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'blah' means thoughts

"What? How'd they know I was here?'

"Maybe because you sought our help last time this sort of this happened," Jackie guessed.

The Enforcers entered Uncle's shop, but by that time Jade had pulled Valmont into Uncle's study. "We know Valmont's here," Finn said.

"What if he is?" Jackie asked.

"We want our Boss back," Chow out in.

Valmont and Jade had opened the door a crack and were peeking out. "Looks like The Enforcers want you back."

Valmont wrapped an arm around Jade's shoulders. "I'm not going anywhere. Besides, I don't believe they know what happened."

"More than likely not."

Too bad we didn't swipe a talisman or two."

"Why's that?"

"Invisibility would come in handy when we sneak past The Enforcers."

"Well, we don't have the Snake Talisman but we can still try to sneak past them without getting spotted."

Jade and Valmont waited until the three Enforcers were facing the opposite direction and then as quietly as possible made their way to the stairs. Unfortunately for them, Finn saw them and said, "There you areā€¦Little V?" The other two Enforcers turned and saw fourteen-year-old Valmont. "What happened?"

"Did you pick a fight with Dao Lon Wong again?" Ratso asked.

Valmont resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "No, I didn't. Now leave."

"But Little V, we came for you," Finn commented.

"Well, I'm not going anywhere, so leave."

"We-" Chow started.

"Leave!" Valmont exclaimed.

Jade had been hanging on Valmont's arms while he was trying to get The Enforcers to leave. She put her left hand into her jeans pocket and pulled something out. "Valmont told you three to leave, so leave!'

Jade pointed the item at The Enforcers. Valmont looked over at what Jade was holding. "The Dragon Talisman! You swiped it from Section 13. Did you swipe any of the other talismans?'


"Which ones?"

"Dragon, Horse, Rabbit." Jade started pulling talismans out of her jeans pockets. "Oh, I guess I did swipe the Snake Talisman." Valmont rolled his eyes. "Well, I say we take our leave, don't you agree?"

"Quite," Valmont agreed. Valmont placed his hand over Jade's left hand and they turned invisible. They made their way to Jade's room and collapsed on her bed.

"So, what was it like to be possessed by a demon?"

"Like it does when you had the tattoo controlling you except you do have some say in what happens. No much, but some." Valmont chuckled. "There was this one time. The time Shendu was after the Panku Box actually. Shendu and I got in this fight. It was quite funny according to The Enforcers. Shendu wanted me to go get the Panku Box and I didn't want to. I was fighting to keep control. Shendu was trying to choke me with my tie."

"Once, the Talisman powers were transferred into my body. Heat beam eyes was obvious but to activate it, I had to touch my forehead. Dragon Blast took me awhile to find but I gave Dao Lon Wong a raspberry and I ended up dragon blasting him. Levitation was my left thumb, strength was my left index finger, invisibility was my left middle finger, speed was my left ring finger, and astral projection was my left pinky. Motion to the motionless was my right thumb, healing was my right index finger, immortality was my right middle finger, balance was my right ring finger, and shape shifting was my right pinky."

Valmont picked up the Horse and Rabbit talismans.

"Something wrong?"

"I was just thinking about yesterday evening. You said that you didn't care that it was me as long as I wasn't with The Dark Hand anymore. Why was that?"

"I'm not quite sure, but I had a feeling that said I should trust you."

"You always trust your feelings?"

"In matters of the heart, yes." Valmont blushed at Jade's comment. Jade looked at the talismans Valmont was holding. "Ooo. Good talismans." At Valmont's confused look, she continued, "When Jackie had the Rabbit talisman, I accidentally went back in time and-"

"When we were looking for the noble horse, I got cursed by Dao Lon Wong," Valmont interrupted, catching on.

"Both times you and I were the same age and I was enjoying it."

"As was I."

"Thought you couldn't stop complaining about your condition," Jade teased.

"All I could think about was getting back to normal. Once I was back to my normal age, I realized what I had just thrown away."

"Speaking of which, how'd this happen anyway?"

"I had found a spell that had the desired effect."

"So this time you meant this to happen."

"Yes. I'd do anything for you."

Jade blushed at the platinum-haired boy's comment. "You did this for me?"

"Yes. Just for you."

"Even though you hate my uncle?"

"I never truly hated him. It was just frustrating the way he foiled my plans."

"Hey, I don't hear any noise downstairs."

"The Enforcers probably ran away before Chan got to fight them."

Jade and Valmont talked throughout the night and into the following morning.