Raised By A God

Inspired By Harry Potter and the Stargate by Shezza and Fighting the Gods by Pheonix catcher


Voldemort was prepared to face off against the Potters and as expected overpowered them with ease. It was strange in a way. They had defied him three times and yet were defeated by the simple trust in a friend. A friend that betrayed them without a second thought to his master.

Looking at the child idly chewing an old, strange looking toy you-know-who as he was called by the general public smirked.

'This boy will not have the time to grow up let alone oppose me'

"Good by brat. Avadra Kedavra." A jet of green light shot accross the short distance to the child. Suddenly the toy shined with inner power and a shield sprang up around the boy repelling the energy attack, for the most part, back the way it came. A single tendril of energy struck the small boy and a lightning bolt cut appeared.

Voldemort screamed in pain as his curse struck, and destroyed his body. A black mist rose from his smouldering ashes and attempted to possess the child. Harry remained protected and the wraith fled into the night losing sentience quickly with a growing hunger for magic taking it's place.

Smoke quickly began filling the house and flames sprang up from the ashes of the darkest lord since Grindewald. The activated Alteran device detected the dangerous environment of it's wielder and quickly scanned for a safe place to transport to. Quickly discovering no active Alteran technology or signs of such it expanded it's search. With the last of it's power supply it transported the one year old Harry to a known safe place. Aboard the nearest allied vessel.


High Earth Orbit.

Loki was finishing the disposal of his last human clone before leaving the system at the behest of Thor. Apparently, the replicators were more dangerous than the gradual extinction of the asgard race. All ships were to return and assist in the defence against them. Loki was, however, a scientist and had little interest in the conflict with the replicators. Finding a way to keep his people alive after the little robots were defeated was his personal research goal.

Humans were such an adaptable species when it came to technology and their own forms were hail and hardy. Watching them over the recent years had given Loki hope that they one day might have the answers to his people's continuing dilemma. The humans of Earth were finding their potential and unlocking the early stages of their development. Without the influence of the goa'uld humanity could go so far.

Well, he'd simply have to return at a later time in secret to continue his work. Preparing his ship for departure he didn't notice a silent intruder alert until he was already out of the Earth system. Finding an Alteran child aboard his vessel was unexpected, but fortuitous for him. He would be unable to return him to the planet he had come from for many years. The child would return, however, after being raised to understand life among the stars, and when he chose to return.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Fifteen Years later- Aboard the Asgard ship commanded by Loki

"I don't understand why you are against this. I can do the research with the Granite Maul while you tend to Asgard affairs. My ship can handle the research and while in the system gather the raw materials nearby. Who knows, maybe they have something I can incorporate into my ship's systems."

Harry was arguing fiercely with his guardian. Now, normally, you wouldn't find an Asgard even humoring a teenage earthling in regards to anything. The Asgard are incredibly advanced and typically did what they thought was best in a given situation. Arguing with a teenager that held the ability to access technology that, while ancient, did indeed measure equal to the most recent achievements of an advanced race was difficult. Especially when the teenager knew what he was talking about.

"Your ship is advanced that we can aggree upon, but it is not complete. Much work needs yet be done to complete its construction. Is it wise to move to an unknown area without completing construction?" Loki had been arguing with his charge for nearly thirty minutes at this point.

"I will be unable to complete the work on it without ample resources to work with." Here he brought up a detailed map of the Sol systems layout.

"This system holds a wealth of materials I can use for my ship's construction. The system is within the travel range of the station and I can gather information while you continue your treatments."

Loki had in the past year, with the help of an ancient database and Harry, been able to locate a sample of Asgard DNA from nearly seven million years ago. Slowly he was adjusting his current body with an advanced form of gene therapy. Nearly, a head taller than other members of his race he was developing into a larger form with few side affects. The therapy was also invigorating to it's normally frail form. Harry himself was still a good deal taller than his mentor, but only about five feet tall. Early on Harry had adjusted his personal gravity to 1.5 Earth gravity. He was shorter, but also stronger than a normal Earthling with a denser bone structure.

As well as keeping him physically fit this increase allowed him to lift heavier pieces of equipment while working on his personal ship the Granite Maul. While space worthy the work left was mostly automated construction. The required materials were somewhat difficult to find in large quantities ready to be used.

The records show that this system had an abundance of resources to be explored in their asteroids.

Loki thought for some time to decide what the best course of action would be in this situation. Given Harry's stubborn streak and ability to cause trouble this could be a good or bad idea. If he said no Harry would likely go anyway. If he gave his permission he could moderate the damage caused with some ground rules. He remembered all to well the incident a year prior in which the boy had entered the Loop of Kon Garat in his first prototype ship. He'd come in first of course, but had caused a great deal of trouble because he hadn't registered. Arriving at the start of the race none knew who piloted the mystery ship only that it outclassed all of the other participents.

Loki had been impressed at the design and production of the little ship. For having been pieced together from salvaged Alteran technology and raw material it performed very well. It had been when they'd been passing through a system on an inner arm of the galaxy did they discover an Ancient production facility. Able to produce items from specifications in large quantities it was the most valuable find of the last three millenium.

The orbital facility had to be repaired and had taken two months of carefull work to become operational. While the computer was functional the database was badly corupted. Only a few specifications were complete within the computer's memory. Had he a piece of technology he could have the computer scan it and anallyse how it was created. Then should the needed materials be in storage duplicates could be produced. Capable of traveling through the reaches of space once it's stardrive was repaired they moved it to an isolated system and had been there until recently.

Sighing in resignation he agreed to allow the move to the Sol system with a few restrictions in place. Hopefully, any trouble with the earth and his past abduction of O'neil could be avoided.


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