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Infamous Secrets: Epilogue

Batman, dramatically perched on the corner of a tall apartment complex, surveyed what he could in the city below him. He hated dealing with this; it was so counter-productive. With most of the more colorful criminals of Gotham locked away, he felt he was able to make some real progress in the baser illegal activity in his City, which had been his goal all along. Common thugs were much easier to deal with and tended to stay locked away when they were put there.

Robin landed beside him, instantly made his way to the edge of the building, and laid down, one arm and one leg dangled in space.

"We've been searching practically non-stop for days," Tim pointed out to his counterpart. "I think I've gotten maybe two hours sleep in the past three nights and I know you haven't gotten any."

The dark figure didn't respond.

"Look, I know you're upset. I am too, but this isn't getting us anywhere but tired and that's dangerous," he continued undaunted. "You know as well as I do that Scarecrow and Joker will show themselves when they feel like it and, until then, the likelihood of us finding them is very small."

Batman finally spoke, "When they decide to show themselves, as you put it, there will be victims."

Robin sighed. He hated it when Batman treated him like that. He knew perfectly well how this all worked, but that didn't make what he said any less true. He also knew better than to argue the point any further and sat up, ready for action. "Alright, so where to now?"

To Tim's surprise, Batman backed away from the edge of the building. "…Maybe you're right," he conceded. "I am tired and, honestly, out of ideas at the moment."

Tim smiled with relief, but at that moment an otherwise relatively empty and quiet street below them suddenly broke out in commotion. Out of a sports bar poured a group of men who were obviously panicking. They ran screaming into the streets, constantly looking behind them for something that wasn't there.

"Scarecrow," Batman said darkly and swooped down to the bar with Robin closely behind.

In the middle of the panicked mob, they could now make out what was being screamed by the individuals. Mostly it was a combination of, "AAAH! FAGS!" and "They're everywhere!"

"What the hell?" Tim asked truly confused and beginning to freak out himself simply at the oddness of the situation.

Laughter echoed out of the bar that was very familiar to both of the heroes and did not belong at all to Scarecrow. They both instantly readied their antidotes to Joker's toxin, should it be needed, and entered the establishment.

Much to their surprise, they found both Joker and Scarecrow on the floor of the bar laughing hysterically. The two villians didn't put up much of a fight as they were far too lost in the moment. It was obvious that the excitement of their endeavor outweighed their planning process.


Harley's room at Arkham was directly across from Ivy's. They often enjoyed evening conversations, though Harley was far too melancholy to be talkative tonight.

"They say Eddie's out of critical," Ivy said, trying to start a conversation.

"That's nice," Harley sighed.

"Harley what's wrong? Is this about me?"

"I just…I'm just going to miss you, Red."

Ivy made a short, hard laugh. "Harley, you really don't need to dwell about it. You think I've just been sitting idle? I've been working on the problem and have made many breakthroughs already. I feel fine and plan to be around for long time yet. I'll let you know when it's time to start worrying, so stop trying to dig my grave."

Harley brightened up instantly. "Really?! Why didn't you say anything before?"

"I couldn't in front of everyone," Ivy answered. "I do like to hold a few cards of my own."

Suddenly, both women heard laughter echoing down the corridor. Batman was dragging Joker behind him and Robin had Scarecrow. Apparently, neither of the inmates had gotten over their case of the giggles.

"Welcome back, Puddin'!" Harley called.

"You're back already!" Ivy said in disbelief. "It's only been three days!"

As they were dragged passed the women's cells, they both called out in unison, "Totally worth it!"