Words Unspoken

Disclaimer: I have no claims to the show Supernatural, the characters, or themes; I just like to play with the characters, tease, torture, caress, and the rest! Don't shoot the writer!

Author's Note: Due to an overwhelming response, I have decided to rework this new story as a sequel to Oh where, Oh where has your big brother gone? so it is gonna be a little different. The next important factor is that although in Supernatural, John died before the boys discovered the roadhouse and Ellen. Essentially, because John was alive in the first story I have created my own timeline. John is alive and well for now, umm yeah. So for back-story for this one, John gave them Ellen's name when the boys had to move on once they both recovered. For the moment, John is still hunting with Gloria in the background. Sam and Dean have already met Ellen, Jo, and Ash and have been to the roadhouse at least twice since leaving their Dad.

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Shaking with terror the young woman made her way to the roadhouse door, tears rolled down her face unheeded. Stumbling she nearly fell but kept going resolutely towards the door. The wind picked up whipping her long brown hair around her face but she ignored the strands she had to reach inside.

Her arms wrapped around her pathetically thin frame held her fractured ribs in place, blood congealed on her face from the large gash above her right eye and the swelling down the side of her face already starting to bruise, turning blues and blacks with a dark purple centre.

Her left arm clutched tightly to her chest not only protected her damaged ribs but hid the symbols cruelly carved into her flesh and muscle.

Gasping for each breath she felt the solidness of the door and pushed it open, staggering slightly she squinted into the dark hushed room, her eyes meeting the older woman's shocked stare before the encroaching darkness claimed her and she collapsed unconscious, without making a sound.

'Jessie?' Ellen cried out running to the prone form of the young woman she dropped to her knees and quickly checked for a pulse, 'Jo call Dean and Sam I think we need their help on this one. Stuart, you and Ash carry her carefully out the back. Everyone else, she was never here is that understood?' Ellen cast a baleful glare around the other hunters scattered around the roadhouse. No one dared to argue with her.


Chapter 1

Dean tapped the steering wheel in time with the music as Sam napped beside him; it felt so good to be out on the open road once again. For the tenth time in the last hour, Dean checked Sam, casting a furtive glance over his brother making sure that nothing was wrong.

His book still in his lap and his glasses on top of it he looked so peaceful and at rest, Dean had to swallow down on the pain he still felt whenever he looked at Sam.

His brother had gone through so much on his behalf, after Dean's initial disappearance, Sam's arrest for his murder, to the beatings he received by the crooked sheriff to the terror of not knowing what happened to Dean. When Decebal decided to take Sam as well, tortured and blinded him ... it was almost too much for Dean to contemplate, but he had to stay strong. To bury those memories and his own painful and humiliating memories from that time deep into the depths of his mind so that they would never surface again.

Well except for the nightmares Dean suffers from now, seeing Sam in the hospital so hurt and helpless and all Dean could do was watch the monitor...

'Fuck.' Dean cursed as the car swerved over the edge of the car and he had to wrench it back onto the asphalt to right it. 'Keep the mind on the job.' He muttered and glanced over at Sam. Frowning Dean slowed down and pulled onto the shoulder of the road so he could check Sam out properly.

Leaning over he gently pried the book and glasses out of Sam's hand and then felt his forehead, he looked flushed and sweaty and felt hot. Damn not again Sammy!

Sam's eyes snapped open but he was seeing a scene that was completely - invisible to Dean, 'Sammy come on dude what is it? What do you see?'

'Argh.' Sam bent forward gripping the bridge of his nose, his knees drawing up as though he was in sheer agony.

'Sammy wake up, talk to me dammit.'

'Dean?' Sam blinked and stared at his older brother a confused look on his face, 'A girl, she's hurt ... dying ... alone.'

'Where Sammy?'

'The roadhouse.' Sam said as he slowly came out of the effects of the vision, Dean's mobile phone rang startling both of them.

'Yeah?' Dean answered keeping his attention fixed on Sam; he listened intently, promised that they were on their way, and then hung up. 'Fuck.'

'Dean what is it?'

'That was Jo, a young woman just turned up at the roadhouse and Ellen wants us there now.'

'Dean I ...' Sam sat up swallowing deeply but he couldn't hold it only just managing to get the door open before he heaved the contents of his stomach onto the ground.

'Eww Sammy, you okay?'

'Yeah, yeah thanks.' Sam wiped his mouth and rested his aching head against the back of the seat. 'We got any water?'

'Yeah think so.' Dean half climbed over the back of the seat to scrummage around resurfacing with a full bottle in his hand.

Sam drank thirstily downing nearly half the bottle before handing it back to Dean, 'thanks so how long till we get to the roadhouse?'

Dean grinned tightened the cap back on the nearly empty bottle and tossed it over his shoulder, 'bout another two hundred miles.'

'Okay ... drive fast.'

Dean glanced over at Sam one last time reassuring himself that his baby brother was alright before putting the car back into gear and roared away from the edge of the road, kicking up the gravel with the spinning of the tyres.

As they pulled up outside the roadhouse, Sam took a deep breath and slid his glasses back on, 'we ready for this?' He asked getting out of the car before Dean could answer.

Still walking with a faint limp from having the soles of his feet punctured and cut up Dean followed his brother into the building, all of the while watching the area for signs of a trap.

'Hey Strangers.' Jo grinned at Dean before glancing up at Sam, 'Mum's out the back.'

'Sam, Dean out here boys.' Ellen yelled hearing their voices as they chatted briefly to Jo. 'Now boys.'

With a shrug, Dean smiled at Jo and followed Sam out to where Ellen waited for them, 'what's this about Ellen?' Dean asked without any preamble.

'Nice to see you too Sunshine, I ah need your help with something and I don't want Jo to know anything about it.'

'Yeah sure Ellen, what's up?' Sam asked trying not to sound too concerned or too eager.

'When I got Jo to call you guys, I ah didn't know what else to do, a young hunter arrived here last night, pretty beaten up.'

'Who is he?'

'She.' Ellen said leading the boys into the backroom; she had set up with beds for any hunters needing somewhere to sleep. 'Haven't seen Jessie for oh about a year but she kept in contact until a month ago, nothing no word from her at all and then she turns up...' Ellen stopped and nodded over to the bed shrouded in shadows. Lying on the bed was a young woman, lying on her side and curled-up as tightly as she could.

'Who is she?' Sam asked his voice barely audible.

'Her name is Jessie Avery, she started hunting with her father when she was young, and she's good too. When he died on a hunt she went solo, I've been kind of looking out for her ever since.'

'Jessie Avery?' Dean and Sam looked at each other and then back at Ellen, 'don't know the name.' Dean added.

'Her Dad was Jessup Avery, was one of the best hunters around. I think your father knew him but I'm not sure.'

Sam stepped closer to the bed a thoughtful look on his face, as he neared he noticed a pair of pale blue eyes staring at him from under a shock of dark brown hair.

'Hey I'm Sam.' He said sitting on the edge of the bed he smiled at her but she remained silent.

'She hasn't said a word since she arrived.' Ellen said, 'ahh you guys want a drink?'

'Yeah thanks Ellen.' Sam said not taking his eyes from Jessie.

'Yeah that'll be great thanks Ellen.' Dean chimed in, giving her one of his more charming grins.

'Don't bother Sweety it won't work on me.' She smiled patting his arm before leaving the boys alone with the silent stranger.

'Dean ... she's the ... she's the one I saw.' Sam said leaning forward he brushed some hair away from her face. A cold, clammy hand reached out and gripped his tightly almost as if she was feeding from his strength and warmth. Her eyes widened as the connection deepened between them, a small shower of sparks from their joined hands forcing them apart.

'What the? What was that Sam?' Dean asked his eyes wide with awe.

'Not sure, but wow ... Jessie are you psychic?' Sam asked pitching his voice as low as he could.

She stared at him for a moment and then nodded slowly, her mouth working as she desperately tried to say something but her voice failed her.

'Here we go.' Ellen said handing the boys a beer each and then handed Sam a glass of iced water for Jessie. 'Can you give her some Sam? You're the first person aside from me she's even let in the room, let alone to sit on her bed.'

Sam turned sad eyes to Dean, 'another Jessica.' He whispered. 'How can ... another Jess.'

Jessie watched the brothers with growing interest she could sense the power and the connection the two brothers had between them. They were safe. But the sadness radiating from them tore at her heart and she felt tears prickling her eyes again.

Reaching out she touched Sam's fingers tentatively, the surge of power returned briefly but then it softened. With a small, sad smile Sam took her hand, 'want some drink?' Slowly she nodded and tried to push herself up on the pillows wincing with the pull on her broken ribs. As she moved, Sam caught a glimpse of the symbols carved into her left forearm. 'Jessie? Can I ... can you show me your arm?'

Hesitantly Jessie held her arm out, her wide luminous eyes fixed on Sam's face as he studied them his face paling dramatically as he recognised the last one.

'Sammy what is it?' Dean asked noticing his brother's back stiffening and a haunted look flood his face.

'The bottom symbol Dean.' Sam whispered, recoiling slightly from Jessie, confused she blinked at Sam, not understanding his sudden repulsion by her.

Sam turned back to look at her and saw her curl up into herself again and winced internally, he caused her to retreat like that, 'oh Jessie it's not you ... it's the symbol Dean and I have dealt with this demon recently.'

But Jessie couldn't hear Sam anymore, she found herself lost in the terror of her ordeal at that monster's hand. Her hands squeezed the sides of her head as she screamed silently, her body shaking uncontrollably.

'It's not going to stop is it Sam?' Dean asked his eyes burning dark with anger as he watched the terrified young woman suffer her own torments and memories. 'He's not going to leave us the fuck alone.' Dean cried out as he rushed from the room ignoring the looks from Jo and her mother he raced for the impala, he couldn't breath inside he needed to be outside, with his baby.

Gasping for breath, he could feel his heart hammering against his chest and his stomach roiling inside of him. 'Get a grip, Dean Winchester does not have panic attacks.' He snarled, 'not now, not ever.'

Sam ran out of the building after calming Jessie down and found his brother pacing by the car; he looked like a caged wild animal busting for freedom and to attack.