"I'm so god damn sick of this place" spat Sasuke as he sat onto one of the rocks in hot spring, being careful not to wet his towel. He had just killed another man for giving him false information about Itachi's whereabouts. He was so sick and tired of people lying to him. It was really starting to irritate him. Almost 85 of people he'd interrogated had lied to him, but he felt that justice was served when he killed them.

Sasuke was alone in the hot spring he was in. So he relaxed and took off his towel and lowered himself into the water where he splashed some water onto his face and let out a heavy sigh. He had heard earlier that Itachi would be in another Village in about a week's time. He was preparing in a way to meet him, or at least kill another man that had been lying, even if it wasn't to Sasuke himself, it would've greatly inconvenienced him.

Sasuke had put his head back to rest it upon the same rock he'd been sitting on when he heard a woman's voice. He opened one eye as if he'd be able to see her by doing so. He was a bit curious, for he was a little sex-starved. The last time he could recall having sex was about…3 months ago, minimum. He needed his release; he was desperate, but not desperate enough for anybody over 25 though. He himself was about 17 by now, and he would not have anybody who could have children, he didn't like to mess about like that.

Then after several more seconds he heard the woman's voice again. He was sure, that she was young, like him. No older than himself, he was sure of this. He then started to think about her what she looked like. A thin, lean body; just how he likes them. She'd have a nice slender figure and longish hair. He closed his eyes and imagined a beautiful girl touching him and holding her body against him. He decided that he'd have to see her, to meet her, to do her.

He then rose from the Hot springs water and grabbed his towel and put it around his waist and walked off into the public hot spring and glanced around, searching for the girl from the behind the door leading to the hot spring. He then saw an elderly old woman, and nobody else. Had this been the girl, or woman, he'd been thinking of, that young melodious voice came from this old saggy hag? Sasuke immediately felt disgusted and started to walk away from the doorway that is before he ran straight into somebody.

"Ah!" she screamed softly and dropped the dry towels to the floor. Sasuke peered around and realised he'd just walked into a young girl. He peered down and saw her picking up all the towels she had dropped. She suddenly glanced up and stared into Sasuke's dark eyes, blushed then looked straight down and resumed picking up the towels.

"Hey, bath lady! I want that towel now!" said the old hag in the female hot spring.

"Yes ma'am, I'll be there in a second..." she replied. Sasuke then realised that this was the girl that he'd heard talking, not that old, feral hag in the bath. He smirked and squatted, so that he was at eye level with the young girl. She looked up and their eyes connected. She was beautiful; she had emerald green eyes, pink hair, soft smooth looking skin and a flawless body, everything and more that Sasuke had expected.

"Male hot springs…go with me" said Sasuke as he continued to hold her gaze. Until she heard the old woman calling again to which she quickly got up and raced into the female hot springs area. Sasuke smirked once more and made his way back to the male Hot springs, still there was nobody there; it was probably because it was late at night, at least 9:00pm. He removed his towel and resumed his position in the Hot spring, waiting for the girl. She was just as he imagined, slender and beautiful; killer body. He knew that she would come, because he gave her his smirk, the same smirk that won over 50 various females. He prided himself as somewhat, a player, if you will…

And just as he predicted her saw the figure of the same girl walking towards him, coming from around the edges of the Hot springs. She was still wearing her uniform, but that didn't put Sasuke off, he had much experience with this sort of thing. Her uniform was a white dress that hugged her body, she fitted in it perfectly, it outlined her curves and the dress ended around her mid thigh area, showing most of her legs, Sasuke thought they were sexy and seriously wanted to touch them. The top half had short sleeves and a collar which was buttoned up to the top, Sasuke couldn't wait to unbutton the dress to reveal her needy body.

"Your towels sir..." she said. She was standing directly above him, but not so that he could see up her dress.

"You look familiar, have we met?" asked Sasuke. This was true; he swore that he'd seen this girl before, that's why he wanted her tonight.

"I'm not sure, but I think we have met before…What's your name?" she asked.

Sasuke shook his head and replied "If I told you, it would ruin this…"

"Well, mine is-" she started, but Sasuke cut her off.

"No, don't say a thing…Come here, I need to ask you something…" said Sasuke. The girl bent down and was kneeling. She was about half a metre away from Sasuke.

"Close…" he said. The girl then moved closer towards him. He then made it so his face was centimetres from hers.

"You want me?" he said bluntly. The girl gasped and looked away while she blushed. Sasuke put his finger to her chin and directed her face so that she was looking at him once more.

"Don't worry, I already know the answer...", and after Sasuke said this he hoisted himself up and pushed his lips to the girls. He then used his tongue tickle her mouth and ask for entry to which she happily obliged. As Sasuke began to wrestle her tongue with his and taste her, as one does, he began to caress her cheeks and pushed the stray pink hair from her face. He then guided her closer to the edge of the hot springs, as he motioned her to enter the water she ceased all she was doing, including kissing Sasuke and spoke.


"Yes…you can.." replied Sasuke.

"No, the…the dress, it'll get wet..." she said sternly. Sasuke smirked and replied "Well, we both know how to solve that dilemma don't we."

The girl blushed and stood up. Slowly she undid the buttons and began to slide off the dress that was her uniform. Sasuke really wanted to be the one that did that, but he thought this was much sexier; a shy, modest and most likely unexperienced girl removing her outer layer of clothing to a total stranger. Then as her dress fell to the ground he blushed as she stood in a matching pair of pink underwear, a similar colour to her hair. She then dipped her leg into the water and climbed into the hot spring. She stood in front of Sasuke and held herself modestly.

Oh this won't do...Thought Sasuke.

Sasuke held out his hand and slowly, but surely and grabbed a hold of it. He brought her between his legs then kissed her once more. He then started to caress her body, slowly going form her hips down to her upper thigh and back up again. He then reached around her back and pulled her closer and undid the clasp of her pink bra. She jumped a little but continued to kiss Sasuke.