Pathways in Time

Summary: A collection of 5 short story drabbles, spanning the end of Doomsday to the beginning of Glitz and Glamour. Wanted to show the events leading up to Project Gallifrey, without having to write all those stories out completely. Narrated from the Doctor's perspective. All sorts of AU liberties were taken.

I do not own these characters. It vexes me so.

Story 1 – The Doctor and Mrs. Sinclair
My take on The Runaway Bride.

He couldn't have asked for a worse migraine, the second she materialized out of thin air in her wedding dress, in the middle of his TARDIS no less.

He also couldn't have asked for a better distraction.

Caught up in the flurry of adrenaline and danger, chasing the stubborn-headed, no-nonsense Donna Sinclair across 1990's London, he barely had a chance to mourn for Rose, for words unsaid and feelings he had tried to suppress in his 10 lives. Not that he'd ever had much luck keeping his hearts in check.

The excitement, he supposed, was good - this regeneration wasn't meant to skulk in the darkest corner of the study, brooding in the light of a dying fire.

It didn't stop him aching when she finally got back home, and left him in the silent hum of his home away from home, fading into the Vortex, once more alone.