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As you may have read, the sequel is called A New Beginning. This is going be basically about life after Zoey and Chase's confession of love for each other. I can't say anything else though because it would ruin the surprises and you know how I hate ruining surprises. (If you didn't know that, you know now. Ha ha.)

Oh and by the way if you haven't read Reunited you could probably still follow this story but I strongly suggest you read Reunited first.


A New Beginning

There was a knock on Zoey's apartment door. "Hallie will you get that, please? I'm trying to curl this last stubborn piece of my hair. It just won't work with me today," Zoey said as she fumbled with the curling iron.

"Sure, Zoey," Hallie answered the door and said, "Hey Chase. You look nice tonight."

Chase gazed down at his suit "Thanks Hal, Zoey's not ready yet?" He asked.

"Nope, but she'll only be a minute," Hallie said.

"Well, than I guess that just gives me an excuse to play with Madelynn a little bit before we leave," Chase picked up the adorable baby. She was five months old now and had big blue eyes with the same blond curls as she did when she was born.

"Where are you taking Zoey tonight?" Hallie asked.

"Oh, no, I'm not telling. I know Zoey's desperately wondering what the big surprise is and you'll tell her," Chase said stubbornly. They had been pestering him about this mystery date since he first mentioned it to Zoey. That was nearly a week ago.

"Oh come on little brother, you know I can keep a secret," Hallie said stifling a laugh.

"Yeah right. If you can keep a secret than I'm a world champion ice-skater named Claude that lives in Germany," Chase said playfully punching his big sister as well as he could with Madelynn on his lap.

"Oh, I can too keep a secret," Hallie said even though she knew herself that she couldn't keep a secret to save her life.

"Ok, I'm ready," Zoey came out of her bedroom in a red halter silk dress that cut off at the knees with shoes to match. She had a diamond necklace on that Chase had given her on their three month anniversary. This was there six month.

"You look stunning," Chase handed Madelynn to Hallie and kissed Zoey lightly on the cheek.

"Thank do you," Zoey smiled.

"Thanks. So, do you want to go?" Chase asked. He was nervous and excited at the same time.

"Yeah, just give me a minute," Zoey said. She walked over to Hallie and Madelynn, "Ok, now I suppose you know what to do considering you have a kid of your own so just take care of her ok?" Zoey asked as she put on her thick white trench coat and deep crimson gloves. She was just getting used to Wisconsin Winters.

"Of course," Hallie smiled, "I have your cell just in case anything goes wrong so don't worry and have fun."

"I will," Zoey smiled back and than she and Chase walked out the door.

"So. Do I get to know what this big surprise is yet, now that tonight is finally here?" Zoey asked once they were safely in the car and on the road.

A sly, suspicious smile spread across his face, "Mmm...Nope."


"Well that's what you get for not telling me what was in your time capsule," Chase said.

"Oh will you get over that already? It was over ten years ago!" Zoey replied with a laugh, "Plus I told you what I said!"

"Well, consider this the revenge that I should have pursued ten years ago," he smiled that I-know something-you-don't-know smile.

Zoey sighed, "Oh, fine you win."

"Just give me one minute while I pick up something in the cafe," Chase said as he pulled into his usual parking place at his cafe.

"Ok," Zoey said. He left the keys in the car so she could listen to music.

"I'll just be a minute," he said. And than he disappeared into the cafe. Zoey was freezing but she loved the winter weather. Once Zoey and Chase realized that they both loved each other, they couldn't stand being apart any longer. So Zoey gladly got an apartment close to Chase and got a job as a manager of the nicest hotel in Lake Geneva, the Grand Geneva Resort. Chase watched Madelynn on most days while Zoey was at work because he had such a flexible workplace considering he was his own boss. But on the rare days Chase couldn't watch her, his sister Hallie would watch the baby. She and Zoey became extremely close friends. They were practically like sisters.

It was amazing how much Zoey's life had changed in the past year. The last Christmas before she was so unhappy with her ex-husband, Ryan but now it was only on week before Christmas and she was the happiest she had been in years. She had friends, her daughter, and a wonderful boyfriend who she was madly in love with. Life was good. Suddenly Zoey's phone rang. She looked at the caller I.D. and oddly enough the call was coming from Chase's cafe.

"Chase? What's wrong? It's been nearly a half hour," Zoey said with a sigh.

"This isn't Chase," the voice answered. It sounded oddly perky and familiar.

"Nicole?!" Zoey asked as if it was the most ridiculous question ever. Nicole was home in Kansas how could she be calling from the cafe? Unless...that was the surprise. Ah, it was all coming together.

"Zoey, hurry up and get your butt in here. We're waiting on you," Nicole said. Zoey thought she heard Logan and Dana's voices in the background also. Oh so this was it. A reunion again. Zoey smiled and got out of the car. She knew that if Nicole, Dana, and Logan were in the cafe that Quinn, Lola, and Michael would be in there also. This was exciting. Well, except the fact that Zoey thought it was just going to be her and Chase doing something to celebrate their anniversary. Oh well. This was going to be so much fun!

Zoey opened the door and to her surprise no one was to be seen. But, there were hundreds of candles everywhere along with scattered scarlet red rose petals. In her mind she wanted to analyze what was going on but couldn't because she was in too much of a shock. It was the most romantic thing Chase had ever done. "Hello?" She asked quietly into the room. No one said anything but she could hear whispers from the back room. Zoey's eyes continued to wander around when suddenly she saw it- on the little coffee table there was a little red wedding ring box. Zoey's heart was beating faster. It couldn't be. This wasn't what she thought it was? She walked slowly to the table and picked the box up. "Chase? Where are you?" Still no answer. The room was quiet except for the flames in the fireplace and the low hum of the winter wind.

Zoey opened the box up. In it there was a tiny white gold engagement ring with a large princess cut diamond in the center of it. Zoey felt like the wind had been knocked out of her. Tears of joy filled her eyes. Before she could do or say anything she felt somebody behind her and than slowly turned around.

Chase was there, on one knee. Tears blurring his vision, "I love you, Zoey Brooks. Will you marry me?"

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