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Chapter 1

They had been married for a week before Remy brought up the subject of children. Philippe had given Remy a week off, what they were really doing, they had yet to tell Rogue, they merely skirted the issue and Remy enjoyed a brief honeymoon period. To say that he enjoyed it would be an understatement; he thoroughly immersed himself in it. They didn't get out of bed until the afternoon of the second day and that was only because they had to eat. Remy ended up taking Rogue on the dining room table once they had finished eating. By the end of the week, they had had sex on every single surface of the apartment, at least twice.

It was late in the evening when Remy was able to tear himself out of Rogue's arms to get back to work. He and Philippe were going to do some "surveillance", he did not offer any other explanation and Rogue did not press him any further. She got up to make him something to eat and barely escaped being dragged into the shower with him. When he came out of the shower, he found that she had made beignets, and the little pastries were nearly as good as Tante Mattie's. He watched her eat them, licking the powdered sugar off her fingers and tried not to become aroused by it; he was failing miserably.

"Rogue?" Remy cleared his throat; he had to focus on anything else. She looked up at him, expectantly, while still licking her fingers. "I was jus' tinkin' bout sumtin'. Sumtin' we ain' talked 'bout yet."

"What's that, shugah?"

Sugar. He cleared his throat again and focused on her eyes. "Children."

"Ch-children?" Rogue looked a bit nervous. "What children?"


"We don't have any, hun," she pretended not to follow him and bit the side of her bottom lip. "Unless ya'll got somethin' ta tell me."

"No," he reached over and took her right hand in both of his. "I'm talkin' 'bout us havin' children."

"Us?" Rogue seemed at a loss for words and she looked a bit panicked. "Ah-Ah don't know. . ." She stood, busing herself with taking their plates to the sink and started to clean up.

"Rogue," Remy went over to her and put his hands on her shoulders to still her movements. "Do you want children?"

"Of course Ah do," she said it barely above a whisper.

"Dis whole week, we haven't used any protection. Ya never said anytin' so. . ."

"Ah'm takin' birth control."

"Oh," he couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Mama thought it would be better that way," Rogue turned to him. "She said it would be better for us to jus' be married for awhile. Jus' the two of us, an' I only jus' turned eighteen, Remy. We have plenty of time right?"

"Right," Remy's voice was a bit hollow.

"Ah'm sorry, shugah," there were tears misting her eyes when she realized she had burst his balloon. "Ya never brought it up an' Ah jus' assumed that ya figured it out an'. . . Remy, Ah'm sorry."

"Non, honey," Remy smiled at her, lifting her chin and watching her blink back her tears. "It's fine. Mebbe I jump de gun a little. We wait a bit, den we talk again."

"Yeah," Rogue reached up to caress his cheek and he turned his face into her palm, kissing it gently. "Jus' give me some time, darlin'."

"All de time ya need, chere," Remy pulled her close and kissed her. It was an excruciatingly tender kiss, as he tried to put all of his affection in it and communicate it to her without the words.

She parted her lips, deepening the kiss and they clung to each other, their passion growing. Remy considered her words as he kissed her. Maybe it was better that they didn't have children right away, that they get used to being married. They couldn't behave as they did now with children; there would be diapers and two am feedings, interruptions of their intimate moments. Yes, Remy resigned himself to these thoughts as his tongue dueled with Rogue's and he slipped his hands beneath her shirt, they could wait.

He had just begun to nibble on her ear when a knock sounded at the door. Remy growled at the interruption and tried to find that spot on her neck that made her purr. (gasp) "Remy!" There it is.

More knocking.

"Putain!" (Fuck!)

"Not right now 'parently," Rogue chuckled. "But when ya get back. . ."

"I'm gonna kill 'im."

"Jus' go let him in," Rogue tried to disengage herself from her husband. "Ya hafta go to work."

"Putain de merde!" (Fucking shit!)

"Such language," Rogue tsk, tsked, trying to smooth out her disheveled appearance while Remy made his way to the door.

"Salaud." (Bastard) Remy opened the door for Philippe.

"Good evenin' ta you too," Philippe stepped inside. "Dis chien treating you alright, Rogue?" (dog)

"He is a handful," Rogue nodded to Philippe.

"Jus' say de word an' I take care 'o him fer ya. Whip 'im real good."

"Ya couldn' whip cream, Philippe."

"I can whip a pensee like you," Philippe seemed delighted with the lovely sounds of Rogue's laughter. (pansy)

"Les' jus' go," Remy grumbled, jealous that his cousin had made his wife laugh. He gave Rogue a lingering kiss goodbye before heading out the door. "Au revior, chere."

"Au revior et bonne soiree," Philippe called back to her before Remy shut the door. (Goodbye! Have a good evening)

Rogue shook her head and headed into the bedroom in search of her cell phone. She wanted to call Mystique, she had been out of touch the past week and she wanted to check in. Remy had kept her too busy to call and she didn't want him around when she spoke to Raven; at least, not until she told him more about the Brotherhood. She found the phone in her purse and dialed her mother's cell. It was picked up on the fourth ring.


"Yeah, mama, it's me."

"Let you up for air, has he?"

"He's gone back ta robbin' th' rich or whatever he does," Rogue sat back on the bed and stretched her legs out. "How ya doin' down there?"

"Irene and I are in Chalmette," Raven sighed. "I told Marius I had to get away from the drama so we came down here. That little blond bitch was getting on my nerves; I swear if she gets in my face again. . . But anyway, we had some things to deal with down here."

"Did somethin' happen?"

"No, the boys just had a run-in with Ms. Marvel, nothing serious. What is it about blonds, that make them so annoying? I swear one of these days, I'm going to teach that smug, little flying bitch a lesson. So, how is he treating you?"

"Jus' fine, mama."

"Yeah, I'll bet," Raven said flatly.

There was a pause before Rogue said: "He brought up children, mama."

"Darling we went over this," Raven sighed. "You are too young . . ."

"Ah know an' Remy agreed to wait. He understands, it's just that, I burst his bubble somethin' awful. He really wants 'em."

"That's because men are rutting animals and have this thing about planting their seed, staking their calim. It's not only about your age, Rogue, you have an obligation to the Brotherhood and you cannot uphold that if you are barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen."

"Ah know that, mama."

"I hope you do, Rogue. And I hope you will use this time to clue your darling husband in to the lasting benefits of the Brotherhood."

"Ah will."

There was a muffled sound on Mystique's end as she covered the receiver to speak to someone.

"I have to go, darling." Mystique said when she came back on the line. "I have to deal with a few things here. Don't forget what I said."

"Ah won't. Give Renie and th' boys mah love."

"Of course, goodbye, darling."

"Bye, mama."