The Chase is on- Okay so I lied here is one more new story to entertain you.

After watching No Exit, I started thinking, what if Ellen had a bigger secret than John's mistake. What if she had two daughter's Joanna and another one, who disappeared. Her name Chase. She looked like Ellen except for her hair, a burnt red color she is as sweet as she is viscous. She is Dean's age now with no memory of Ellen. She wanders into their lives hurt .When Ellen's secret revealed how Jo would cope with more deceptions.

Disclaimer- I do not own anything except the Impala, I'm kidding my boyfriend bought me the Impala ,again kidding LOL I had Impala,,ahhhh the good old days.

"Mom?" Jo called into the attic, she knew her mother went up there but was not sure for what. Dean was sitting outside with his brother sharpening knives. It had been a tense couple of weeks with Dean finding out that their father caused more than heartache. Sam kept a close eye on his brother knowing what it would do to Dean if anything else were revealed.

"Mom, are you up here?" Jo tried once more.

"I' am, hang on Jo. I will be down in a few minutes okay. Go help the boys sharpen their weapons, I have a feeling Dean is itching to get out of here soon." Ellen poked her head from around a corner. Jo looked at her mom, her eyes were red and she looked a little sad.

"Mom is everything okay, have you been crying?" Jo asked her some what concerned.

"No honey it's just a lot of dust has covered some things I have been searching through. Now go back down stairs and play nice with the boys" she tried to give her a smile but failed miserably.

"Mom, listen I know dad's anniversary is coming up, I just wanted to make sure you aren't going through his things. Remember what happened last year?"

"Damn it Joanna Beth goes down stairs and help Ash does something. Go!"

The anger in her mother's voice made her jump. She had never heard that tone before. Jo nodded and headed back down the stairs, almost knocking Ash over. She went outside, the sun burning into her retinas. She sat down next to Dean in a huff.

Ash walked carefully up the stairs and knew what was going on, with some things Ellen had confided in him. He had seen the date on the calendar of his computer. He knew it was going to be a hard month. Aside from her husband dying, her first daughter had disappeared on the same day twenty-three years ago. Ellen held n still that her baby would come back. Once she thought that maybe a demon took her, but then wondered if maybe she ran away. Ash saw her on the floor with an old photo. She looked up at Ash as he walked over and sat down next to her. He put an arm around her and pulled her to him. Ellen placed her head on his shoulder. Ash rubbed her shoulder while she looked through a few pictures.

"Ah Ash it's been ten years, ten and my little girl it's still missing. My beautiful baby girl. I wish she were here. Jo doesn't remember her; she was only two years old."

The door opening downstairs brought Ellen out of her thoughts, plus Dean's voice booming up the stairs.

"Ellen, you up there?"

"Dean, I'll be right there okay?"

"Yeah." Dean muttered. He and Sam were leaving for MI. A haunted nightclub was taking out its aggression on the staff and customers. He wanted to say goodbye, he was not sure if he was going to come back to the roadhouse after the job. He turned his attentions back to Jo, who was sitting close to Sam, smiling at something he had said.

Ellen placed the picture back into the boxes and went downstairs to see what Dean and Sam wanted.

"You guys heading out already?" she did not mind them being around, she liked the boys.

"Yea, I'm starting to get a little stir crazy and I swear Sam is ready to kill a demon or five". Dean told her. Sam had been ready to get back to the hunt days ago, but some thing told dean to stick around.

After the boys were packed up, Ellen, Ash, and Jo told them that they could always come back it was not a problem. Dean and Sam said their goodbyes and headed east to MI.

The neon sigh that light up half the block once was now cut down into a small neon sign that was big enough to lure people into his smaller bar. Lemur has sat on the corner of Main and Gratiot. The band playing was a local one, not that it was Chase's problem to worry about the band. She had customers to worry about and hoped that the evil spirits would decide tonight to not cause any problems for her. It had been a week since the haunting had slowed down. Some thing was definitely coming and what ever it was Chase, wanted it gone.

Carla was asking her a question, but from the moment the two men entered the bar, she did not pay any attention to any thing else.

'Carla, what ever they want it is one me" she told the barmaid, nodding to the two, one tall the other one shorter but not any less handsome. Carla had not known her boss long but she always could pick out the good people. Carla, walked over to the end of the bar was Dean and Sam sat. She gave them her best smile before asking them what their drink of choice was, and told them it was on her boss. Sam asked her which one was her boss, so they could at least thank her, but when she pointed out Chase, he almost fainted.

Chase was not facing them but she was a spitting image of Ellen…

I know it is a sloppy start but I promise things will pick up, a back-story and everything …