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Star of Tragedy.
By Jedd Shual-Iyiste.

Chapter One.
Tragedy Star.

She looked up at the clouded sky, smelling the rain that was waiting to fall. The sky had been growing more and more cloudy all day and she could feel that the storm was about to break. It was about to happen... disaster.

She ran down the road, yelling at the top of her lungs. But no matter where she ran, all she saw was the angry or terrified faces of the humans and pokemon. The humans couldn't understand her, and the pokemon shared the human's prejudice against her and her kind. The name they had given her kind.

The Disaster Pokemon.

She was an Absol. And she could smell what the others couldn't. She could smell the weather, feel the shifting in the earth. She could feel when and how the disaster would strike, and it was her responsibility to try and warn others. To try and save them.

The clouds above lit with lightning. Time was up. The rain hit down hard, causing people to yell and try and run for shelter, not realizing the only shelter there was... was not here. The rain wasn't going to stop. It wasn't going to lighten. It was a flood.

She yelled, trying to get them to understand, but all she got was a brick thrown at her from a small boy. He glared at her with light grey eyes that were partly hidden behind his dark brown hair and yelled, "Get out of here, and take your rain with you!"

The rain poured down even harder. The boy looked up at the sky, back down at her, and began running. Already it was flooding. The rain came down harder and harder, lightning flashed above and then the boy was gone, lost behind a wall of rain.

Water streamed down her fur coat. Though it was special and resisted water, the pouring rain was too much and she was quickly soaked. The Absol whimpered softly. There was too much rain and she couldn't see more than a few feet in front of her. Fear filled her. She had stayed far too long, trying to get those around her to understand.

They wouldn't understand. They wouldn't try.

Her father had told her it was the responsibility of those that had the ability to save others TO save others. That was how the Absol worked. To save the lives of others. Yes, they killed to eat, to live. But they still tried to keep the majority of lives safe from the disasters they could sense. But the people, and their pokemon, wouldn't ever listen.

Her father. She missed him so much. It was he who had given her the name, Star. She had been named after her horn which was littered with small white dots, like stars on a clear night. And like humans, she had a first and last name. Star was her last name. She chose to make it her last name to remind herself that at the end of it all, even her name, she was always Star. Her first name was given to her by the humans, once they realized her horn made her recognizable from other Absol. Tragedy.

She was Tragedy Star.

She found a parked car and climbed up on the roof, escaping the rising water level, though she knew it wouldn't be for long. She was right. As the minutes passed by, the water level continued to rise, and soon she was back in the water. Alone.

Always alone.

She paddled hard and strong in the water, searching for a safe haven from the water. She had to live. She wouldn't die here. Not now. As she swam forward she heard it, a screaming. Her head darted in the direction to see the boy thrashing about in the water. Tragedy paddled over to him and bit hard on his left arm, just behind the wrist.

She immediately tasted blood but didn't let go as the boy now screamed in pain. Paddling and pulling the struggling boy after her, she tried to find a haven, for both of them. But as time passed, it became apparent that there wouldn't be any unless she waited longer. The rooftops. She had to get to the rooftops, and the only way to reach them was to keep swimming in the water.

"Sollll," she muttered. Like most Pokemon, she could only speak her name. Other Pokemon, should they care to listen, could understand the meaning behind her words. Should they listen.

Tragedy grunted in pain as she kept pushing her tired muscles onwards, keeping her and the boy above water. Her jaws hurt now, aching from the pressure she was applying to make sure she didn't lose the boy.

The pain only got worse until finally, finally the water level got high enough that she was almost level with the roofs. Slowly paddling over to one, she was rewarded with the sight of humans on it. She gave a muffled call, trying to attract their attention.

She got it. A man and a woman turned and stared at her, surprised. Whether it was at seeing her or her 'luggage', she didn't know but she kept paddling over to the roof, her muscles straining to keep her above water. The boy still cried, but his screaming had long since become whimpers and chattering teeth.

She made it. Her claws gripped the side of the roof and the woman rushed over and grabbed the arm of the boy. It took a second to get her jaw to cooperate, but she managed to get her jaws to open and let the boys arm slip out free. The woman pulled the child up onto the roof as the man came over.

Tragedy was about to pull herself up when the man pulled his leg back, and solidly kicked her right under the chin. The last thing Tragedy remembered was falling back into the water, and sinking under it.