Chapter -3

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Chase, left the bar as quickly as she entered it, faking to be the manager wasn't hard but trying to keep Sam Winchester off her lies was tiring. She sat in her El Camino waiting to see if they were going to come out or staying there. She had to get the hell out of there before they figured out that she really didn't work there and that the check wasn't from the owner.

It wasn't long before she saw Sam walking out without his brother, he walked over to the car and climbed in the driver's seat. The classic car roared to life as it rumbled out of the parking lot. Chase waited for a few more minutes before going back into the club. Her eyes searched the bar for the other handsome brother. When she couldn't find him she went back out to her car. A strong hand clasped down over her arm and pulled her aside slamming her into the side of the wall.

"What is a pretty girl like you doing here lurking in the shadows, don't you know its dangerous?" he whispered against her ear send a shiver down her spine.

" I was looking for you actually, I saw Sam left with out you and thought you might need a ride home " she threw back at the older Winchester, she jerked away from him and smiled, before a blond came out of the night club.

"Jack, I thought you wanted to go back to my place?" she pouted.

" AS you can see I have a ride home thanks but I suggest you get home safely." Dean told her as she walked back to her car and slide inside of it. Chase gave him a grin, started her car, and drove away in the direction of the motel they were staying at. It was perfect to maybe see what Sammy Winchester was all about if Dean was occupied with the tart she had left him with.

Dean turned his attention back to the younger girl, flashed her the Winchester signature smile, and walked to her car with her. He wasn't about to let her drive and kill them both, but he was willing to let her throw herself onto him.


Pulling the Impala safely into the parking lot, Sam sat there for a moment before pulling out his cellphone. He was going to call Ash and see if Ellen maybe had any other girl relatives, that woman a t the club looked to much like her not to be related. Sam walked into the room, checked it over then opened his laptop, there was an email from Ash saying he was going to be out of town for a few days, he left Sam with Jo's cell number. Well calling Ash was out of the question, and he sure as hell didn't want to call her, she got on his nerves.

A soft knock on his door broke him out of his thoughts, he looked through the window and saw Chase standing at the door, he was more than surprised but she looked like she knew she was suppose to be there. Sam walked over and unlocked the door; he turned the knob and smiled, as she was about to pick the lock.

Startled, she stood up and tried to smooth out her clothes. This only made Sam smile even more.

" Hi, can I help you?"

" I'm sorry, Sam, this is ackward, um…"

" Look, come on in and we can start over Chase" Sam moved away from the door as she walked in, she removed her jacket and placed it on Dean's made up bed. Sam closed the door, locking it knowing Dean would be more that able to pick the lock if he really wanted in.

"Chase, what brings you here anyway, I told you that spirit is good as gone and I stopped at the bank and deposited the check, so what is up?" Sam walked by the bathroom, stepped in, and plucked a beer out of the sink. Dean and he had placed a few beers in some ice in the sink.

" I'm not really sure, but I'm not really the club owner, I needed help getting rid of the spirit. I got the job as the bar manager sort of at least that was what I told the employees, I heard the owner was ill and sort of…"

"Pulled a major scam, whose money is a that you gave us?" Sam inquired.

" Oh that is mine, I have a few bucks, my father made a trust for me and I'm old enough to write the checks for it. So that was the legit part. So can you help me out, I'm on my way to another hunt so to speak and this one has to get done four people died this month in or near the club."

All this info was blurring Sam's mind "Wait, you have another hunt, who are you? And why are you hunting things, how do we not know who you are. I mean we have only met one other hunter and he wasn't so great."

Chase knew he must have meant Gordan, he was a bit of a bastard.

" I don't have a family so to speak of, I was dropped off by a man at the child services, The man that ran the place took me in, he was a pretty good man. His brother was also; he was a big stockbroker, set me up money wise. But I saw some things that wasn't so normal and checked a few things out. My friend Ash…"

Sam stopped her "Wait a minute Ash, goofy guy, mullet computer genius, that Ash."

"Yeah that would be him he hooked me up with a few people and well this is what I do now I kill the big bad. "

" Do you know Ellen or Jo?"


"Wait have you ever met Ash?"

" Just through the Internet, but I have no clue who you are talking about, who is Ellen and Jo?"

Sam sighed " Oh women that own the Roadhouse, um so what else do you do?"

He saw the blush creep into her face " I'm not proud of it but I'm a corporate hacker, I can get into anything. Without getting caught." she added for good measure.

"Why, what do you need?"

" If I give you back your money could you get into the FBI's data bank and change my brother's profile from being a killer to being the one who shot the killer. See there was a shape shifter and he took Dean's shape before getting killed, now he is a wanted man even though he is suppose to be dead."

"Oh is that all, not a problem because the shape-shifter I bet went back to the first form he ever took and that my friend would be identity theft on his part by claiming to be Dean Winchester, all you have to do is come up with the documents of Dean's upstanding citizenship and I can clean off the slate for you. It wouldn't be the first time I've hacked in to the FBI's file" she chuckled under her breath.

Sam was surprised at how bold she was being with him how much she just opened him to him with out any problems, funny how he wanted Dean to be the same way.

Chase inched closer to him, looking at his perfectly built body. In the room all you could hear was the two of them breathing, nothing else. Sam blinked and walked over to the laptop once more to look up any information. He sat down in the chair, Chase followed him, sitting in his lap, and he shifted in his seat to see around her.

" What are you doing?" he asked her into her ear, once again a Winchester was making her shiver and she liked it.

" I'm just looking at what ever you are, but " she got up turned to face him and straddled his hips " I think we could be doing something much more interesting you game?" her face was only inches, not even away from his face. She leaned in pressing her lips to his luscious ones.

Sam wrapped his arms around her waist not worrying what was coming over him and kissed her back. Sam tighten his hold on her as he stood up, walking her backwards towards the bed. If his brother could do this day in and day out, and Chase wasn't putting up a fight then what the hell was his last thought before her hands and fingers went south. All he could hear was the blood coursing through his veins.

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