The Covenant 2- Night of the Wolf

Chapter 1 - The Arrival

It was a normal day at the Spencer Academy. School had let out for the day. More then a month had passed since the whole "Chase" incident. Caleb Danvers watched as Sarah Wenham packed the rest of her stuff into her parents' car. She had decided she could not take the pressure of going out with a Warlock, plus she was still afraid that Chase would come after her to get to Caleb. She cared for him too much to put him in that danger. She decided to wait until Kate got out the hospital till she left.

Kate was sitting her boyfriend, Pogue Perry, and his friends Reid Garwin, Tyler Sims and Caleb Danvers, the leader of the Covenant. She was sad that Sarah was leaving. In the month they roomed together, they became good friends.

They heard a cell phone ring and all reached for theirs, to learn none of theirs' was ringing.(As we all do) They turned when they saw Russ Wolfsbane say "Hello". Russ was the swim team with Caleb, Pouge, Reid and Tyler. He was a good friend to them. Russ was about 6ft with short black hair and dark eyes.

"Hello?" Russ said as he flipped open his cell

"Russ, its dad" a tearful voice replied

"Dad, what's wrong? Is that mom crying in the background?"

"Yes. Son. We got a call from the police. Your Aunt Mary and Uncle Lou were killed in a car crash this morning"

"OH MY GOD! Wait, what about Max? What's gonna happen to her dad?" Sounding worried and scared at the same time

"She's going to live with us and transfer to Spencer. We've spoken with Provost Higgins and the other teachers, and she starts tomorrow. She's coming by train. Could you pick her up at 5:00?"

"Yea. No problem. Bye"

The others had heard Russ shout "Oh my god" and were at his side immediately at their friends' side.

"Russ, man, are you okay? Caleb asked in a worried

"I don't think so. I just got word that my aunt and uncle were killed in a car crash this morning." Russ replied as she began to cry.

Kate let out a small gasp before she asked "Oh Russ, I'm so sorry. If you don't mind me asking, who's Max?"

"Max is my cousin. She only a few months younger then me. She's transferring to Spencer tomorrow and I have to pick her up at the station. In fact I better go now. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Russ jumped in his jeep and began his 10 minuet drive to the train station. He got there just as the train pulled up and people began to unload. He saw a young girl about 18 years old, with dark hair and eyes get off with a large duffle bag, a backpack and a suitcase. At her side were two wolf dogs, one all white and the other black.

Once they were face to face, Russ saw her eyes were red and puffy, she had been crying recently. Before he could say anything she was in his arms crying hysterically. All he could was hold and cry along with her.