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Note: This is a piece of crap. It's really not worth reading and was written only when I was freaking out horribly. Clawing idly at your arm to keep yourself from crying, screaming, etc, is a really lame and stupid thing to do, so i forced myself to type instead. I "stream of conciousness'ed" this fic, and then since it bore some resemblence to something KH, i went back and edited it after having calmed and made it make more sense than it originally did. HOWEVER, that doesn't make it any less stupid. Just some random idea of what Riku was thinking the last few moments before, or as Ansem took over him in KH1. Yes..it may not make sense. I honestly don't give a shit :D You were warned.

p o s s e s s ion


And he screamed loud and fierce; it was a dying yell into the bleak grey skies of his mind, intermingling between the drops of rain that were his memories and roars of thunder that were his hate and his love.

Lightning ripped across the sky, across his eyes, across his heart. Somewhere inside of him, something bled, used and broken, acid replaced blood coursing through his veins until it hurt to simply breathe. Burning, burning, burning.

The symphony of screams, the harmony, tranquility, morbid sense of peace gathered from one's hate replaced the little love left in his broken heart, and paved the way for the memories that weren't his. He saw pictures, flashes of red and pain that weren't his, yet he was forced to bare the brunt of it all, because he wasn't strong enough.

Soon everything broke, shattered like glass beyond repair. The pieces akin to stars glittered on the dawning night of his existence, which soon ceased to be, or– at least on the surface anyway.

But it didn't matter; He had been hollow from the start anyway. His heart restless yet empty and an invitation to be invaded. It was the classic story really. He had traded his soul for power, and the price had been realized much, much too late, when he was way too lost to bring himself back.


Don't kill me please -.- I was really upset..and yeah..this was the product of my clouded-by-anger mind e.e -emo's all over the place..no heartheartheart today- -.-;;;