Series: Trip My Wire

Author: charmingsyrai

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer // Supernatural // eventually Tru Calling

Characters: Faith/Dean, (Sam)

Prompt: #042 no return

Word Count: about 1620

Rating: R (smutless, but still, just to be on the safe side)

Summary: When Faith meets Dean for the first time, she's hungry.

Warnings: character death

Disclaimer: Not mine. Neither Faith nor Dean belongs to me, although if I'd very much love if they did. Same goes for the world they live in that I've mixed up from the fandoms mentioned above. Since I'm not getting any money out of this, you really don't want to sue me, oki?

Author's Note: Never written Supernatural before… so let's hope that when I get it going, I won't fuck Dean up completely. Btw, both the title of series and the fic was inspired my "Garbage" because dude, that band has some kick-ass lyrics.

This piece's the first scene in the Trip My Wire series (that will be written prompt by prompt for info50scenes at livejournal) that deals with Faith and Dean, surprise, surprise. That of course means that this particular storyline will be continued in the next prompt :)

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When Faith meets Dean Winchester for the first time, she's hungry. Like she always is after slaying, although this time she hasn't really been doing any slaying, someone else got there before she did, so it might actually be the fact she hasn't eaten for a whole fucking day. Well, if you didn't count that one chocolate bar she'd got out of the motel's machine with a kick, the one that had tasted like shit, old and crispy in her mouth, then she hadn't. The vampire she's been hunting for days now has taken all her time and energy, and money too, which pisses her off, 'cause she's the slayer, the fucking slayer, and she's supposed to know how to handle these things. Supposed to be so much cleverer than those bastards, you know, and now she suddenly finds out that maybe, maybe she isn't. It looks like it, anyway.

And though she knows it's pointless, so fucking pointless, every once in a while she goes on thinking that maybe if B was still alive, she would handle it better. She'd do something differently, no doubt, and the bitch would've been taken down already.

But B's dead, been for some time now, and there's only so many times you can cheat death and well. She's pretty sure B's used all her get-out-jail-cards already. I mean, seriously, how many of those can one person get when it comes to dying?

So, when Faith meets Dean in the cemetery, around 4 in the morning, she's not only hungry, but tired and pissed off too, and a little disappointed for not being the one to find the vampire first, which is never a good combo when it's a tempered slayer in question. And Dean, then again, he's not really helping the situation at all, standing there with that other guy, talking shit when he should be fighting.

Just fighting.

But then, maybe they don't know how to fight this bitch, it's a lot stronger than these guys, that's given without saying, at least to her. But it's not that, 'cause something tells her, even before she knows she's facing unofficial demon slayers; that these two can put up a bitching fight with the monsters if they're given the chance and she likes that about them, about him.

These two, Dean and his brother as she later learns, they remind her of how things used to be, you know, with B. The way they fought together, side by side, and threw witty remarks at the fuckers, but later, a lot later, she learnt to keep her mouth shut and eyes on the prize. Locate a vamp, find a stake – borrow if necessary - poke the sucker and be done with it. Get the fuck away, you know.

But observing them curiously instead of making her move, that's her mistake, and she'll never forget it and he never lets her.

Fuck, with her past, she could've easily written a whole damn guidebook listing things you're not supposed to do while slaying, but it's not like she'd like to reminisce that shit anyway. If she had listed all her fucked up mistakes, she would've had a damn novel right there.

The female vamp, dressed like a cheap whore, lunges forward and grabs the guy Dean's with, his brother, and before she can react, before she can even think of taking a stand and kicking this bitch's face into her head, it's already over.

Now she steps up, runs to them from their left side screaming to get the vamp's attention, maybe that could save him, and a second later, the vamp is on the ground, snarling. But it's so quick, so much quicker than the lazy vamps Faith's met along the ride, and she's thinking this one has been trained, must be. The vampire, she's already looking back at the intruder, hissing, revealing her teeth. Her eyes are yellow, piercing in the darkness, her face lumpy, but though Faith knows she should think it's ugly, disgusting, she doesn't. One more thing she's never gonna tell him. Another secret between them, one of the many.

Faith would snort if she knew all this already.

But as it is, she doesn't know that yet, but later on, she will find there's gonna be many more lies. Nothing's easy with them, she's a private person, he's secretive, both demanding and needy, and sometimes they're just too similar like that.

She doesn't know how it happens, her getting lost in her thoughts, but then she remembers they're not alone anymore with the vampire, and Dean's no help, because he's on the ground, holding his brother's head, trying to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding, to make it better, and she doesn't tell him it's probably useless. Faith's tough, but not heartless. He mumbles, don't you fucking die to me, again and again, and he cries and it's weird, 'cause Faith's usually not big on crying guys. She's always thought of them as pathetic losers.

But this one, this one isn't pathetic like that, but genuine and broken, needed to be fixed, and she knows how that feels. She was there, heard Wood tell her how it was fucking impossible for anyone to have a real relationship with her, not because she's the slayer, but 'cause she's too fucking selfish to be in a relationship and she sucker punched him, hard, just cause that asshole deserved it. She did her own math and figured there was more to it than that. Maybe in the end he realized he couldn't deal with a stronger woman, which be it known, was totally his bad and his loss.

The other vamps come out of blue from their left side and she'd like to stay and fight, it's what she was born to do, what makes her high, but if there's something B ever managed to teach her, it's the fact you gotta protect the civilians and he, no matter what he knows about vamps, he's still a civilian and she needs to get him out.

Now the same sluttish vampire tries to attack her, but it doesn't know it's the slayer she's up against. It annoys Faith, everyone should know what the slayers are, who they are, especially the vamps, but it's not like she'd have time to educate the little sucker right now. She kicks it, fast, hard into the face with the heel of her boot, breaking its nose, and she goes down again, squeaking, crying out in pain.

Faith wants to hurt her more, break her neck and hear it snap, but she forgets it, because there's Dean, and Dean's crying harder now, rocking his brother in his arms. He's not twitching in his arms anymore, actually, she's not sure if he did at all, and it makes it all so surreal.

One can't just be gone like that, without saying goodbye, but reality sucks, and if they'd have time, she'd tell Dean that.

She charges, grabs his arm and pulls him up and he fights, no, don't touch me, but he's no match to a slayer. No human is and sometimes she gets tired of it, tired of not having anyone to match her strength, not physically, not mentally.

Maybe she sees something in him, 'cause if it had been anyone else, she would've probably tried to kill the vamps or die trying and left him there, on his own. But now she's working her ass off to protect this guy, this stranger, and she tries to tell him they're in danger, that they've got go, now, before those fuckers come any closer. They're slowly approaching and she doesn't understand why, why aren't they attacking, but she figures that these vampires must be really stupid, and so she doesn't pay any attention to it. Faith pulls him up, forces him to walk, to run, towards the car she saw near the parking lot when she arrived.

She remembers thinking that was one smokin' hot car, but she didn't know whose it was. It wasn't that hard to figure it out, though, as there were only two people in the graveyard and no other cars to be seen. She's never been good in math, but even Faith can work with the simple equations.

And she runs dragging him along till he stops fighting, yelling to him, telling him to find the fucking keys, and he obeys, numb. He doesn't know she's the slayer, he's never heard of those being real, he thought they were a myth and so this is just a girl to her, some hot girl witnessing the worst moment of his life, someone that needs to be saved.

The way he couldn't save him.

She's hungry, but she's not thinking about it when she snatches the car keys and sits behind the wheel, not knowing no one else can drive his metallicar but Dean.

He doesn't say anything, though, and he's not crying anymore either, but hitting the glove box with his right arm, left hand against it, as if holding it still. She doesn't bother pointing out, though she is tempted 'cause it's the way she is, that the thing is probably going nowhere even if he did let go, since she's not sure he'd appreciate her sarcasm right now. He's hurting, she knows, she's been there herself, but when she thinks about it, it's probably worse for him, cause he cares so much.

She doesn't tell him to stop, stop hurting this fucking beautiful car, will ya, 'cause he'll be the one to pay the bills anyway and it's not her car though she'd like it to be, and she doesn't flinch, not even when his knuckles open and bleed – not that you could spot it, not under all the blood on his hands, on his clothes. It's his brother's and she didn't even notice it.

Hey, um, let's face it, she's seen worse. And now, so has he.

Faith may be hungry, but it's hard to compete. Dean, Dean's fucking lost his brother.