Disclaimer: A Rhydon smashes her fists together, "Jedd doesn't own Pokemon."

Star of Tragedy
By Jedd Shual-Iyiste

Chapter 17
Battle of the Survivors.

While Tragedy, and the Milotic waited for the Luxio to wake up or the pond to heat up, which ever happened to happen first, miles away someone else was also waiting, and thinking of her. The Ditto sat on the table, angrily lost in his thoughts, 'I'll kill her. Make her pay for what she's done. What they've done. They'll both pay. Kill my trainer, kill me comrades. I will make them pay. Tragedy, and that red Absol. I'll make them wish they died back then.' After he had been hit by the flamethrower, and put himself out, he had gone to return to the fight, only to find it over, and everyone dead. Everyone except the Pokemon in the Pokeballs.

He had stayed there, mourning the loss of his trainer. When other Dark Hunters had arrived, the trail of the Absols had gone cold. There was no following them. Out of all of them that had attacked, only him, the Swellow twins, and the Rhydon had survived.

All four of them were in a room at a Pokemon Center, being treated to. They had eagerly leapt at the chance to join in on the task force being made to hunt the Tragedy. She would pay, and so would the red Absol. The four of them waited in silence as the nurse finished looking over the Rhydon and gave a nod. The Rhydon, a female named Nomoso, didn't pay any attention. She was staring off into space, lost in her own thoughts like everyone else.

The Swellow twins, Flash and Jet, sat next to one another on a bird stand. They had taken the defeat especially hard. Not as hard as the Ditto, but still very hard. Their six Pokemon team had been a devastating combo. With the Scythers, Flash, Jet, and Nomoso wrecking havoc, no one noticed the Ditto transforming into copies of the opposing Pokemon and sneaking in attacks, looking like one of their allies.

The Ditto, Morph, finally looked at the man that stood next to them. The head of the Dark Hunters, Less. He looked at each of the Pokemon in turn, his golden eyes hard and calculating. Long, dark grey hair was pulled back, coming to rest just past his shoulder blades. A scar of a cross was on each of his cheeks. He had come to see whether or not they were worthy of joining the task force.

He eyed them, watching with cold eyes. Then he scowled, and turned, "Let them be released back into the wild." And just like that, he was out the door and gone. The four Pokemon stared at one another. They had just been discarded by the head of the Dark Hunters, and denied their chance to join in on hunting Tragedy.

"I don't care if we're not part of the Dark Hunters anymore," Flash said, "I'm still going after them!" Jet nodded his agreement. The four of them were in an alley, talking about what they should do.

Nomoso nodded as well, "I'm not stopping."

Morph looked up at all of them, "That makes four of us. Tragedy may have been able to beat us before, but she had help then. This time we'll take her out while she's alone. Then we'll find that red Absol."

"A red Absol?" came a new voice. All four Pokemon looked at the direction the voice came from and saw a blue and black Pokemon walk out of the shadows, eyes narrowed as he looked at them. A Lucario. He stopped several yards from them, "What red Absol?"

Jet snorted, "Go mind your own business."

The Lucario smiled softly, "I am. I'm going to be killing Tragedy, and if she has a friend, I'd like to take the corpse along to give to her."

The four stared at him. Morph finally laughed, "Some kind of tough guy? You can't take her on alone!"

"Who said I was alone?" As the Lucario said that, they heard a scraping sound coming from behind them. Turning again, they saw a Scizor walking towards them, one of his claws dragging across a wall and his eyes staring at them with a very disconcerting look in them.

Nomoso snarled, "Tell your friend to back off, or I'll stomp him flat."

The Lucario laughed, "You're welcome to try. You'll be a fun warm up for him. He hasn't been able to kill anything in a long while now."

Nomoso looked at the Lucario, and snorted, "You've been warned." And with that she charged forwards at the Scizor, who wouldn't have any where to go. Immediately the Swellow twins flew in the air and dived at the Scizor, talons raked forwards.

Morph had taken the opportunity to transform into an Ariados and climb up a wall to get a better look at what was happening. What he saw made him freeze. In one fluid motion, the Scizor smashed one of his claws against Jet, knocking him into the wall with a sickening, bone crunching sound. Then quick as Flash's namesake, ducked the second Swellow, and caught him in his other claw, and a crushed the bird Pokemon, in two.

Nomoso roared in fury and rammed into the Scizor, the force knocking the steel type out of the alley and into the street where a bus hit him. Morph glanced back at the Lucario, and saw the blue steel type was smiling. Horns honking and tires screeching, there was the sounds of havoc out of the alleyway and Morph climbed out of it to watch what was happening.

Nomoso stood on the sidewalk, glaring as the Scizor pulled himself free of the bus, which now held an imprint of the steel type on its front. The Scizor charged forwards but Nomoso backhanded the red Pokemon and it smashed back into the bus where the passengers screamed and tried to get away. People began to run out of the bus once the driver was able to get the door open.

Nomoso began pounding away at the Scizor, smashing him deeper and deeper into the bus' side with every blow, yet the Scizor made no move to defend itself. Then Nomoso grabbed the other Pokemon by his neck, pulled him out of the wreckage into the air, and slammed him into the ground. Then she pulled him up and twirled, slamming her powerful tail against him and knocking him into a car. The force drove him through the windshield, the front seats, and halfway into the trunk. Luckily for the people that owned the car, they had gotten out and ran like so many of the other people around them were doing.

Morph watched with satisfaction. Once she go going, there was no stopping Nomoso. But the Scizor pulled himself from the wreckage and stood to face Nomoso again in time for her to ram her horn with was spinning like a drill right into his chest. The Scizor flew up into the air as Nomoso aimed her attack to launch him, then as he fell back to her, she connected with a hammer arm, her rock like skin hitting hard against his steel coated back as he was launched into the side of another car.

Morph watched as the Scizor pulled himself free and again turned to Nomoso, only to get smashed by that tail again. Nomoso was really pissed off for what had been done to the Swellow twins, and the Scythers, and the Raichus, and their trainers, and she was taking all that aggravation out on the Scizor who again stood to face her.

With a loud roar, she rushed him again, a faint blue fire surrounding her. Dragon Rush. He was again knocked back, and again got up. Morph felt a tinge of worry starting. No matter what was done to this Pokemon, he kept getting up. He was taking every single attack Nomoso could dish out on him, and getting up for more. And more. And even more.

This time, Nomoso grabbed him by one of his arms and swung him up over her, and slammed him into the ground, then jumped on him with a body slam. The street cracked under the impact, and when she stood, the Scizor's body had broken the street. Nomoso raised one foot and slammed it down on the Scizor, the ground shaking at the impact. It was earthquake now, with the Scizor at the impact point.

He wasn't going to be able to take much more of that, Morph was certain. He then saw the Lucario calmly walking towards Nomoso. Snarling, Morph leapt of the wall and, transforming into a Lucario himself, put himself between the Lucario and Nomoso.

"Don't go thinking you're going to be able to help your friend there. Nomoso is having fun," Morph said, smirking at the Lucario, who calmly smiled back at him.

"I wouldn't dream of interfering. I was simply getting closer to enjoy the view," he said.

Morph scowled at him, "Your friend is getting pounded into scrap metal, and you don't even care? You're sick!"

The Lucario barked out a laugh, "Pounded into scrap metal? I'll concede he hasn't had a chance to counter your friend, but he isn't being turned into scrap metal. He isn't even getting a scratch yet."

"You're full of shit. He's about to be killed there!" Morph pointed to where Nomoso was continuing her rampage.

"You simple idiot. Crush can only be hurt by one thing, and one thing only. He's too resistant against everything else. He can take all the punishment in the world, and he'd be able to get up for seconds. If you don't believe me, just keep watching," the Lucario pointed to the fight that was continuing.

Nomoso had grabbed the Scizor, apparently named Crush, by the back of his head and was smashing his face repeatedly into another car. Three times, four times, five times, six times. Finally she threw him back and stood there, panting for breath as again, the Scizor stood up.

This time the Scizor charged as the Rhydon stared on in disbelief that her opponent was still able to get up. Crush rammed his head into Nomoso's stomach, stepped back, rammed one claw against her side. Then he used his other claw to grab Nomoso's horn, jumped into the air and using the horn to anchor himself, rammed the tips of his feet into Nomoso's eyes.

He held on, pushing hard with his legs, driving his feet deeper and deeper into the two holes as Nomoso screamed in agony, blood pouring out of the two wounds. She spun around and around, smashing her arms against the steel type, but Crush didn't let go, or stop pushing. Then, with one final shove, his feet broke out the back of Nomoso's skull and the Rhydon went silent and fell to the ground.

Morph stared in horror as Crush pulled himself free of the remains of Nomoso's face, and began walking towards him. He stood there, still in the form of the Lucario, unable to move. Nomoso, had been killed. Killed by someone she had been pounding and slamming all over the street. Someone who, as Morph saw, appeared to be completely unhurt.

As soon as the Scizor got close enough to Morph, a claw snapped out and clamped itself around Morph's neck. Then the claw closed, severing Morph's head from his body.