Raised By A God

Inspired By Harry Potter and the Stargate by Shezza and Fighting the Gods by Pheonix catcher.

Earth- Corner of Knockturn and Diagon Alley-
Wesley's Wizard Wheezes

The shop procured by the Weasley was sorely lacking in asthetics and was more of a work shop than a true prank shop. They had after their fifth year decided to pick up and start their own business.

Against all of their parent's personal reservations. Hell, they'd gotten off of the express, said farewell to the family members present, and apparated to the point behind the leaky cauldron used for travelers.

It took two hours to locate their investor in a hole in the wall pub and get set up with the small building smack dab on the corner of Knockturn and Diagon. It had laid vacant for years until their arrival, and took a good deal of work to fix up. Even with magic it was a chore.

After spending their time and money toiling away at potions, and charms they had a product line to sent out owl order forms. Every student that had ever been pranked by the twins sent the orderforms back filled out with pouches of knuts, sickles, and galleons. Now that the Hogwart's Prank Duo were gone, others wanted the slot as school pranksters.

Now a year later they were working on a more personal project. Using charms they'd developed over the past three years they were going to attempt to find the littlest Weasley. Arthur and Molly Weasley had been all to willing to ignore the fact that Ginny had her magic taken from her. No Molly was willing to let it lie as it was because the infallable Dumbledore thought it was best to send her away.

They'd been close to locating her several times, but this time they weren't going to let a Headmaster stop them. He was powerful and had many connections to throw obstacles into their path. Why he would do so had never been addressed. Considering he'd memory charmed them four times had been indicative of how hard he'd worked to prevent them from seeing her.

Looking at each other, the legally named, Gred and Forge Wesley activated the transport circle, and targeting charm they'd worked into the ancient magical construct. It had taken nearly all of their profits for the year to gather the necessary materials and the old platform for success. Their backer, Sirius Black, the notorious prankster was a money source they'd tapped as soon as they'd heard he was a lush after all these years. A little nostalgia, some drinks, and a promise to develop the 'Snape Humiliation Products, got them a large base capital to work with.

It had been a very well thought out and planned thing to do. Just because they had been Gryfindors didn't mean they were the naive boys they'd been sorted as.

"Ready Forge?" Gred asked his brother as he adjusted his full body dragon hide suit with unbreakable glass bowl helmet. His neon green was nearly as glaring as Forge's neon pink suit and helmet. Never new what would happen with their perfect handiwork. Even they new how to be careful, sometimes.

"Ready Gred, shall we be off then?" He pressed the glowing crystals into the proper sequence.

"Brother we are always off. Shall we try to be on target this time?" Some testing landed them in Egypt the last time. The Egyptian magical museum was nice, but the guards...not so much.

Jumping aboard the ring platform and saluting each other they butted the glass helmets against each other. Ten circular rings flowed up from the base and a bright light flashed.

Cheyene mountain Hallway (they all look the same)

The twins opened their eyes to examine their location and had good news and bad news.

The long lost sister was indeed before them rather shocked, but the entrance very likely caused that. They were, unfortunately, surrounded by large men wielding muggle automatic weapons. Those weapons were directed rather unsettlingly at the twin geniuses.

"We come in peace?" They both asked tentatively before they were tackled to the ground.


Ginny could only stare in shock at the appearance of what could only be her older twin brothers. No one would wear such colors except her incredibly strange siblings. It was only confirmed when the horrible pink and green helmets were removed to show a mass of red hair that they'd grown into pony tails.

"Gin, a little help here!" The boys had been subdued with a bit of fuss, but other than removing the fish bowl helmets. The ugly leather suits they were wearing wouldn't come off.

"Gin do you know them?" Ginny had just shared a bit about her magical past and was trying to understand the situation. Sitting in the heavily guarded bunker with soldiers all around was slightly overwhelming.

If only John or Uncle Jack were with them something might have made some sense. They were always involved in the strange things going on.

Speak of the devil. Or devils as the case may be.

"Stand down men! They're with us this time." There stood John O'neill, and his older figure Jack dressed for combat.

"Yes, what they said." Forge said a bit muffled as his face was still being pressed into the concrete floor.

"Sir, do you have new orders for us?" The marines moved the red haired boys to a standing position and moved aside to wait for further instructions.

"We need to get to lab fifteen...


"So Loki, what's happening?" Jack O'neill asked as he moved to the shielded windows as some Hataks were being destroyed by Asgard weaponry.

"A large fleet of goauld ships has entered the system. They appear to be scanning in search of the Station. We have been attacked by only a few ships compared to that which has been brought to your system." Three ships were firing upon the ship as Heimdal maneuvered to return the attack.

Moving back toward Loki and the ship's control console Jack slipped as the ship shook and jarred a stone control out of place. Moving it back into place as best he could Jack looked up to find his clumsyness had been missed.

As had the transport beam being triggered and five people being transported deep beneath the Antartic Ice.

AAAAAAAAAAA Beneath the Ice

"Ok, I am getting.." Gred " Seriously confused.." Forge

"At this point so am I." Ginny

"You get used to it." John said as he eyed the throne like chair and the naqueda generators each were carrying. Looking at where Jack's hologram had been he found empty space.

"Ah crap." Now what were they supposed to do.


Somewhere in Hyperspace

The form of Q gazed at the yellow skinned android and smiled. It had taken some thought to put all of this together, and enough effort to make him somewhat tired. It was worth it though. He wasn't a rabid fan of the Next Generation, but it had some good points.

"Why have you brought me here Q? What do you have to gain from saving me?" His emotion chip had been deactivated and logical previous experience lead to questions.

"Ah, but that would be my secret. You have been spared destruction and I have simply placed you somewhere you could do some good at the same time. I have but a moment to speak with you before I must meet with the local powers.

"Now let me tell you this. The ship being built is intended to be a wedding gift for a Colonel O'neill. It would behoove you to be on good terms with the man. He is your ticket home. Now if you will excuse me? I must be off." With a finger snap and flash of light the man was gone.

AAAAAAAAA Somewhere in subspace

Reappearing in a glowing pontoon boat, besided a school of energy jelly fish, Jack cast a glowing net around the group and reeled them in. Gazing at the mass of light he smirked.

"We need to talk..." Spotting a dark black cod like fish in the mess he smiled evily.


Well to be honest it isn't entirely what I wanted, but I figure trying to rewrite it for a seventh time wasn't going to make it any better.