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"The damn fucking Uchiha brothers tried to rape me! I mean who rapes a pink headed freak?" Sakura was still a little pissed off. She was telling two thirds of the sand siblings her short version of her time with the Uchiha boys.

"So, the hot Sasuke kid tried to rape you after his brother tried to rape once before?" Temari asked confused.

"I believe it was three times actually." Sakura began sipping some tea to calm herself down.

"We can't tell Gaara this," Kankuro started playing with his fingers.

"Tell me what?" Gaara yawned as he came down the stairs with a blank look. He then noticed his pink haired girlfriend sitting at the table sipping her tea with a demonic look on her angelic face.

"That the fucking Uchiha bastards tried to…." She was cut off by Kankuro covering her mouth.

"Such a dirty mouth! The Uchiha brothers tried to take money from a hobo! Aren't they evil?" Kankuro laughed nervously. He released his hand from Sakura's mouth and gave her a hard shove to Gaara. Sakura who was sitting was almost thrown off her chair from the idiot brother.

"Why don't you go up to Gaara's room to have a little fun?" Temari gave them a coy smile. Sakura was currently getting up from her seat and glaring at the older boy's painted face. She grabbed Gaara's delicate hand and stomped up the flight of stairs. Once they reached his room, Sakura pulled them both in and locked the door.

"Stupid fucking bastards…." Sakura started cursing.

"Did you personally know the hobo?" Gaara asked calmly.

"Did I…Oh! Yes, I did! You see, he was my mother's accountant's best friend's brother! They were very close indeed!" Sakura smiled in a very fake manner.

"Sakura, what happened to us? We used to be so close but now…you're lying to me and not even looking at me anymore." He told her.

"Gaara, I want to break up. I realized something today and…I can't do this anymore." She told him softly, she couldn't even bring herself to gaze into his eyes.

"Sakura…Don't do this. You know I can't handle these situations! I can't con-control my self!" Gaara started huffing and breathing heavily. Sakura backed up to the door and tried to twist the lock but she just remembered…she locked it. She tried to unlock it but it wasn't working.

"What Sakura? Forgot that my lock is a little tricky…? Remember? Forward, back, forward, jut to the side and then unlock. You'll have to turn you back to me….for that to happen." Gaara had some drool spilling from his mouth and Sakura sighed.

"Gaara, don't I look fuckable?" She asked pouting. Gaara roared. He seriously roared and grabbed her and started kissing her neck. Sakura moaned and canned him. She smirked and started unlocking the door in the correct way.

Sakura raced down the stairs and sprinted out the door. She caught the bus that took her to the police station. She walked in and smiled brightly at a police officer.

"I'm alive. My name is Sakura Haruno. Don't ever believe anything those Uchiha jerks say." Sakura then followed by walking away. She was going to say bastards but…the Uchiha family name was still a powerful name even if they were liars.

She smiled as she came out of the station. Things were lifted from her shoulders. No more Gaara or worrying about him. The Uchiha brothers were off her petite back…for now at least. She had her own taste of freedom, it tasted like she hasn't eaten in awhile and choking on bus gas.

Sasuke drove up behind her and honked. Sakura spun on her heel and swore curses as she attempted to sprint away.

Sasuke easily followed her until she cut through fences. Then it became a little more difficult. Even if there were tracking devices on her, he couldn't just drive and open up his laptop to get the satellite file. He may be a pompous, rich, almost rapist, and liar but he wasn't an idiot.

He pulled over and opened his sleek, black laptop and opened up the Uchiha Corporation's satellite files. He tracked Sakura's pink dot quickly and saw her heading to her heading to her apartment. Sasuke smirked as he started to drive to the pink haired beauty's apartment.

Sakura opened her door and sighed. She felt so…free but also extremely violated. Sure she got rid of crazy boyfriend but also gained two rapists one her fine ass. Suddenly, someone knocked on her door. She got up and opened it to see….Itachi?!?!

"Itachi? What are you doing here?" She asked surprised.

"I'm here to see my lovely blossom! I understand that you're playing hard to get and want me to take you right not but are a little shy! I mean being the 1298th girl I've fucked? How can you measure up to all those beautiful women? All you have to do is say that one curse and I'm yours…baby." He started to check her over. Sakura rolled her eyes and slammed the door shut. She then followed by locking and putting one of the chairs to hold it in place. She was very cautious when it came to rapist # 1.

She then heard one of her windows creak. Sakura turned her head to hear the noise better, and it was indeed an Uchiha trying to break in.

"What do you want Sasuke?" Sakura rolled her eyes as Sasuke almost flipped over a chair.

"You see, I felt bad about how I've acted and I'd like to apologize…I'm sorry. Please…just forgive me…" He looked away in shame.

Sakura smiled sadly and placed a kiss on his forehead. She whispered in his ear softly "I'm sorry too…I've chosen Itachi. He's just such….sexy beast…" She began giggling.

Sasuke's eyes widened. He then proceeded by fainting. Sakura then said "Fuck," and Itachi somehow managed to get past the locked door and the chair and kissed Sakura passionately. Sakura smirked and then they started making out.

When Sasuke came to, he saw Sakura in only her panties which made him drool and then he saw his brother naked which made him faint again.

Few Years Later

Sakura has been out of high school for two tears and already had a three year old son. She and Itachi were still going strong. Sasuke still fainted whenever he saw Sakura and Itachi even just kissing. Gaara came out of the closet and announced that he was gay. Sasuke turned out to be a bisexual and him and Gaara had been dating for the past year.

Sakura stayed in the Uchiha manor with her boyfriend and son. She named him Kyo because…she couldn't think of another name. Turns out the son was just as perverted as his father at the age of three. He always asked about boobs and sex since Sasuke would always talk a little too loudly when teasing his brother's girlfriend.


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