Pairings: Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Everybody is off the island. Kate doesn't have to go to jail (not very realistic, I know but it's my story so it's just gonna be that way!). Jack and Kate are married.

Disclaimer: I do not own Lost or any of the characters. Some ideas are spin offs

Category: Romance, Angst, Tragedy-ish (sad stuff)

Kate lay on her side propping her head up staring at the gorgeous man sleeping peacefully next to her. What did I ever do to deserve you, Jack Shepard? It was hard to believe that such an amazing man would want, let alone fall for a woman like her. Her life had taken a complete turn around. Everything they had been through; the plane crash, the island, the others… suddenly, Kate's stomach flipped over and she felt like she was going to vomit. She bolted out of bed and into the bathroom adjacent to their bedroom. She lifted the toilet seat and pulled back her hair just as her stomach emptied itself into the porcelain bowl. Wow, that was weird. She thought to herself. She got up, flushed the toilet, and splashed some water on her face. I'm never sick, what could that have been from? Suddenly she realized, Oh God, could I be pregnant? No, no, I'm not pregnant, Jack and I haven't… I mean my periods not due until… Kate opened her bathroom cabinet and looked at the calendar on which she kept track of her period. It should have started last week. Her fingers trembling, Kate fumbled through her drawer digging for a pregnancy test. After finding the small pink and white box, she took a deep breath and opened it. She stood still for a few moments staring at this life-altering piece of plastic that was no bigger than a sharpie, wondering if she really wanted to do this. What if I can't be a good mother? What if Jack doesn't want kids? Do I even want kids? She took another deep breath and walked back over to the toilet.

Jack felt the sun stream upon his face. Ugh, I don't want to get up. He moved his hand over to feel Kate's sleeping form, but felt nothing. He opened his eyes and instead of his wife lying there, there was a note on her pillow.

Good morning baby,

Went for a morning jog. It's Saturday, go back to sleep. I love you


Jack had lifted up the note to read it and when he went to put it back down, he noticed what it had been covering. It was a pregnancy test; a positive pregnancy test.