Chapter 6: What's a girl to do?

It had been a week since the dinner party and Sasuke hadn't taken off yet. This surprised Sakura. She thought for sure that he'd take off just as quick as he arrived. But he'd remained so far.

Several thoughts lingered in her mind. What should she do? She never told anybody about what happened two years ago with Sasuke. Well, she did tell that one person but she would never ever tell anybody. Sakura hadn't even told Kakashi. Should he know? Should she tell him? No. That would just complicate things. That wouldn't make anybody happy. Sakura got a headache just thinking about it. So that was one thing settled, she was to tell nobody, who didn't already know, what had happened between Sasuke and herself.

Sakura realised that Sasuke could tell people. Would he? Would he tell Naruto? Possibly. But doubtful. She'd have to pay him a little visit. But that could be very dangerous. She couldn't have him in her house. She couldn't very well go to his home. Alone with Sasuke Uchiha. In his empty home. No other people. A bed. No, no, no, no. That cannot happen under any circumstances. She would meet him in public. Wait, but what if people saw the two of them together?

"Shit" cursed Sakura. "This is a nightmare".

"What's a nightmare darling?" cooed Kakashi from behind Sakura. She turned around quickly and froze. She had to come up with something, and fast.

"Uh, uhm. Uh, the planning. Oh gosh, it's just so stressful!" exploded Sakura, putting the back of her hand to her forehead to add drama to her performance.

"Oh. I'm so sorry, you must be stressed out. Doing this all by yourself, I'm sorry I've been away on missions. I'm so horrible" said Kakashi as he sauntered over to Sakura to wrap his big arms around Sakura. "I appreciate everything you've been doing. I love you so much. I'll try and help as much as I can."

"Oh Kakashi, it's not that bad, I've got the planner, Hatsuko. It's all right!" blurted Sakura. She felt extremely guilty right now. She made Kakashi feel bad when he did absolutely nothing wrong. She felt like a treacherous witch right now. Kakashi was amazing. The kindest, sweetest man there ever was. As Sakura got to know him, he just had this other side to him that you couldn't even imagine. In the back of Sakura's mind the thought of Sasuke and her night still floated around. Sakura was tired of reliving that night in her memories, she wasn't with Sasuke, she was with Kakashi. Sakura had to get rid of those thoughts.

Suddenly, Sakura thought of something stupid. Something rash and spur of the moment. She was sure this would get Sasuke out of her mind. He only had a hold on her because he was her first. But she didn't belong to him. She belonged to Kakashi. So she thought she would prove to herself that she was.

Sakura stood on her tip toes and stared into Kakashi's eyes. They were so warm and loving. She knew was she had to do. Sakura gently pulled his mask down and kissed him gently. He reciprocated. After a while, the kiss began to turn much more passionate. In a surprise move, Sakura pushed Kakashi down onto the ground. He stared up in shock.

"Sakura what-" but he didn't have much time to talk because Sakura quickly crouched and wriggled her way on top of him. She began to kiss him some more, her hands caressing his neck and his chest. In response Kakashi had his hands travel over the contours of Sakura's back and lower. He gave a gently squeeze and Sakura giggled. She began to move he hips back and forth on top of Kakashi. Soon after, Sakura could feel Kakashi's true excitement. She smiled. She too was very excited to be doing this with him. She'd often thought about what it would be like, and now she was about to find out.

"Yes Kakashi-chan" whispered Sakura into his ear.

"What?" he replied, shocked.

"I said yes.. Please Kakashi, I want you"

"Are you sure?"


And with that said, Kakashi grabbed Sakura and rolled on top of her and continued to kiss her. Sakura pushed her hips upwards into Kakashi and he let a soft moan escape his delicate pink lips. As Sakura began to undo Kakashi's pants she felt him for the first time. Before this, the two had never actually done anything sexual with each other. She'd never really.. seen him before. Sure she saw his bare chest but not anything lower. They said they were going to wait. But this was necessary. Sakura undid Kakashi's pants and then pulled up her dress. She waited in anticipation.

Then like on queue, there was a knock on the door.

"You have got to be kidding me" whispered Sakura. She then looked into Kakashi's eyes and he had no intention of answering it. Sakura kissed him to let him know that it was okay to keep going.

But then the door knocked again, this time more aggressively. The two didn't know what to do as the knocking became more frantic. Then finally there was a voice to the knocking.

"Hey, it's Naruto! There's an emergency Kakashi! We must leave on a mission right now! Top priority. Kakashi!" yelled Naruto.

We both knew that it wasn't going to happen. Kakashi sighed and stood up, zipping up his pants at the same time.

"I'm sorry Sakura" he spoke as he gently caressed Sakura's cheek.

"It's alright, I'm sure it's very important" she tried to smile back. There goes her plan. And with that said he grabbed his gear and left. He had only just returned home as well. When Naruto returned, Sakura was sure to beat the crap out of him.

At least there was an upside to this. Sakura would be alone, without anybody asking where she was. Maybe now was a good time to talk to Sasuke in a populated, yet secluded area. Some place where the two couldn't get caught up in lust. Some place where they couldn't be seen clearly. It would be terribly troublesome to have rumours spread, it would be easy because it was widely known that Sakura had deep feelings for Sasuke. So it was settled, Sakura was to meet Sasuke.

It was extremely lucky that Sasuke had told Naruto where he was staying, because Naruto, being the gossip big mouth that he was, told everybody, but still somehow left out Sakura. It was most likely because she hadn't seen Naruto in a while. However, it was fortunate indeed that Naruto told Hinata where he was residing, otherwise Sakura would've had no idea where to look for him. He was a hard man to find.

Sakura found herself staring at the door to Sasuke's residence. She hadn't found the courage to knock yet. So she merely stood there, stating at the intricate lines of the wooden door that wove around each other. Then suddenly she found herself looking into the eyes of Ino. She had opened the door abruptly. She took one look at Sakura, furrowed her brow and scoffed. She then pushed past Sakura, digging her shoulder into Sakura's chest as she stomped past.

This shocked Sakura greatly because the two had been on very good terms in the past couple of years. And now, when Sasuke's back it's like they're both rivals once more, even though Sakura was getting married in less than two months. How odd.

"Well hello there" spoke a velvet smooth voice. Sakura turned to look at Sasuke who was leaning against the door frame.

"Uh yes, hello Sasuke"

"It's been a week, why didn't you call on me sooner? I have a date that I must get ready for. I'm sure I can fit you in afterwards" he said with a smirk.

Oh that jerk. What does he think this is? Who does he think I am!

"Oh yes, very funny. But I'm not here for that" Sakura said sternly. Sasuke raised his brows.

"Ah, so what are you here for?"

"I want you to not tell anybody what happened between us two years ago" she spoke confidently, careful not to trip over her words and make a fool of herself as she usually did when she conversed with him.

"Oh, are you asking me, or telling me?" he said.

"Telling you to"

"Oh, too late. I've told Ino there, that's why she left in such a huff. She came to confess her feelings for me.. But in response I told her that I was in love with you. Starting from the time we had sex in that hot spring. She wasn't too pleased with my answer" another smirk, as devilish as ever. Sakura was shocked, and appalled.

He didn't. He couldn't have. Would he do something like that?

"You didn't! You fool what have you done?" she exclaimed whilst grabbing both sides of Sasuke's shoulders. "Why?" she continued as she began to shake him.

"Calm yourself. I like how you notice that part of what I said to her. Wouldn't it be awful if you and Kakashi broke up" said Sasuke as he pushed Sakura's hands off him.

"I.. Uh. What? What are you talking about?" she stuttered. So much for not tripping over her words and not sounding like a fool.

"Yes well, I have to go and get ready. I suppose I'll see you round Sakura." And with that said he shut the door.

Sakura began to stare at the lines on the door again.

"This isn't good.." she muttered.