For You I Will

Genre: AU, Romance, some angst
Ratings: PG-16
Pairings/Characters: Nick/Greg, Catherine/Warrick
Synopsis: Greg's new to college and a new friend starts looking out for him. Greg POV
Comments: I've discovered that you can get very bored sitting outside of an English class at college for an hour waiting for class to start. This is what was created as a result.

Introduction -

I reluctantly climbed out of my father's golden Buick Regal, surveying the area around me, my back pack slung over my shoulder. "It's that one, right, Dad?" I pointed to the building about twenty yards away from us, marked 'J'.

My father, Braden Sanders, nodded, handing me the map with my schedule on it. "You'll figure it out, Greg." With that, he pulled away, leaving me to fend for myself at this new place.

"Great…" my sixteen year old self sighed, walking towards the double doors. I stood in front of the building in my favorite red Converse All-Stars, a pair of tight, faded black jeans, and a black and red button down shirt, and black wristbands on both of my arms. The tips of the spikes in my hair were highlighted blonde and styled at gravity defying angles. "Might as well get moving."

I stepped into the large three-story building, and looked around. "Excuse me," I spotted another student walking by in the opposite direction. "Do you know where room 312 is?"

The brunette girl rolled her eyes at me. "That would be on the third floor." she replied impatiently, passing by me quickly.

"Oh… That would make sense. Wouldn't it?" I questioned myself aloud, turning toward the staircase. I yawned, discovering that I had gotten up a bit too early in order to get ready for my first day of classes, as I made my way up the first flight of stairs and turning to the second one.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting against the wall with a cup of coffee spilled over me. The person who'd done it glared at me over his shoulder, not even bothering to help me up, or offering a simple 'I'm sorry'. I was silently thankful that it hadn't been hot coffee.

"What a wonderful start to my first day of college…" I mused to myself, continuing up the stairs.