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Second Chances

When Marik sent my mind to the Shadow Realm, I thought that no one cared but

I was wrong.

What I didn't know was that you did and I was so filled with hare that I couldn't see

The I was released and I wandered alone seeking to find a way to make you pay for

What I thought you did

Then I was offered what I thought was the ultimate prize and was taken over by the

Orichalcos and again I was filled with hate, hate that I thought you did to me and

How all my so called friends had deserted me

But as I was taken over more and more and then you tried to tell me how wrong

I was and still I didn't see the love that you had for me until it was almost to late

But it took the "Heart of the Cards" to destroy everything that Dartz had tried to do

And then we were all released from the power of the Orichalcos

And when I finally found you, you didn't condemn me for what I had done in

In fact you forgave me and showed me how love can conquer anything

Now my sweet Joey, I do believe in forever and happiness because of you and

Because of our love for each other that will endure anything that life can

Throw at us. So no matter what, I will always be yours and you will be mine

Love ya,