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Pie Domination

When we last left our heroes, Alanna and Jon were in an epic battle! Ok, so it was a pie eating contest. Can't a narrator spruce up the story a little? Geez.

Flashback to last chapter:

Jon: -Gulps- "I changed my mind! I challenge you to a pie eating contest!"

Alanna: "Ok!" –Pulls out fork grinning evilly-

Me: "Ok, the first one to eat their 50 pies wins! Ready…Set…Go!"

Alanna and Jon: -Starts eating pies at a rather scary rate-

Flashback over! Yay!

Me: "Alanna has now eaten more than half her pies! Jon, has yet to eat a piece of his."

Jon: "I, I don't like being under pressure! Stop looking at me!!!" –Cringes-

Kel: "Yay! Go Alanna!"

Jon: "Don't you like me Kel?"

Kel: "No, not really. You put me on probation, remember?"

-Wlydon appears in ballerina tutu-

Wlydon: "I did too! Wee!" –Twirls away-

Kel: -Cough- "Well. That was awkward."

Me: "Look! Alanna is on her last pie! And Jon still hasn't taken a bite. I wonder who will win? Note sarcasm."

Alanna: "Done!"

Jon: "But I didn't hear you say go!" –Starts crying hysterically-

Alanna: "As the Pie Eating Champion, I say that you shall wear a dress for every night during Midwinter! MWAHAHA!"

Jon: -Considers- "Is it a pretty dress?"

Alanna: "No! It's the one you got me last Midwinter!"

Jon: "What?!?! No!" –Throws a tissyfit- (A/N: Sorry, I doubt I spelled that right)

Everyone: -Points and laughs at Jon-

Me: "And now we take leave our heroes all, perhaps we will meet them at Midwinter's ball?"

Everyone: -Starts laughing at the authors pathetic attempt at poetry.-

Me: "Hey! I said the story was over! Now. Go POOF or something."

-Everything goes POOF-

Final A/N: Now that's better isn't it? I need opinions! Like I tried to say in my horrific attempt at poetry, should I write about the ball? I don't know…Review and tell me!