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Summary: Gai and Kakashi team up and train the teams together. They split up and go home…but Neji begins to wonder, where does Sasuke live? Slight NejiSasu

Warnings: umm…slight OOC since I haven't watched Naruto more than a couple of episodes. Ideas and characters come from fanfics, twisted, I know. Slight yaoi.

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Teams Unite

Gai and Kakashi looked at the six genin. They had decided to spice things up by getting their two teams to train together. Sakura and TenTen were gossiping, Naruto and Lee were arguing, and Sasuke and Neji looked bored. Yep, everything was normal.

"OK kids!" called Kakashi, easily getting their attention. "You're probably wondering why you're all here, right?"

"No." stated Sasuke calmly.

"Not really." agreed Neji.

The other four genin and the two sensei looked to the Uchiha and the Hyuuga.

"It's obvious you want us to train together," sighed Sasuke.

"It improved relationships between teams as well as working in large groups," explained Neji.

"We won't always be enemies, so it's good to have experience with other ninjas," continued Sasuke.

"That way, in an emergency mission or battle, we know that we can count on seven other people as opposed to three." completed Neji.

The other six continued to stare at the two boys.

"Well," began Kakashi, "it seems you're ready for training." Naruto groaned. "Start with laps, get moving!" the six genin leaped to obey.

After a long day of practicing, they were joined by Iruka.

"Iruka sensei!" screamed Naruto. "What are you doing here?" Iruka smiled.

"Came to take you out to dinner."

"Ramen?" inquired Naruto hopefully with stars in his eyes. His sensei laughed.

"Yes Naru-chan, ramen. I thought you deserved it after the shock you had this morning." He turned to the two men. "How long did it take you to explain what was going on?" Kakashi and Gai traded looks, then shrugged simultaneously.

"Not at all," Kakashi responded. "We didn't have to say anything." Iruka raised his eyebrow in silent disbelief. Gai took it upon himself to explain.

"Sasuke and Neji saved us the job!" he boomed. He clapped one hand on the Hyuuga's shoulder. The boy tensed, but he was used to it by now. Gai would have done the same to Sasuke, but something in the Uchiha's eyes told him to stay back. So he did. He wasn't stupid. "They explained everything," the large jounin continued. "Took hardly anytime at all!" Sasuke remained impassive and Neji rolled his eyes.

"How long are we training together sensei?" asked Sakura suddenly. Even Sasuke perked his ears up at this question.

"About a week or so," replied Kakashi.

"When you all trust each other unconditionally!" boomed Gai again. There was an instant silence and palpable tenseness from Team Seven. Sakura, Naruto and even Kakashi were looking away from Sasuke. The Uchiha raised his head, locking eyes with the older male.

"I'd rephrase that sentence if I were you Gai-sensei," Sasuke said, voice cold. "Otherwise we'll be here until the Earth is swallowed by the Sun (1)." Lee cocked his head.

"Umm…isn't that, you know, impossible? he asked, his brow furrowed. TenTen slapped her forehead while Neji simply raised his eyes to the sky as if looking for salvation

"Exactly." said the young Uchiha, his voice flat and emotionless. "If we're done," here he looked pointedly at the two sensei who nodded. "I need to get back."

"Yeah, we need to get home too. See you later guys!" Sakura called as she, Lee and TenTen ran off.

"How about that ramen then, Naru-chan?" Naruto grinned.

"I'm there! Bye Gai-sensei, bye Kakashi-sensei, bye Sasuke, bye Neji! Cummon Iruka-sensei! Hurry!" the four males stared after the pair and shook their heads. Kakashi sighed.

"That kid has way too much energy. OK I'll meet you guys tom-Sasuke! Where'd he go?" exclaimed Kakashi. Gai and Neji turned around, scanning the clearing. There was nothing in sight! The fact that Sasuke could slip away from the copy-nin so easily was disturbing, to say the least.

"Maybe he went home?" offered Neji.

"Hmm…maybe," mused Kakashi. "Ah…you two don't by any chance know where he sleeps, do you?"

Neji and Gai traded glances before turning to look at Kakashi. Their gaze clearly said; 'what the hell?'

(1) It is actually possible. When the Sun dies it will first swell up and envelop the planets as far as the asteroid belt I think, then shrink back and collapse on itself. But seeing as the end of the world won't come for a few millennia, Lee's right anyway. winks

A/N: not quite sure where I'm going with this fic...started out as a couple of lines of an idea. Then it evolved into a one-shot...probably two-shot, simply cos I don't want the chapters to be long...