Kitty let out a small sigh as she propped up an elbow, then let her head rest on the palm of her hand.

She knew what argument, no discussion, was coming up. It always came up. It was routine.

Every night, when every non-nocturnal person in the mansion was asleep, Kitty would sneak into the garage, hop into the closest car, and drive into the city to John's apartment.

He would answer the door, and proceed to tell her to turn around and go back to the mansion.

Kitty would argue that she hadn't "drove all the way into the city for nothing." She then would invite herself in, despite his protests, and comments about Kitty being too stubborn for her own good.

John would make tea, or some other hot beverage, and the talking would begin. It always started off awkward. He would ask how everything was going, and she'd retort the question right back. Silences would fall over the two, then some how, Kitty and John would end up tangled in each other, kissing fiercely. They would stumble their way back to the bedroom, not tearing their mouths apart for a moment, even as they bumped into an end table, knocking it's contents to the floor.

An hour or so after reaching the bedroom, the pair would drift off into a short, yet comfortable slumber.

Kitty would then wake, the sight of a boxer clad John sitting on the edge of the bed, greeting her.

She would ask what was wrong, though she already knew the answer. The conversation would turn into an argument and how Kitty hoped for John to come back to the Institute.

"I'm not a good guy Kitty. I don't have the desire to run around in spandex, saving the world day after day. I'm not that kind of person, and that's not the kind of person I wanna be." John would say in frustration.

"So you're a little gray."

"What do you mean, gray?"

"You know when you're a little kid, and everything's either black or white, right or wrong? There's no middle, fuzzy space."

His look of confusion would cause Kitty to sigh before going into a further explanation.

"Okay, in Star Wars,"(John would roll his eyes at this point.) "Luke's the good guy, and Vader's the bad guy, plain and simple. Well real life isn't like that. There isn't one set bad guy, and one good guy. No one is pure evil, or fully good. We're all different shades of gray, and you just happen to be a darker shade than most people. Who cares? Okay, some people, somewhere care, but I don't, and deep down, you don't. Not any other opinions matter, but yours and mine. Now get back in bed. There's still like half an hour or so, until I have to drive back to the mansion."

John would then grudgingly crawl back under the covers, and an hour later, Kitty could be seen exiting the dingy apartment building, her hair mussed, her clothes thrown on hastily, and a huge grin spread across her face.

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