Goddess of Time by Peyton Halliwell Chapter Fifteen: Red Riding Rose

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Rose's eyes slid closed as did his as he carefully slipped inside the mind of his companion. He blinked in surprise when his mental projection of himself found itself standing in a chip shop. From a table by the window Rose looked up at him and smiled. Her hair was shorter and curled away from her face, it was a good look on her but as he examined her he noticed at she looked older. She leaned back, letting him see the tee shirt that said Bad Wolf. "Take a seat Time Lord. And try the chocolate malts, they're fantastic."

The Doctor looked around the small shop, they were other customers that he realized were aliens that he and Rose had met on different occasions. It looked like a regular Earth corner diner on any regular street corner. Filled with booths and tables, some occupied, some not and with waitresses rushing about. He looked back at her trying to hide his confusion, "This usually doesn't happen when I'm in someone's mind"
"I know." She said smirking clearly pleased with herself, "Normally it's a mess of memories, thoughts, fantasies and day dreams." She grinned at him her smile just like Rose's as her tongue slipped out over her teeth, "But I needed to talk to you Doctor, the rest of my mind is still in too much chaos for you to wander around in it." She grabbed a chip from her plate and dipped it into the chocolate malt in front of her. "Fear and doubt will do that to a young mind." She chewed on the chip thoughtfully before looking back up at him, "Really sit down, I may be Bad Wolf but I don't bite that hard."

Sitting across from her, the Doctor took in her appearance and the shop, looking for any clues as to who this being was and how she was creating a sub world within Rose's mind. Bad Wolf watched his with a raised eyebrow for a moment before losing patience. "Oh come on already," She said rolling her eyes at him, "Just ask the questions, that's why you're here isn't it. That's why you decided to poke around in Rose's mind. To find out what was going on in there. You're not gonna find out just by looking at our neighborhood diner"
"Alright." The Doctor responded, "Who are you?"

The woman smiled at him, "I'm your Rose Tyler and I'm not." She continued before he could grill her further. "I suppose I'm the part of her that does understand what is going on, the first two times she shifted it was me in control, I'm part of her but a less powerful part. Just now in the Tardis, I had nothing to do with that, that little light show was all the basic Rose. You see I had control while Rose's brain was changing to allow the power. She-I am human after all." She leaned back, "I understand the how and why Doctor but it is difficult to explain. Especially when it comes down to the personal pronouns." She longed back against the booth bench and watched him with mild interest as he kept his eyes trained on here. They sat like that for several long minutes while the Doctor tried to sort out her words and the meanings.

The Doctor examined her carefully, "What is happening to Rose?" She smiled at his concern, her smirk falling away into a soft smile, very much like his own Rose's. Her voice also dropped from the sarcastic tone down to a gentler one.
"She's becoming what she was born to be, Doctor"
"Rose was born a human being, no one especially not a human should be able to use the Time Vortex, even the Time Lords couldn't." "She's not using the Time Vortex." Bad Wolf said with a smile, "She put it back into the Tardis remember, just like you asked her to. She gave up all that power because her Doctor asked her to." She leaned forward motioning for the Doctor to do the same. "The question you should be asking is what is the power she is using and where does it come from?" She chuckled at the stunned look on his face as she sat back and grabbed another chip.
"Okay..." He started after a moment, "What is the power she is using and where does it come from?"

Bad Wolf tossed her head and sighed, "Now see I really wish I could tell you that but all things in due time, Time Lord." She then smiled at him as she stood up and tossed three quid on the table. "But I can tell you this: the Time War ripped holes in the universe and destroyed many worlds and many planets. As necessary as the destruction of the Daleks was, it came with a very high price. The Time Lords and many others died so that the universe could live." She paused and looked up at the ceiling, even though he was sure that wasn't what she seeing, "Such destruction, such holes allow other forces to enter this universe and things to fall apart. It needs to be fixed, life needs to be protected and the wounds of the Time War must be healed." She looked back to him, "And twenty years ago on a small planet, the forces of the universe came together to bring forth someone who could just that." A grin broke over her face, "Fate, destiny or dumb luck then brought that ignorant being, so blind of her own place in the universe to the one being that could help her and I emerged from deep in her mind when the time came for her to become what she was born to be so that you and I could have this conversation."

He said nothing, he was lost in the magnitude of what he had just been told, the swear size of it and what it meant if it was true. It wasn't possible or at least it didn't make sense. Rose was human but then again she should have been dead the moment the vortex left her. She shouldn't be able to have that kind of power. So rather than saying anything he just looked up at Bad Wolf who smiled at him. "Don't come looking for answers here again Doctor. You've been given the ones that can be given, now only the natural flow of time will answer the rest of them." She took one last slurp from her chocolate malt, "And don't worry you won't be seeing me much longer, soon she'll be on her own"
"No she won't." He said sharply to which she smiled and nodded.

The Doctor gasped as he was suddenly expelled from Rose's mind. The experience was like nothing he had even dealt with before, mind links didn't work that way and alternate personalities didn't create worlds to hold meetings in. Nothing about it made sense but gradually he focused back in on Rose's face as her eyes fluttered open. She blinked at him, "Was that it"
"You were only touching for a minute." Jack said from next to them, looking between his friends confused at the Doctor's reaction. Rose was also growing nervous.
"Doctor?" Rose asked quietly and he smiled at her. Reaching out to her, he cupped both her face in his hands, wiping away the salty tear tracks and he smiled at her.
"It's alright Rose." He then pulled her into a hug and said nothing more, knowing that the journey wasn't over but that it was only beginning.