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Also! Anything between a pair of these, "- like this-" is an action. As in, they are actually doing it.

Pie Domination

Alanna: "I'm hungry! I want pie!"

Kel: "Well, isn't that just wonderful for you!"

Alanna again: "Well! Someone sure is grumpy in the morning! If you'll excuse me, I need to skip off to the kitchen like a little girl, and sing horribly off pitch!" And with that, she skipped off to the kitchen like a little girl, and sang horribly off pitch.

Meanwhile, in the practice yard:

Dom: "Ooh! You're gonna have to be faster that that to catch me Meathead!"

Meathead, er, Neal: "No fair! All I want is my dolly!" At this point, he had been chasing Dom for 26 hours, and was getting rather cranky.

Dom: -cough- "I haven't moved in the last…26 hours?" At this, Neal snapped. No, I mean literally snapped. In half. So, Dom went to the kitchens to get some pie!

In Numair's Workroom:

Numair: "I don't wanna play Kit! Just go away!" –Numair starts crying-

Daine: "Kit! I told you not to bully Numair! You know he's…sensitive!"

Kitten: "I think you mean –coughCRAZYcough-"

Daine: "Well, yes. Let's go get some pie!" Then, they both start doing victory dances, and Numair is now throwing a fullfledged tantrum.

10 Minutes Later: Daine and Kit go to get their pie.

The Kitchen:

Head Chef/Cook Person: -Gasp- "Oh no! We're out of pie!" -Hears Alanna, Dom, Daine, Kit, and a whole bunch of other people I don't have time to mention running down the hall scream 'Pie! Pie! Pie!'- -Runs away screaming like a girl-

Jon: "Thayet! I want my pie! NOW!!!!" And of course, this is said in an annoyingly whiney voice.

Thayet: -SMACK- (Thayet smacked him. Duh.)

Jon: "Owwweeeee!"

Thayet: Now shut up or you aren't getting any pie! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

Jon: -Whimpers-

Alanna: "If you two are done?" –Jon and Thayet nod- "Yay! Now we can get our pie!"

Everyone: -Cheers-

Dom: -Looks around- "Hey! There's no pie!"

Everyone: -Gasps-

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