermione is ready for the delivery room?"

She held up a finger, telling me to wait, while she measured Hermione. Hermione barely payed attention, as she stared aimlessly at the ceiling.

"Any changes?" I asked.

"Well, well," Medi-nurse Olsen said, as she began writing things down on a clipboard. "Looks like I made you wait too long," she chuckled.

I glared evil daggers at her. "What does that mean? Those final moments of waiting were an absolute waste?"

Medi-nurse Olsen gave me a clear look. "It means Hermione is eleven centimetres."

Hermione's eye balls shot out of her sockets, and she gripped the medal supports on the side of her bed. "W-What?"

I blanched. "She's - she's what?"

Medi-nurse Olsen gave us a knowing smile, and my mind reeled.

"Oh dear Merlin! Oh Mother of Merlin! Holy grail! Holy Merlin! Holy sh - !"

"I can't believe it!" Hermione shrieked.

"Miss Granger, you're ready to give birth."

"I'm trying!" Hermione screamed, as she held tightly onto my hand.

"Come on, Hermione, you're almost there, you're almost there..."

"I - I..." Hermione trailed off weakly and thrust her head backwards in agony. "I can't," she said, tears welling in the side of her eyes.

"Come on, Hermione, you can do it," I said, wanting to see the baby so bad. "You can do this!"

"It hurts," she said, her voice cracking in the middle. She began panting and panting, her screams never ceasing to fill the air in the room. "It hurts," she repeated.

"I can almost see it," Medi-nurse Olsen said, who happened to be a mid-wife as well as a doctor.

"Really?" Hermione asked hopefully, but not before she yelled in pain.

"Yes, but you have a long way to go," she said. Hermione's groans tore my heart in half, but I had to encourage her to continue, no matter how much pain she was in.

"Hermione, do you remember the time when you slapped me in the third year?"

She gave me an unbelieving look. "And you're talking about this now, because?" Her last syllable was screeched.

"Do you remember how angry you were at me?"

"Yes!" she panted.

"And do you remember how brave you were to actually do something that painful?"

Hermione rolled her eyes in her pain. "Nice analogy, love, but the pain was on you not me!"

"That doesn't make a difference!" I said, even though it really did. "You were brave enough! Now be that same young and brave girl you were then, so you can get through this!"

She sobbed and pushed harder. "Push harder, Hermione, that's not good enough," Medi-nurse Olsen prompted. Hermione wimpered and pushed some more, her face turning red from all the pain and pumping she was doing.

"I see it!" Medi-nurse Olsen said after a few agonizing minutes. "That's the head! Oh, yes, there it is! The beautiful baby..."

I gasped and let go of Hermione momentarily. "Where is it? Where's my baby?" I went to where Medi-nurse Olsen was operating, took a look, and almost fainted. Instead, I backed away and banged my head on some equipment.

"Oh my goodness!" I said. "That was disgusting!" I rubbed my injured head very roughly.

"That, my friend, was your child," Medi-nurse Olsen said. I took my place beside Hermione once again and she looked at me hopefully.

"Was it beautiful? Like what we imagined?" I put on a good face and nodded, but then turned away quickly and shook my head. Medi-nurse Olsen scolded me with her eyes.

"Here it comes!"

Hermione screamed. "I have a head!" I gripped her hand tighter, and she pumped some more. "I have shoulders! Healthy hands, fingers, a stomach..."

I waited for the final moment, and Hermione gave it her all. A baby's crying filled the room. "He's here!"

A heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders as I spotted the bloody mess in the arms of Medi-nurse Olsen. I couldn't believe it.

"He's a boy," Medi-nurse Olsen cheered, coming over and showing us our son.

"Baby boy," Hermione said, touching his face with her two fingers. My eyes welled like a baby, which is pretty ironic, and I brushed my hand over his cheek, just like I did with Hermione.

"Baby boy," I repeated. "Welcome to the wizarding world."

Hermione couldn't take her eyes off of him. "Don't you still owe me five galleons?" she asked, referring to the bet we made; I bet that we were going to have a girl. I had a feeling in my heart that it was going to be one though, and Hermione knew this, but I can't say I'm disappointed to see this baby boy in front of me.

I only laughed and said, "I truly thought we were going to have a girl."

"Maybe next time," Hermione said. I nodded, and watched Medi-nurse Olsen pass our new born son to a helper, to clean him off and cut off his umbilical cord.

"Okay, no time for rest," she said, taking her seat in front of Hermione again. "We need to get that other one out."

My eyebrows connected. "What do you mean?"

Hermione screamed in pain. "What the hell? I thought we were through with this whole labour thing!"

Medi-nurse Olsen looked confused. "I thought you knew."

"Knew what?" I demanded. Hermione's eyes popped out of her eyes.

"No... we can't have... we only saw - " she gripped my hand and she stifled a shriek.

"Didn't you read the file completely?"

"Why?" I complained, wondering what was going on. "Medi-nurse Olsen, Hermione already gave birth to our son! What more is there for her to do?"

"You really didn't know?" she asked, bewildered. "You were supposed to read the file completely. There were two pages."

"Two pages of what?" I almost yelled.

"Don't you remember when you and Hermione came back to my office to find out the gender of your baby? Didn't you flip the page after reading the first page of information on your son? Didn't you see that the next page indicated you were going to have another baby? More specifically - a girl?"

My eyes rolled upwards, and I lost my balance and fell flat on my ass.

Hermione gasped. "Draco!"

Once I hit the floor, I quickly recovered, the pain shooting through my back and head. "I'm okay," I moaned, while rubbing my bum. I got up gingerly and groaned about the pain.

"I can't believe you fainted!" Hermione said.

"Hey! You can't imagine how much that hurt right there." She glared at me. Wrong thing to say I suppose.

"Hermione! Draco! Pay attention!" Medi-nurse Olsen cut in quickly. She kept on talking.

You know, it's funny. I heard what she was saying, but I couldn't comprehend a single bit of it. All this time Hermione and I thought she was carrying a single baby. All this time we thought we were going to have one boy. But we were actually going to have -

"Draco, Hermione," Medi-nurse Olsen said clearly, "you're having twins."

I blanched again, but didn't faint this time. I said the first thing that came to my mind. "I knew it!"

Hermione looked at me like I was a maniac and said, "That wasn't what we bargained!"

"There's no time for this," Medi-nurse Olsen said quickly, "you're daughter seems to be quite in a hurry to get out, so we should get back to work."

"No! Wait! Medi-nurse Olsen - you - you - you implied during all our check-ups and visits that I was only having one child!"

"Oh, honestly," she said, "do you really expect me to keep track of all the babies my clients are going to have?"

"So you just happened to forget that I was going to have two kids?!"

"If you had just read the file completely..."

Hermione made a lunge out of the hospital bed to grab Medi-nurse Olsen. "You - you!"

"Hermione!" I said, holding her back. "Now's not the time for murder! Maybe later, after you've had our kids, okay?"

"I agree with Draco," Medi-nurse Olsen said quickly, trying to avoid decapitation from a pregnant woman. "Your second child really is on the way now."

Hermione threw me a worried glance but I shrugged it off. We were having not one, but two children today - we were the luckiest parents in the world - plus, I didn't have to pay her five galleons. My life could not be any better. We would make room for this unexpected addition, no matter what.

"Come on, Hermione, you can do this," the flustered nurse said, "she's almost there..."

"Until five seconds ago I didn't even know she was there!" Hermione exclaimed through heaves.

"Just push!" the nurse said forcefully.

Hermione, in her pain, had the strength to be sarcastic. "Oh, yes, because that's so easy!"

"Just push!" Medi-nurse Olsen and I said in unison. Hermioine rolled her eyes at us and continued, doing a better job this time.

"I've got a head!"

"We've got a head!" I repeated.

"I see a stomach!"

"We see a stomach!"

"I've got her legs!"

"We've got her legs!

There was a pause in Medi-nurse Olsen's chant, and Hermione grunted/screeched/screamed/groaned all at once for the last time. Another cry filled the room.

"We've got a girl!"

I was elated. "We've got a girl!"

The child was immediately taken away from Medi-nurse Olsen's arms, and taken off to be with her brother - Hermione and I barely got a peek, but they made sure to pass her by us so we could get a look at our little surprise.

"Oh Merlin," Hermione said, once she waved farewell to our daughter. I held myself back from following her out. I wanted to see my babies.

"Twins," I said, still not believing it. "We have twins."

"Please don't tell me there's another on the way," Hermione said when Medi-nurse Olsen walked up to us.

"No," Medi-nurse Olsen laughed. She smiled lightly and put her hands on our shoulders. "You both did great. You're children are being cleaned right now, but once we're done taking down their informatioin we'll bring them straight to you. For now, you both rest."

I stood up. "But I want to see my babies."

"And you will - but you're both tired. Get some rest."

I looked down at my wife and saw that she was already half way to slumber. "Tell them I love them," she said dreamily. I sighed, and knew I had to be with my wife right now. "Okay."

"I sure will," the nurse said in response to Hermione. "Sleep tight."

She walked out of the room, and I settled myself into a chair beside Hermione's hospital bed. They'd levitate her into a new one later, and probably wake me up, so to save myself from the bother, I just watched her rest. After all, my girlfriend deserved it.

I glanced at the clock and saw it was almost half-passed six. I watched the time pass, and soon I was in dreamland as well. The place where I dreamt of Hermione, my boy and my girl all at once, and how much I loved them all. In that state, I was at peace.

I nodded. "That's the fourth time you've asked."

"Sorry," he murmured. "I just can't believe it."

I sat down with my baby boy in my hands and cradled him gently, and Hermione was on her hospital bed with the girl. Harry, Ron and Ginny flanked her, while Blaise stood by me. I laughed when the boy gurgled.

"He's pretty cute," Blaise said.

"Pretty cute?" I asked.

"Hey, I called him pretty," Blaise defended.

"Well he's that and more." I cradled him for a moment then asked, "How is the rest of the school taking the news?"

"The same way they when they found out you got Hermione pregnant."

"So they're laughing in our faces?" I asked sarcastically.

"They're laughing in joy, mate, laughing in joy," he said instead. "They actually think it's pretty awesome. I don't blame them. These are Hogwarts resident twins. They're like our mascots for unity."

"Yeah, that's true. After all, they did unite Hermione and I."

"Blech," Blaise said. "What are their facts again?" he asked.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Potter approach, and he answered the question instead. "Five and a half pounds, 12 inches long, born June 22nd, at 6:08," I knew instantly he was describing the boy. "Five and a half pounds, 11 and a half inches long, born June 22nd at 6:18," he continued, going into detail about the girl. "I've memorized every statistic I can about these two. It amazes me that a runt like you had a part in making them." Potter laughed and I rolled my eyes.

"I hope you know that you're terribly lucky I'm allowing you to even come near them."

"I hope you know you're terribly lucky to have them, and that Ginny and Hermione bought mismatched clothes during her pregnancy, so you don't have to spend more money on clothes for the girl."

"And that I'm rich as hell, so it doesn't even matter," I said. "The only thing I'm glad about other than the birth of these two angels is that there's room enough in the house for the both of them."

"Look at the little guy," Blaise said out of the blue. "He's a young quidditch player in the making." He then looked across the room to where Hermione was breast feeding, and our girl was drinking up like a maniac. I smacked Blaise for looking at my girlfriend and he turned away.

"Switch," I called out after a while. I walked carefully over to Hermione, and handed over the boy, while I got the girl.

"Hello, baby girl," I greeted.

"Hello, baby boy," Hermione echoed.

"Why haven't you given them names, yet?" Ginny asked, after making goo-goo-ga-ga faces at the girl.

"We've been trying to figure that out for the last two days, but we can't decide on something," Hermione said.

"Let me make it easier for you," Ron said, "I allow you to name him Ronald."

I scoffed. "No thanks."

Hermione glared at me for saying that. "I'd like for you to name the girl, Draco," she said, instead of scolding me.

I was taken aback. "Why?"

"Because you knew all along we were going to have a girl, even when we thought we'd have just a boy. I feel stupid for not feeling her beautiful presence."

I nodded. "All right. And you'll name the boy?"

"Yes. This whole time I've been pondering boy names - I don't want that to go to waste."

"Any suggestions?" I asked her. I didn't want to displease her with what I named our child. She thought for a moment and I saw the light bulb go off on top of her head.

"If it's okay, have her first name start with a 'D,' and the middle name with an 'H,' so they compliment both of our names. I'll do the same with the boy, and that way, none of us are too mad. The last name is Malfoy."

I laughed. "Done."

"Privacy, please?" Hermione asked immediately.

Our friends kissed each child on the head and left reluctantly, but with the promise that they'd visit us again later for lunch.

"That's perfect," Hermione said. "We'll meet you in the Great Hall, okay? We'll have their names by then."

"So you won't be staying here?" Ron asked.

"No, we're checking out soon - once we figure out their names," I added.

"Well, I guess we'll see you then," Ginny said. "Make it a surprise!"

They all four began to walk out of our room, and I heard Blaise say, "I take it you like surprises, Red Head?"

"More specifically I like my foot up people's privates."


I quickly got up from my seat without dropping my sweet baby girl and shut the door. The morning sun shone through a window in the room, and after Hermione found our designated places in the room to ponder, we quickly went to thinking for names of our beautiful twins.


"Come on Draco, they're waiting for us," Hermione called.

"Hold on, little guy over here is slowing me down."

I was holding our son in my arms because he was getting fidgety in the stroller, but that didn't make any difference. Hermione had our girl in her seperate stroller (we had another which could hold the both of them), who was just fine, but the boy just didn't want to sit still.

"Put him back in the stroller and give him his pacifier."

I did as she instructed, and after a while, he was quiet. I sighed. "Imagine the trouble we'll have with them later on."

"Don't even go there," Hermione warned. She picked up her pace with the stroller and called me again. "Draco, come on."

I brought myself back up to her speed and was getting ready to enter the Great Hall. The doors were closed, and I could hear the buzz of people as students milled around during lunch time. I was about to open the door when Hermione paused, set aside her stroller and mine, and grabbed my robes softly.

"You won't be ashamed going in there with our children?"

"Are you kidding? With kids like this, I'm going to be Mister Popularity."

She kissed me softly. "Good."

Hermione was about to take the stroller up again when I stopped her. "What about you?"

She smiled. "You can just call me Miss Popularity."

I rolled my eyes and kissed her like she kissed me.

Quickly, I gathered up our son in my arms and Hermione did the same with the girl. After making sure they didn't wee or anything we both pushed open the doors of the Great Hall, and the sudden movement inside stopped. Arms were thrust up in the air, and a thunderous roar of, "Surprise!" filled the room.

"What the bloody hell?" I asked, taken aback.

"It's a surprise party!" Hermione shrieked. She loved them.

All around the Great Hall were the students of Hogwarts, each and every single one, and the Professors. I almost fainted with the sight of all the blue and pink streamers everywhere. All the house tables were gone, replaced by one large table with enough food to last each person the whole day, and large circular tables for people to site.

People were surrounded by the table, and there was a large cake in the middle of it. I hadn't had real food in days. I was about to rush up to it and grab myself a piece until I was ambushed by girls in red.

"Hermione!" said tons of Gryffindor girls. They enveloped her in a humongous group hug, and I watched in amusement as they began fussing over our child.

"We heard you had twins!"

"This must be the girl!"

"Isn't she adorable?"

"What's her name?"

A million things came out of their minds but that one question stood out from the rest of them. Hermione looked at me and smiled.

"Yeah, what are their names?" Blaise asked, walking up to us out of no where. I saw Ron and Harry with Hermione, and Ginny was holding our girl.

I punched him. "You never told me you were planning on doing this."

"You never told me you were planning on having kids."

"When did you guys decide to have this little get-together?"

"When did you guys decide on having twins?"

"Can you stop now?"

"We planned it really last minute when we found out you were leaving the hospital," Harry said instead, clasping a hand to my shoulder. "Congratulations on the birth of your unexpected twins."

I smiled. "Thanks."

"Sorry about the banners," Ron said. "We thought you were just having a boy and we only bought that one before the labour."

I looked up at the decorations and saw one banner hanging up from the ceiling. It said, "IT'S A BOY!" and with an arrow pointing farther to the right, in block letters, it said, "AND A GIRL!"

I laughed. "Where's Hermione?"

"Right here," she said, holding our baby askew, and rather breathless. "Can we tell them the names now?" Hermione said. "The girls won't leave me along till I tell them." Her eyes flitted sideways, and I saw them huddled in a group, looking at us with expectancy.

"Yeah, come on, give," Ginny said, one hand with a plate of cake. "And I'll give you this to you."

I licked my lips and said, "All right, everybody gather 'round!" I wanted that cake.

The whole school grouped themselves in a circle around us and I had to stop myself from getting claustrophobic. I always hated small spaces.

"If any of you are wondering about the names of our twins..." I announced. The whole place erupted in cheers.

"Yes we are!"

"What are they?" some people demanded.

I took a suspenseful breath. "Well, our son's name is Derek Hadrian Malfoy. Hermione picked it out. And he's the oldest." I picked him up proudly and held Derek up, introducing him to my world. Our world. "Say hello, baby boy." Derek gurgled, and the whole Great Hall was robbed of their breath.

"Hello, Derek," some people whispered. I smiled.

"All right, well, our girl - "

"Let me," Hermione hissed from beside me. I rolled my eyes and nodded in her direction, letting her have the floor.

"This is our baby girl - unexpected as she was, Draco always knew we'd have her, like I knew we'd have Derek - but because she was a surprise, I only love her even more. Guys, this is Drusilla. Drusilla Hera Malfoy - and she's Derek's little twin sister."

We got the same reactions, except this time, people swept them up in their arms and held them tightly. I freaked out about other people holding them but Hermione held my arm.

"Let them," she said. I nodded. Derek and Drusilla were becoming part of our world by the second, and I wouldn't want them anywhere else.

"Hot names," said Blaise, clapping his hands.

"Derek and Drusilla, eh?" Ron asked.

"Those are my kids," I confirmed. I stopped myself from mentioning beautiful, amazing, adorable kids. "My family."

We watched later on in amusement as people began playing with them and spoon feeding them with the baby food we brought in the strollers. Tons of my Slytherin mates congratulated me, which surprised Hermione, and even me. Even some of her Gryffindor friends told me I was going to be a great father.

"It seems we thought wrong about this whole situation," I said, as a mixed group of students from different houses walked away from Hermione and I after saying quick greetings.

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked.

"I thought some people wouldn't accept your pregnancy and that I was the father. But here we are, being congratulated and loved. Things turned out better than I expected."

"It's because of Derek and Dru. New life is always something to be celebrated, even in odd circumstances." I nodded.

"Told you I was going to be Mister Popularity," I commented to her.

"I never said you wouldn't be," she said. "Besides, if you're Mister Popularity, I'm Miss Popularity, remember?"

We both looked around and saw that one of the first years was about to feed Drusilla cake but Hermione, having an eagle's eye, jumped up and ran over to stop the deed. I turned around to the boys, Blaise, Harry and Ron, who heard the last end of our conversation.

"I'm just telling you guys now, she's wrong."

"About being popular? Are you kidding? People are all over her."

We witnessed a whole bunch of her friends tackle her with hugs, Ginny included. If I didn't know any better, Ginny planned it. I laughed.

"No, that's not what I mean. I'm talking about her being a 'Miss.' "

Looks of confusion flashed on their faces for only a moment, but Harry and Ron caught on quickly.

"Are - are you sure?" Harry said urgently. "It's so fast!"

Blaise's eyebrow shot up. "What do you mean, mate? She's single, not married. That's what makes her a 'Miss,'" he said, ignoring what Harry had just said.

"Well she won't be a Miss for long," I hinted.

"Why not?" Blaise questioned. He tipped his cup to his lips to drink from his supposed bubble juice and drank.

I sighed and pointed to my pocket.

"There's a ring in their, you idiot."

Blaise spit out his juice and chuckled. "I always wondered about you..."

I rolled at my eyes about what he was implying. "It's for Hermione, not me!" I whispered in exasperation.

"Why in bloody hell would she need a ring?"

"To stuff it down your throat?" I suggested.

Blaise's forhead creased in confusion once again, but after five excruciating seconds, he caught on. A finger was being pointed at me. "You - you - will you - are you going to - "

Hermione was suddenly upon us again. "Whew," she said. "That was almost torture."

Their mouths immediately shut tight, and I blinked furiously hoping they wouldn't be obvious.

"What?" Hermione asked. "Is there something wrong with Derek or Drusilla?"

I gave a look for Harry, Ron and Blaise to go, which they did immediately. Hermione looked over at our kids, who were being passed on from Professor to Professor. "Oh, no, I see they're fine. Be careful!" she screeched, as Professor Trelawney tossed Derek up and down. "He could get sick!"

I snapped at Hermione and she faced me quickly. "What is it, Draco?"

I raised an eyebrow. This was it. My confidence was draining itself by the second, but I forced myself to continue.

"You look lost, love."

She tilted her head in confusion and looked at me curiously. "Do I?"

"Well, you did," I corrected. "A few months ago, you were lost," I stated.

Hermione's face softened, realizing what I was talking about, and she touched my cheek, caressing it. "I know. But I found my way... with a little help, of course."

"And I'm glad; and I'll help you find your way no matter what. Even when we're apart, I'll find a path to you."

"I know." Hermione laughed nervously. "Draco, I don't get it. Where is this going?"

"No, you truly don't know," I said quickly. "Hermione, I need you to know, that when you get lost, I'm going to push you in the right direction, the path that leads you straight to Derek, Drusilla and me." I paused and held her tightly. No longer was she the girl from yesterday. She was a woman now - one who would do anything for her children, anything in the world. And I would do the same.

"Don't you see, Hermione?" I asked her.

"See what, Draco?"

I sighed. "When you lose your way, I'll follow you."

She smiled. "I know you will. That's why I love you."

"I love you, too."

For some reason, the whole Great Hall quieted down, and some people began shushing, and pointing at us. From the corner of my eye, I could see Blaise whispering in people's ears, obviously telling them what I was going to do, but I didn't care. I wanted the whole world to witness this. They had to.

"Do you promise to always love, care, and be there for our kids?"

"Draco, you know I will."

"Good," I said. "Because I want my wife to be a good Mother to Derek and Drusilla."

She looked at me in a funny way. Like she had never seen me in this light before. Hermione touched my face and looked me in the eyes. I wasn't joking.

"Draco?" she asked.

I knelt.

I'm sure you can imagine what followed next.




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