Saturday, 22 July 2006

Word count: 294

According to Plan

Working on Mimas wasn't exactly what he'd planned to do with his life. But then, there were many things he'd never planned to do.

He'd never planned to become head technician. And he'd never planned to turn it down one month into the job, yearning again for the feel of engine grease under his fingernails.

He'd never planned to meet Ace Rimmer down in the landing bays, and inadvertently keep the poor – though dashing man – away from the medics for two hours by getting caught up in engine talk with him. And if that had sparked his reassignment to work almost exclusively on Ace's ships – although any ship was Ace's, if it was dangerous enough – well, he hadn't planned on that happening either.

In fact, the only thing Dave – Spanners now, and Spanners forever – had planned, was Christine Kochanski. The third second after he'd laid eyes on her, he'd thought 'I hope she lets me marry her'. And he'd spent the next three years slowly winning her around to the idea.

Because, despite the hype, not everyone was completely smitten with Ace Rimmer – not everyone felt obliged to drop to their knees and open their mouths hopefully as he passed. And even though Ace single handedly saved the base from an unexpected meteor shower on the day of the wedding, it was still Christine Kochanski and Spanners who got married, as planned.

It was Kochanski who kept him grounded, kept him from getting caught up in daydreams, just like he'd expected her to.

And Spanners did his best to raise her children, their two boys, as they'd both carefully planned.

And if, in a certain light, they didn't always look exactly like Spanners… Well, unexpected things happened.

And, to be honest, Ace Rimmer was… well, what a guy.