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Self Destruct

Rated T

Part 19: "An Angel's Mercy"

Serena opened her eyes, lashes fluttering as a soft moan escaped her lips. The world came into focus slowly, although the vision of her hospital room was blocked by a very familar face.

"Darien?" she whispered, voice parched from unuse. She cleared her throat and tried to sit up, but was pushed back down gently by Darien.

"No, no, you must rest. You shouldn't move your side too much yet," he explained.

"Why?" Serena murmured, complying with his request. Her brain was still a bit foggy and she was confused as to what had happened and just why she was in the hospital.

"Remember the battle? The youma?"

Serena pinched her lips together as she pulled up the memory from what seemed the dregs of her mind. The youma, the fight, the eternal sleep, the kiss, the slash...

"I remember now," she whispered, slumping against her pillow in shock. "But, how did I get here?"

"The girls and I brought you," Darien answered, looking at her with something like relief.

"And Rini? Is she alright?" Serena immediately asked, altruistic and purely unconcerned about herself as she gazed at Darien earnestly. Darien nodded, saying the pink-haired child was perfectly fine. Serena sighed in relief, closing her eyes until she spoke again, quietly. "I had a dream. A... weird dream."

"Dream?" Darien immediately perked up, sitting straighter in his chair beside Serena's bed. "What... about?"

"Us," Serena whispered, sparking Darien's curiousity and attention even more. Could she have...?

"Go on," Darien prompted.

"It was... our wedding day. We were about to kiss and... and..."

Darien exhaled in shock. She had. "And you were ripped from me before our lips even touched. Then a voice rumbled out that we couldn't be together or you would die, and the planet would be in danger."

Serena's cerculean orbs flicked over to Darien in surprise. "How did you...?"

Darien grasped Serena's small, warm hand in his, gazing into her eyes with pleading and truth. "Because, Sere, I've been having the same dream, every night... for the past couple weeks." Something in his words made it all click in Serena's brain.

"Is that why you broke up with me?"

It was spoken so softly, so sadly, and yet... there was hope in the question too. Hope that Darien still held feelings for her; had only broken up with her because he wanted to protect her.

Why else would he have saved her? And be sitting right here, next to her?

"Yes," Darien replied. "I'm so sorry. I only did it because I thought the dream would come true if I didn't, and I wouldn't be able to bear it if you died because of my own selfishness. But now I know... I can't live without you, Serena. My life is nothing without your light beside me. I need you."

Serena was speechless as she tried to form incomprehensible words with her moving lips. At last, she found her voice, but it was weak. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I did try to," Darien's earnest, deep baritone told her. "I went to the hospital when I heard you were in the car crash, but you weren't there. Then I kept losing my nerve, until the day in the rain, when you bumped into me... I tried, but you ran away too fast."

Serena had a sudden flashback as she remembered, at last, his words that had escaped her so long; that encounter in the rain.

"Please, you've got to listen to what I have to say! That day-"

"Listen to you? Listen to you? I don't give a damn what you've got to say!" Serena shouted. "Now let me go this instant!"

"Please, you've got to hear me out, I didn't mean to-"

"Shut up!" Serena wailed, voice cracking. "Leave me alone! You've caused me enough pain!"

She ripped her arm free and ran, crying again, leaving the man in the rain far behind her.

Darien looked away, but his hand never left her's. "I would understand if you... didn't want to forgive me. I know I've hurt you, but please believe me, I never meant it. I want you back, love- I want to start over. All dreams aside, I need you. It's selfish... but true. So, will you forgive me? Is it too late to say sorry?"

Serena licked her lips, eyes brighter than they had been for weeks, but still doubt lingered in her mind. "Aren't you... going out with Lizzie?"

Darien shook his head fervently in the negative. "I was giving her a ride, that was all. Andrew, her older brother, was late and she couldn't get to school. So I offered her a ride. She's just a friend, Sere."

"I really want to be with you, but-"

"It's alright if you don't," Darien whispered, cutting her off in mid-sentence. However, his deflated, depressed posture begged to differ as he looked down at his feet. "I just... wanted to start over; do things the right way. Ignoring the dreams telling us not to be together; they're just dreams! But, it's OK, if-"

"Darien!" Serena commanded, breaking him off in mid-ramble. Darien looked up at her and was pole-axed to see a real smile forming on her lips.

He had so missed that smile.

"You didn't let me finish, baka!" she cried, but there was a twinkle to her voice and a sparkle in her eyes, and not just from the happy tears welling. At last, she knew Darien did love her. He had shown her, many times, already. And not just through words. Through his actions too. "I was saying, I really want to be with you, but how will we tell Raye?"

Darien was grinning too now, but he inquired, "What do you mean?"

Serena giggled. "I heard from the girls how Raye blew a gasket on you. I'm sorry if she.. said anything mean. But you know Raye, she can't keep anything to herself!"

Darien laughed. "I can tell." Serena reached up and cuddled his face on her soft palm. Darien sucked in a breath at how much like an angel she looked, with dying sunlight from the window dancing on her golden halo head and azure eyes twinkling.

"I forgive you," she whispered. "And I want to start over, the right way."

Tears escaped Darien's eyes, blurring his vision. He moved foward, gingerly, and captured Serena's lips in a loving kiss. His own tears mingled with her's as they proclaimed their love in one of the most intimate ways man could. He held back a content sigh as he relished in the girl that he had been apart from so long, thinking,

This is the way it's supposed to be.


Darien closed Serena's door gently, careful not to rouse the sleeping and healing angel within. He was happier than he had been since... well, the break-up, and it showed all over his face. He turned, coming face to face with one Raye Hino.

"Er... hi?"

Raye took his arm and pulled him closer, so she could look up into his eyes sternly.

"You are going to treat her right this time, Darien Chiba. No more break-ups."

"No," Darien said, looking to Serena's door with love in his ocean eyes. "I've caused her enough pain with those stupid dreams, and I never want to hurt her again. Even if they proclaim the world's ending tomorrow if I don't stay away from her, I won't listen. Come what may, nothing matters unless I'm with her."

Outside, the sun appeared behind the clouds and the rain finally ceased after so long.

The world was right again, and its protector was too.


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