Wednesday's episode was okay. There wasn't any Jate in it, so that sucked. And Hurley didn't have as many funny lines as he usually does. I'm kinda glad Nikki and Paulo died, they added them in really randomly and suddenly, and it just didn't work. But, I can't imagine being paralyzed like that and not being able to tell the people who are burying you that you're alive. I wonder how long a person can be buried alive before they suffocate. I can't wait for this Wednesday's episode. It looks like it's gonna be sad for us Jaters, but I'm so gonna love seeing Kate beat up Juliet. She is so gonna kick her ass. Maybe she'll kill her.

Alright, here's my ATTEMPT at the next chapter. It wasn't very good at first, but I just started typing and then it turned out okay. I'm still open to ideas. Thanks to SassyLostie for the idea of making Sawyer protective; this is for you.

One by one, the ex-islanders left the hospital after congratulating the new parents again. Charlie, Claire, and Sawyer. Charlie was currently following Aaron as he toddled around the hospital, exploring every room, getting them into trouble a few times. Claire was back up with Kate, the two of them laughing and making more plans for the baby. Jack had a patient who needed an emergency surgery. At first, he was hesitant to leave, but Kate convinced him that she was fine and Sawyer was with the baby.

"So, you guys asked Sawyer to be her God father, huh? How did that go?" Claire sat back in her chair and chuckled, picturing how shocked he must have been.

"Yeah, Jack was a little hesitant at first, but I convinced him. Sawyer was shocked. He didn't think we were serious, but he came around." Kate smiled, remembering the stunned look on his face.

Downstairs, Sawyer was outside the window, still watching the tiny infant, peacefully sleeping. A woman walked up and scanned the room, apparently looking for her own child.

She looked over at Sawyer, "Which baby is yours?"

Sawyer glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, "None, I'm just visiting."


He pointed to the baby in the little bed with the sign "Shepard" above her head. "In the corner. Shepard." A small smile crept across his face, but it didn't stay there for very long.

Finally turning toward the woman, he asked, "You got one in there?" He noticed that she wasn't wearing a hospital gown, but what did he know?

The woman leaned against the wall, looking back into the room and sighed. "No. I don't have any kids." She looked almost depressed; except for when she looked at the baby. When she looked at the little girl, her eyes seemed to darken. It was hard to tell what she was going through her mind. Anger? Mischief? Was she plotting something? Sawyer didn't like it.

"What did you say your name was?" He looked curiously at the woman, wondering if maybe he'd seen her somewhere before. Hopefully he wasn't a previous con victim of his.

The woman smiled and held out her hand for Sawyer to shake. "Sarah, my name's Sarah."

Ha ha! How was that! Okay, so maybe this chapter wasn't so bad after all.